Bottom Book

Final obvious. Another way. It is proposed to buy a “miracle book>> on earnings on the Internet or with a million tips on starting a business. Again, a familiar pattern reviews “lucky>> about the following plan: “Do not believe me? Rightly so. I too at first did not believe it, but then decided that you can take a chance and spend some money for a trial. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. $ 10 is not so much for such a book, I now make more than $ 3000 per month and all friends convinced that this is real>> and these fake praise can be vast. In general, not the fact that by buying this book you will discover something new and useful for you.

Usually the money spent on the purchase does not pay. And even a very tenacious way – pyramid. Once this system is not debunked, but in spite of all she lives and in some places, even thriving. When the trees were large and there was no Internet, this scheme worked in ordinary mail mailing list and was called “chain letter>>. If someone forgot to remind you. You by e-mail letter arrives with tales of super-profits from engaging in a pyramid at the bottom of the letter six electronic purses, should be transferred to each of them for $ 1 and send the same letter in 150-200 e-mail addresses, but instead of the last purse you specify your own. Explanation quite effectively and we must admit it is tempting: if at least 10 people out of 200 will be sent for $ 1, you’re already in win, but because each of the 10 will have its 200 and so on ad infinitum. Revenues are calculated fabulous. Do not believe in any pyramid of income is derived only people at the top, in other words, only the organizers of this variety scam. At the end of our story to make a generalization and conclusion suggests itself. If you offer something sverhvygodnoe – do not believe. Imagine that at least some of the above methods enrichment work, in our country all Internet users would be very rich and almost happy. Often remember the free lunch.