Federal Constitution

The social relations, as well as the nature and the animals of all the species, also evolve. Test of this is the recognition for the STF (Supremo Federal Court) of the steady union between couples of the same sex. The judicial approval of social practical one is an evident signal of that such practical already has times crystallized by this society. In this direction, and on such recognition, already no quarrel would not fit. However, it is of extreme importance the reflection on what this homoafetiva steady union can represent for the society. It will be that we live a revolutionary description-social moment of form to guarantee what the Federal Constitution already promised, in its art.

3, incorporation IV on one ' ' free society, solidary joust and (…) ' '? In parts we can affirm that yes, therefore the right of the homoafetiva steady union already until was celebrated by the famous movement ' ' Stopped of the Gay&#039 Pride; '. However, the same movement, that congregated about 4 million people, beyond celebrating a historical conquest also n 122/2006 demanded the approval of the Project of Law, which has for main objective to criminalizar the homofobia and to institute specific penalties. Now, the reply to the previous question in such a way incoherent one can sound one. The Brazilian society already coexists couples homosexuals with rights of steady union being able, also, to constitute family by means of the adoption of children. Being thus, as it can the same society allow that homofbicos acts are practised without punishment and specific law? Thus, the reply most coherent to the questioning on what it would represent for the society the recognition of the homoafetiva steady union she would be one relative, but positive and in such a way hopeful one. The support to the couples homosexuals and the guarantee of its rights by means of a steady union represent, yes, a description-social evolution that, consequentemente, will take to other quarrels and conquests in favor of already mentioned above society ' ' it exempts, joust and solidria' ' , as it has years contemplates our Federal Constitution.