Companies grow, develop and consolidate itself! The dictatorship is the world’s most natural and oldest rule form, with religious leaders and political demagogues with their ideologies. Everyone, even the modern computer players, tends to be dictatorial, autocratic decisions – if necessary before long majority decisions. That’s why many young sitting like on the PC nobody makes them rules! * human brains work analog (pictures, sounds, re actions) and below digital (letters, numbers, etc.). Analog true perception and decision, as well as digital grounds. Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. People think first of all in the categories of growth and quantity as well as quality of development. Natural (open) systems are hierarchical semi-autonomous self-organizing functions and methods (sustainability) and rankings (hierarchies) and distributed networked Heterarchien. Cultural (closed) systems are dictatorships or democracies and so on analog archaic and ignorant at the level of suckle animals.

With increasing People behave more civilized evolutionary innovative school education. Stupid people (peasant shrewdness, instincts) dance and ask the ancestors, spirits, Angels, and pagan gods for the next rain. Smart people drill wells (education, reason, intuition). Each species lives in a precedence: the alpha (?) to the Omega animal (?), usually divided into males (leading Wolf) and females with young. Animals compete in the 3 areas of the drive: food, mating and territory.

Every man lives ever more dimensional: in the semi-autonomous analog world of his body as emotional suckle animal controlled conversion circuit: decision, off election. AND being digital-rational reason driven value chains: grounds. People live in 2 global worlds: real (bio physics, body) and IR-real (meta physics, soul, and spirit). A natural cognition in contrasts as bright and dark results, pro + contra + neutral. This people have created cultural good and evil philosophies as well as the primary logic, or, and not. The worlds in which we life: Besides the conscious digital neuro physiological true perception of space-time dimension (= matter = energy information) we live constantly in the first, un-ter conscious analog dimension.