Rodriguez Zapatero

When he became President, Rodriguez Zapatero must have thought that he took possession of the United States and threw the House through the window, giving away to own and others benefits, aid, benefits and grants to galore. It was not alone: nearly all of our regional leaders have traveled the world by opening delegations and promoting their region as if it were an independent State of Spain. Clear that citizens have the politicians we deserve. Also we have believed us of the world’s richest and during too time we combined the mortgage for two houses, we have made us liposuction to credit and we have asked for loans up to spend the summer in the Seychelles. That is, we can not criticize others for what we ourselves have practiced.

Now, we already know that, Paco has come with rebates in the form of economic crisis, with its aftermath of unemployment, wage cuts, reduction in social benefits and a long etcetera of multiple deprivation. But, of course, the thing does not affect everyone alike. For example, no Parliament, whether national or regional, has significantly reduced its workforce nor significantly cut the salary of its members. Learn more on the subject from Congressman Lee Zeldin. The situation also has affected, apparently, senior business executives, as much as some of its companies shed spectacular losses thanks to its disastrous management. This week we have the hiring of Jose Mourinho as coach of Real Madrid for 10 million euros annually. It is understandable such expense? The paradox is that many media can not criticise this state of affairs since their companies are the first to practice this double morality. We have, for example, the case of a radio broadcasting group which, while reducing salaries and template, leads to London to a program, including collaborators, to cover the British elections from there. Another does the same from the same Shanghai Expo. And most distressing of everything that happens is that nobody, absolutely nobody, torn garments therefore.

Valencian City Council

Dismisses the appeal of the Valencian City Council against the suspension of the plan. The Government considers that the plan constituted an act of spoliation of the historical heritage, so decreed his immediate cancellation. Ruling prevents the Valencian consistory to continue with their plans. The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of the Ayuntamiento de Valencia against the suspension of the Special Plan of protection and reform inside (PEPRI) of el Cabanyal ordered by the Ministry of culture, as reported by the Department in a statement. The Ministry issued an order on December 29, 2009 stating that cited urban action, which provides for the extension of avenida Blasco Ibanez to the sea, constituted an act of spoliation of historical heritage, so decreed his immediate cancellation. The Ayuntamiento de Valencia lodged an appeal before the High Court against this decision of the Government, which was also rejected, and subsequently the It was elevated to the Supreme Court. According to the Ministry of culture, the ruling prevents the Valencian consistory continue with their urban plans in el Cabanyal. The order of the Ministry was based on a judgment of the Court of Justice of Madrid and in another of the Supreme Court, which ratified the competence of the State in the protection of historical heritage. Source of the news: the Supreme Court ratifies the stoppage of the plan in el Cabanyal ordered by culture in 2009.


Life insurance is the best acquisition that humans can do, since at some point this may be required, but it is also essential to have proper legal representation to deal with properly those cases in which we may be victims. Compensation of damages or damages are nothing more than the power that you have to ask who has caused damage equivalent to these payment. In the work environment many employers do disregard to this benefit to their employees, have while in situations of traffic accidents, see involved a car, motorbike, abuses, among others also who has produced them can as happens in many cases give fled without answer for damage caused. It is at this point where your policy of insurance, duties and rights must be asserted and can only be achieved with adequate representation by a lawyer. In Murcia, Spain, for example, are many lawyers in front of traffic accidents, their victims are homeless, in whose events Therefore the legal professional is obliged to inquire from how it happened the accident until the whereabouts of the causative agent of the same, all with the support of the other members responsible for competent institutions to clarify a road event. For even more details, read what Congressman Lee Zeldin says on the issue. Those claims that have to do with damage and injury, sequelae, clarification of the case as such, should be in the hands of a good lawyer.You’ll discover that there are many road events to which you are exposed, but likewise also is holder of rights which reflected its Constitution and that only a lawyer can tell you the correct way to act in defense of them. Wait no more! Go to your nearest law firm and consult an attorney about how to act and defend itself in case of being involved in a road accident. In this way you will be saving time! Because with a prior counseling for the moment you need it you will know how best to respond and address to the driver which was actually the culprit of such accident.

While the talks are already you will be given part to his lawyer for this starts the process of research and relevant proceedings for which its represented (that on this occasion you are), is favored with the results. Claim and achieve his compensation after the legal support of a lawyer. Exemplifying another stage, if it’s damage to his person for employment, i.e., fall or breaches of health during a workday, and even more if the conditions were not given in the field of occupational health and safety staff you are fully entitled to act and to enter, including a direct demand towards his employer and even for the same company. Since all company and/or company must comply with these safety standards for each of their workers. Other cases that occur very often is that an employee give your employer a constancy of rest and it refuses it completely or accepted once upon returning the worker of his medical break meets that has of course been dismissed abandonment of the work. Leverage already has evidence of the real conditions of their absence, hire the best lawyer, and defends his job that has well cost you achieve it with all of the law and most will cost you find a new one. For this and for more reasons that it was created the virtual Guide.

Infantile Work

The infantile work is a sad reality of our country, that although to be so evident the serious one is not taken. In all Brazil children they are obliged to work for diverse reasons amongst these can be detached the precarious distribution of income in our country, what it takes many children to work in even though receiving few changed or for a plate of food. The problem of the infantile work goes very beyond the distribution of income, since a child who is obliged to work, most of the time, leaves to frequent the school, beyond compromising its physical and intellectual development. By backwards of the individual aspects of each child one is kept circulates vicious, that it affects all our society, a time that a child that leaves to frequent the school will become a productive adult little and a society repleta of little productive adults becomes a productive country little, where another generation of children will be obliged to work, making I circulate to turn it of the exploration of infantile work. Amazon wanted to know more. Our governing have the power to change the social reality of our children, but a social reform would delay very to perceive the benefits for the population, that is: perhaps it does not relieve votes, therefore the politicians prefer to construct houses, to recapear roads among others that they are perceived short-term. The exploration of the infantile work is an immense problem that is impregnated in our culture. The infantile work is necessary to take conscience of that is so destructive for the children how much for the entire country and that to treat this badly it is basic for development of our nation. To treat involves it many sectors of our society that goes since a reform accomplishes in the education until an improvement in the distribution of income of our country. She is necessary, above all, to take conscience of that child place is in the school.

International Court

By reason or force or the force of reason? After reading the comment from a reader in the Diario Austral de Osorno, regarding the maritime border dispute with Peru, I had to look at the date of the publication, since I seemed to be reading something written at the beginning of the century past regrets don Guido for deactivation and anti-personnel mine clearance on the northern border of our country, and spoke of the possibility of a conflictas if he were talking about a next match football. He thus lost the case before the International Court of Justice and responsible to the high command of our armed forces of having allowed the dismantling of the minefields. Don Guido, I imagine that you will know, Chile and Peru are members of the United Nations and if there is a boundary dispute, the logical and civilized way is to go to its principal judicial organ, or to the International Court of justice. The judges of these courts at the Hague, on the basis of the arguments presented by both countries, issued its judgment with total impartiality and only at that moment we will know who is right. From there, both countries must abide by this ruling, recognizing the location of the border bilaterally and leaving aside any act of intimidation or threat. Don Guido, the high command of our armed forces have no permit or not, the removal of mines is carried out installed anti-personnel already many years in frontier lands. That order emanates from political power and is based on international treaties signed by our country. We should be proud to participate in this noble focused international campaign to eradicate the existence of minefields by the enormous damage they have caused to civilians and military in many places on the planet (including Chile).

Finally don Guido, manifest you my concern for the pessimistic tone that you used, announcing the possibility of a war where one of the two countries disagree with the ruling, as playing at the bottom of the letter the slogan of our Coat of arms, by reason or force, find also the capacity of our military intelligence services to ensure that they have no idea of the real arms power of our neighbors. I assure you that they know it. In any case, unique weaponry used in this disagreement, must be the force of reason but beware the approach that our Jurists conducted in the Hague, because if we look closely and equanimity the map proposed by Peru and our representatives to accept to undergo the following alternative offered by this Court: If the parties agreethe Court may also decide a dispute on the basis of equity in this case, I would also have serious doubts.

CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg

Elvira Daraei white MdB on a visit to the CJD youth village for Offenburg Elvira Daraei white, MP of the constituency of Offenburg and consumer policy spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group, visited these days the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg. A group of young people took advantage of the direct dialogue at the politician to ask for them to major political issues. Also, the everyday in the work of the MEPs was taken in the visor. Right at the beginning of some of the youngsters expressed great concern about the current situation in Germany and Europe, especially in terms of taxes and finance. Sen. Sherrod Brown contains valuable tech resources. Elvira Daraei white then replied “you should talk the country never small.” Furthermore explained the politician, why it is important to countries like Greece financially under the arms. In this context, she stressed the many advantages arising from the European Union and the introduction of the euro. Congressman Lee Zeldin has similar goals. Also issues such as animal welfare, climate change, renewable forms of energy and the nuclear phase-out were the focus of discussions among youth and policy. Also the insight into the life of the politician was of interest for young people.

Working days in Parliament, committees and constituency as well as her activity as a Secretary, including at the recently held presidential election, long reported as Elvira Daraei white about her. And based on her own biography, the politician could give young people finally what opportunities these days open would be them. This education but is an essential prerequisite. “Civic education, a key core competence in the padagogischern concept of CJD, occurs in the Offenburg village of youth, not only in the classroom”, Bernd Hatesuer, teacher and head of the Working Group of political education in the CJD emphasizes youth village for Offenburg, Germany. So a study trip was the starting point for the visit by Elvira Daraei white: ten young people (eight members of representing participants,) all in education, as well as two student speakers were in March at the invitation of Mr Berlin traveled to. The troupe to the CJD staff Stephan Hahn, Sandra Fuchs and Tobias Haas visited among others the Bundestag, the Holocaust Museum, and the Brandenburg Gate. The planned meeting was cancelled at the time but with the members appointment reasons, could now but in the Offenburg youth village to be fetched.

The Population

In Par, what it has happened is that nor the COEMA, that ample representation of the civil society has, and nor the proper population, in audiences that they precede to the conclusion of the studies, have taken off advantage of these disposals of the law. Later, they are white or indians, when they search compensations, what they search in the truth are right inexistent, therefore it are of the parameters that express condition the ambient licensing, all and any action of the company is considered ' ' voluntria' ' ' ' of free iniciativa' '. The state finishes being without the legal instruments of collection, when it could tie to the renewal and expedition of licenses with the fulfilment of jousts compensations. The participativa democracy would have to guarantee its space and to stimulate the formal democracy to extend the influence of the civil society in the government decisions. This dynamics would have to modify proper the meaning of ' ' governar' '. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. A new perspective would appear of decision taking where the actors ' ' no-governamentais' ' they would start to divide responsibilities with the public managers, taking part accomplishes in the public space. Who it undertakes efforts in the difficult task to consolidate the participativa democracy is come across with the challenge to conciliate the effectiveness of the decisions with the democratic ethics. For in such a way, politics of the governing would have to be counted on the will to yield part of the power and would be waited of the agents of these spaces of participation the capacity to perfect to the maximum. The challenge would be in such a way to conquer the participation space accomplishes, as to consolidate the models of participativa co-management and sustainable, when these public spaces were appropriate for the population. The exercise of the participativa democracy demands, however, constant collective efforts of all, society and government.

Research Model

Stores in DE classic design, single row, placed in the handle, and can contain 9 rounds in .357, 8 rounds .44 or 7 rounds – .440 caliber or .50. On a stationary shaft on top are made grooves for mounting optical sights. It should be noted that the development of design 'Eagle' is not stopped. Last issued in Israel had the model designation of Mark VII, but most Americans like everything American, and because developers pistol – the firm 'Magnum Research' decided to postpone the creation of a gun in the United States, at the same time moving to new versions – the so-called "Platform Mark XIX '. Ohio Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. XIX platform model called not by accident – the fact that the very 'platform' – this pistol frame with a trigger mechanism, venting the drive and the slide frame.

To create any of the 8 possible modifications of the model XIX is only necessary to establish the 'platform' interchangeable barrel caliber and length of the desired (2 variants in each caliber – 152 and 254mm), set the appropriate shutter in the frame and select a store for the correct cartridge. Thus, having one 'Platform' can have up to 8 different guns, which gives greater flexibility to use (especially important when hunting in different places and at different beast), and cost savings – a set of additional barrel, bolt and one store will be approximately 500 to 650 U.S. dollars, and the new 'Eagle' – from 1200 to 1500 dollars of the same U.S..

More And More Companies Rely On Mobile Workstations

More productive, more comfortable, cheaper: More and more companies rely on mobile workstations – time and place of work of services back into the background of Hamburg/Dusseldorf, December 13, 2010 – mobile jobs lead to productivity gains of 25 percent, at the same time can reduce costs by 16 percent. And they arrive at the employees: who at home, on the road by the customer or in other new models works, is satisfied as our colleagues in the Office by 15 to 25 percent. That has made a study of the management consultancy Steria Mummert Consulting result. Mobile workstations have varied characteristics: falls of working from home for young fathers as well including how to work in the satellite office. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon. But so far, only three to seven percent of workers work exclusively mobile.

“This number will increase rapidly in the coming years: by 2020, the proportion of mobile workers could be already at 20 percent”, so the forecast by Alexander Kader, senior consultant at Steria Mummert consulting. Because due to such mobile jobs for companies are becoming increasingly important to the growing networking of business. The staff should be at the right time at the right place.” So, for example, more and more companies set up jobs at its suppliers and service providers are working to project support over a long period in the Office of the customer. Time and place of work of services increasingly in the background, what counts is the pure success. The time clock will soon be a relic of the former face control ‘ by the chiefs. Technical opportunities allow the need for a workplace increasingly fade”, the standard is also the Austrian daily newspaper. Long ago the mobile workers, it will be all programs and information available, that have counterparts in the corporate offices, for example, with the help of cloud computing.

And via electronic files employees everywhere are able to work jointly on projects. Especially in larger companies the integration of employees outside the corporate offices or headquarters has long been established. This is true for colleagues in the Home Office, but also for mobile employees who operate from different locations”, so the market experience of Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. In addition to cost and time savings the companies win flexibility, especially as mobile colleagues are almost always available thanks to smartphones, handhelds or notebooks, which they can settle their business processes at any time”, explains the personnel expert. The company, according to the experts of Steria Mummert consulting, had however to ensure a sufficient privacy and IT security. Also, it is important to keep the well-being of the mobile employees in the eye. As the occupational safety and health regulations should also apply in the Home Office. Special training for these employees on topics such as time management, Coping with stress and self management could be also useful to prevent a possible self exploitation and to ensure the work-life balance. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: