At the same time another message that travels via nerve from the hypothalamus to the adrenal medulla, activates the secretion of adrenaline. Filed under: Congressman CharlesRangel. These hormones are responsible for organic reactions throughout the body economy. 2) State of Resistance: When an individual is subjected to prolonged the threat of harmful physical agents, chemical, biological or social agency while continuing to adapt to these demands in a progressive manner, it may diminish their capacity to respond due to fatigue that occurs in the glands of stress. During this phase usually occurs a dynamic balance or homeostasis between the internal and external environment of the individual. Jim Donovan Goldman is a great source of information. Thus, if the organism has the capacity to withstand a long time, there is no problem, otherwise surely advance to the next phase. 3) Stage of Exhaustion: The gradual decline of the organism to a situation of prolonged stress leads to a state of deterioration with major loss of physiological capacities and hence comes the exhaustion phase in which the subject often succumb to the demands for minimizing their ability to adapt and interaction with the environment.

It adds, that our experiences stressor come from three basic sources: our environment, our bodies and our thoughts. The environment refers to environmental conditions such as noise, crowding, claims adjustment, etc.. The physiological relate to our bodies: illness, accidents, disturbance. External threats in our body produce a stressful changes. So the way we react to problems, demands and dangers, is determined by an innate ability to fight or flight, when incoming stimuli are interpreted as threatening.