I'll tell you one short story. Once I realized that buying through the Internet is not just convenient, but also profitable, I opened the shop, All orders are done via the Internet. One day, ordered a batch of silk collars. The company is located in the U.S., somewhere in the godforsaken Oklahoma. As is usually chosen, said the availability, delivery costs, paid and waited.

Waiting for a week, the number of Consignment no one sends me, there is no confirmation of shipment, write a letter saying so and so, I paid, you promised to send within 3 days. The reaction of zero or no answer greeting, a week later another letter, the situation is similar through a few days another letter, nothing has changed. Well I think everything got was right Lesch, here it is payback for credulity – $ 800 down the drain, rather merry at the expense of the Yankees as a gift from Russia. latest and a desperate attempt, I write fairly lengthy letter in which they indicate the order number, transaction number, the conditions of the offer, which is on the site, and announce that I will have to apply to law enforcement authorities of Russia and the U.S. fraud. Here I am writing all this, and I think will laugh, gloat, especially about the Russian law enforcement agencies, but it was not there. The next day I get a reply from which it follows that supposedly they have much two weeks trying to contact me, but probably something with the Internet, although it is not clear where they or us.