Franchises Entrepreneurs Day

Markarte attended the Conference held in Madrid on November 16 in nursery business with greater capacity of Madrid, located on calle Citron, 3 (Poligono avocado), on the occasion of the entrepreneurs, franchise and microenterprise development. Organized by AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of micro-enterprises), Barbadillo and Associates (consultants in franchise) and MadridEmprende (Ayuntamiento de Madrid). Having as content provide this key sector, processes, and strategies to achieve success in franchise development, all speakers participants gave his vision on the asset and the future of the franchise, its advantages and its current positioning in the market. By AEMME, Barbadillo y Asociados organizers both by MadridEmprende said the great future promising in this professional sector, where facilities and access to different areas of business by franchisors advocating a hotbed of very profitable for self-employment or for those entrepreneurs who want a minimal risk in their early. There are franchise low cost available to this group and that allow you to stay afloat in these difficult moments of the labour market for those who prefer to not sit and face this situation actively. We also conducted a presentation on the advantages of the use of new technologies to address effectively the development of this type of business.

According to Markarte, marketing agency and associated communication AEMME and experienced in actions for franchises agreed entirely with the absolute necessity of positioning the franchise on the Internet, successfully managing the business through the presence on the network. For this purpose it proposes a previous study of the sector in the online environment and developing a personalized strategy that combines different actions (website, blog, social networking, e-mailing, online communications, newsletter and the possibility of a management through intranets to franchisees) that provide an optimum management of the business. Was unanimous optimism about this type of business development, where both economically and facilities by some financial institutions such as Banco Sabadell (sponsor of this journey) in the unconditional support was motivated by the results obtained and the low default rate of the sector, mainly compared with traditional trade. Attendance at the Conference was a success and ended with a Spanish wine that made networking among all attendees.