Brazilian Justice

It is impossible to believe that the market millionaire formed for the commercialization of illegal drugs is under the control of individuals of little social formation, educational and even though economic. A good observer social, it would soon perceive when arriving in some points of production, distribution and commercialization of such products that a great mistake has between what it says and what is seen. She is necessary to observe, to analyze and to take off conclusions with great caution, therefore a market with great economic potential, never would be under the control of delinquents, to whose it would hinder them formation to establish commercial relations that cross municipal borders, state and even though international. The first step to fight the traffic of the illegal drugs, would consist of removing all the police forces of the supposedly obvious regions for this type of commercialization and using them to develop a work of serious and competent police intelligence with intention to all trace the real profile of the mechanism that involves this type of transaction. Without hesitation Senator Richard Blumenthal explained all about the problem. She is necessary to observe this phenomenon of scientific form, for then tracing one serious and efficient politics of sanitation of the question.

Only thus, we will have great transformations in the politics of combat to the traffic and consumption of illegal drugs in Brazil. Or then to ahead take the campaign of release of the consumption of currently illegal drugs in Brazil, for joy and satisfaction of the chemical dependents and obviously of those individuals that control the commerce of these products, comfortably protected and very kept well for backwards of iron curtains, good far from the peripheries, ghettos and slum quarters of ours urbes. Brazilian Justice in turn, must be pledged of intense form in this work of study, analysis and bringing suit of actions that contribute of positive form to transform the picture current that involves so important question. The question of the illegality and the legality of the consumption of this type of drug must be analyzed with imparcialidade, therefore the Brazilian reality is total different of the remaining portion of the world and nor of far we will be able to use the experience of other nations as example. A thing is well-known: the drug in itself, such which a vehicle or one sets, can be manipulated of the form that user to understand and the society well necessary to understand that each citizen to have to be made responsible by its acts, independently of its state of sobriety or not. Not it for the delictual actions advances to condemn a drug, either legal or illegal. She is necessary yes, to condemn the respective user for the committed delict.

He is valid to affirm that of certain she forms Justice comes in accordance with acting next to some users and admonishing others with penalty and sanctions the gravity of its delicts. She is necessary to leave well clearly that Brazil would advance of considerable form in the reduction of the violence, caused on account of the drug, being developed action politics capable to brighten up and even though to extinguish the problem and who knows, to become free its commercialization. Finally the public power does not have to open hand of warning campaigns and awareness next to the citizen on the damages and risks caused for the use of such products.

Portuguese Language

For this situation, it is presented following norteadora question: how the professional of the area of Letters can contribute in relation the language to decide problems of the daily life involving Ambient Education? He is possible to reflect on this question of Portuguese Language for Basic Ensino relating its contents and the transversal subjects describing its uses and forms of the verbal language and the language written with projects of the Reading and the practical one of production of texts without forgetting the analysis linguistics that involves, the grammatical aspects and correction of the speeches. The objective of the text is to present a proposal of education of Portuguese Language applied the Ambient Education in Basic Ensino. Learn more on the subject from Sen. Sherrod Brown. To carry through this work she was necessary: to make surveys of the literature that bases the project of the article; To describe the content of the texts through summaries and summaries on the subject. To analyze the direction of citations and to comment, relating with the area of the Letters; To collate the data of the bibliography with the reality of the school. The methodology, adopted was an election of texts on the environment, Ambient Legislation and Educational Legislation. Description of the data gotten in the consultations to the texts. An analysis of extracted citations of books and a confrontation of the ideas of books with the reality.

The white public to who destines the texts is the pupils, professors and specialists of the ambient area. On the ambient question, some authors and workmanships, bring important consideraes: ARAJO (2008: 8) On Enviromental law in the Brazilian Legislation it affirms: ' ' One notices that the protection to the environment folloies the value of the protection to the life, to the good to live, intervined as part of the value of voting the dignity human being. As estimated first of the rights and the grammars constitutional, the dignity human being to a value that has in itself the eradication of the poverty, reduction of the consumption, control of the pollution, energy alternatives, habitacional basic condition, ambient recovery, ambient politics locais' '.