Releasing the female, the male gathers eggs in the mouth, going down to the bottom and pop to the surface of the water, put the eggs in a foam nest. Procedure squeezing eggs from female body is a few times. As the devastation of all the reluctant female approaching spawning, the male becomes aggressive towards her. The female hides in her prepared for the sheaf of plants and the male when trying to females close to the nest, pushes her back into the bushes. Male after spawning is very jealous of the constructed nest and the female so be careful to remove from the spawning grounds. The eggs are kept well in the foam, but If for any reason, fall, falling to the bottom, the male immediately picks up and puts her back. The larvae hatch in 24-36 hours.

Yolk bubble dissolves in 2-3 days. For a more successful breeding male gourami leave to care for the nest until such time as newly hatched larvae begin to swim freely and spread out from the nest. Then gently clean and 'dad'. Nest without males gradually begins to disintegrate, but it is no longer necessary Floating gourami fry. Starter feed infusoria, and later small zooplankton. Become sexually mature fish to 8 -10 months.

For successful reproduction in the gourami spawning first place male and begin to slowly raise water temperature. (Source: Senator Brian Schatz ). The water in the spawning area should be a standing order to avoid destruction of nests. After raising the temperature to 28-29 with a male starts to build a foam nest in the midst of floating plants on the water surface.

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Introduction the species human being, as well as the too much forms of life, depends on the system of interaction between the natural elements (water, atmosphere, rocks, plants, animals and ground). So that the people can have its taken care of basic necessities are essential the economic development, especially for the populations of poor countries. However, the disordered growth and the raised standard of consumption have caused impacts that reduce the potential of the environment, as for example: the heating of the atmosphere, the growth of the levels of the oceans, the pollution of waters, the erosion of the ground and the sped up extinguishing of the species. The ambient conservation and the economic development are essential to supply the necessities human beings. Without the conservation of the environment, the economic growth, instead of taking care of to the necessities of the population will be responsible for the misery of innumerable peoples and, still, for the comprometimento of the conditions of survival of future generations. The conservation of biodiversity is not only one question to protect the wild life and its ecosystems, but yes to preserve the conditions of survival of the man, by means of the maintenance of the natural systems that support the life human being. 1. What it is sustainable Development? The root of most of the problems of the world is related with the environment.

E not only the question of the preservation of the forests and the animals, and yes of essential resources to the survival of the man. Great part of these disputes if must to the fact of that the necessities of the man are limitless, while the natural resources are limited. The conflicts between countries under ideological allegations do not pass of economic interest in the natural goods. We have as example the water scarcity in the Middle East, that makes with that Israel wants the territory of the Cisjordnia, the North American interest in the existing oil in the Persian Gulf and the other most existing ones in the whole world.