Argentine Congress

And he claimed the role they have to deal with small and medium-sized enterprises in regional integration, because it supported the incorporation of Venezuela into MERCOSUR and already the Argentine Congress passed the incursion. Connecticut Senator insists that this is the case. Moreover in Brasilia, Brazil June 18 2009.-the Senate convened on July 9, 2009 a final and comprehensive public hearing to discuss the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur, before the final vote in the legislature. With this situation one can mention missing still definitive of the Congress of Brazil approval so that Venezuela is already a full member. Says participant Lic. CASTEJoN, although still not everything is said to make Venezuela enter Mercosur according to what was mentioned earlier, there many expectations that with this incursion froze more opportunities for the country in the commercial and cultural exchanges to mention a few, which means that the scope would be of high caliber and risk by great competitiveness that exists in the business sector within this very important agreement at the same time. However, the entry of Venezuela into Mercosur has its scope in the development of most relevant benefits granted to him, as the economic and social meaning that its members can reach lies it basically and since then the population of the countries included. In the Venezuelan case, the main aspect of incision of this agreement is represented by business actors who are will be playing all the competitive forces and which of these will depend, in some, up to survival. Is why, State and the Venezuelan businessman to have a challenge and a direct responsibility at the same time in the development of the region, within this agreement, because it will test the true ability to understand by part of the State the mission and vision of the Mercosur in its free trade and in turn in the industrial sector competitiveness, that generated significant impact in the economic, social and political environment of Venezuela. .