Caribbean Loan

One of the biggest problems of today’s society is in the excessive indebtedness of families. Is this due to a huge increase in the price of floors and interest rates that make climbing mortgage payments to the limit, which entails that he intended on some occasions? parts of the monthly salary payment of financial obligations. To this we must add the car loan, receipts of the cards, appropriations for the purchase of household appliances, etc. Details can be found by clicking Sen. Sherrod Brown or emailing the administrator. All this means that families often cannot get at end of month with their wages, which can cause ultimately the embargo or auction of the housing. The solution to this problem is in the reunification of debts, which consists of grouped all outstanding debts into a single loan of the type mortgage, typically at a rate of interest lower (thus saving), resulting in a much lower monthly fee, but lengthening the term of repayment of the loan.

So families can more comfortably make ends meet. The credit resulting can even exceed the amount of all debts, since the client must pay the expenses of the operation. A reunification of debts is an alternativade salvation against an embargo or auction of the property. With this solution we must be careful because if our economic conditions change favourably, consumerism can lead us and that over the years, we continue should the Bank the same amount of money above (apply for a loan for a new car, furnish the House, the credit for the trip to the Caribbean, etc.). Contact information is here: Amazon. It is advisable before launching into signing an operation of this kind, it is desirable to explain our problem to the Bank and request an extension of mortgage, to be able to cancel all outstanding credits. We will continue paying our mortgage normally but lengthen the term of return of the same.

Maria Education

(Ligia Sousa) ‘ ‘ I look for sufficiently to have knowledge in relation to the subject, before the seminary I look for to be a little isolated for meditar’ ‘. (Edinelma Moraes) ‘ ‘ I read the subject sufficiently to understand and to display before mine parceiros’ ‘. (Sousa Joo) the inferiority feeling was externado by the fear that backwards the reasoning lack being that this fear makes with that is faced the difficulty found for the pupil. FINAL CONSIDERAES the research showed that the necessary education to search new models of education, being necessary, therefore, to teach the preparation of the verbal communication, thus we saw, in the contribution given for the interviewed ones, the difficulties found from the family, passing for the school and finally for the psychological side. The school as formadora of critical citizens, needs to develop in educating the ability of argument, reading and criticidade so that the human being acquires interpretation abilities, analyses of diverse forceful factors in the way that live, in order to understand and to express themselves in any social bookshelf.

In this way, this research possesss a thematic challenger for the research field, a time that the citizens of this research are beings human beings who possess similars attitudes and characteristics that sharpen a study directed toward the social and psychological factors of the society. Excellent to approach that this work can be source for many research related to this thematic one. .

The Observer

The word ' ' coisa' ' it appears as form to present something that cannot be identified to the principle, only evidenced for being depersonalized, one ' ' aparte' ' in relation to the reality, absolute that it emerges from ' ' truth metodolgica' ' molding of estruturalizante form what it perceives, deturpando the perception that are sensible to the manifesto, creating a conceived ideal, evoking to legitimize itself, the functionality of the method and the domesticated materiality of the object, beyond the passivity of the observer. Atrelado to such coisificao, we have the call cibercultura, here being boarded without pejorativos attributes, only as recurrence of a new social position, that also appears manifest in a methodology, presenting characteristic as: multifaceted vision, speed of information, pluralism, alienation and as much other points that could be examined, beyond a infinity future, which had its recent existence in the historical contextualizao. The methodology, looking for to adjust it the cibercultura, searchs parity between method and this new form of perception, in a frantic search that the call ' ' Modernidade' ' it precedes. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Now, looking for to follow in rhythm on-human being, more condizente with the terminology ' ' After-Modernidade' ' , in which the speed of data becomes at every moment, obsolete the information, thus needing, of a plasticity that it looks to conserve itself in way to the plurality of against-arguments, creating an argument contemporary, malleable. Another well-known point in this cibermetodologia is the impessoalidade, for in the distance where the data are transmitted, not occurring direct contact between transmitter and receiver, only one link virtual in one ciberespao, as it is the case of the Internet, favoring the indifference the considered questions ' ' distantes' '. At the same time, an access increase the long ago inaccessible areas, sending to the call plurality, with a reality multifaceted, where we open one ' ' leque' ' to each perspective, not being able not even to conceive the resolution of so including effect, exactly under a interdisciplinaridade perspective.

European Parliament

As a result of the directive 2006/123/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 on services in the internal market, have been adopted in Spain two laws colloquially known as law umbrella and Omnibus, law 17/2009 of 23 November, free access to service activities and its exercise and the law 25/2009, of 22 December, modification of various laws for its adaptation to the law on free access to the services and your exercise activities. Its main objective lies in adapting the sector services to European regulation. So the first one aims at facilitating the establishment of service providers as well as the free provision of these simplifying procedures and promoting the quality of services. A related site: Richard Blumenthal mentions similar findings. On the other hand the second law lie modifications to more than 40 Spanish rules in order to carry out this transposition. The services sector in Spain today represents 65% of the GDP and 68% of employment in the country.

That is why the change in the rules that govern it supposes an important adaptation of service with respect to the European stage. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. These two laws grant the possibility to providers of services of any State Member to provide such service in Spain, without the need for an authorisation scheme, except in cases in which limitations are collected in the laws regulating such services, provided that they comply with the requirements of: non-discrimination, necessity and proportionality. As it says the law 17/2009 such procedures and formalities shall be regulated nature, be clear unambiguous, objective impartial, transparent and proportionate to the overall goal that you want to save, and must of course be known in advance. Therefore in the event that a provider in a Member State complies with the requirements established in that State for the provision of the service, the Spanish public administrations may not require you any authorization, additional requirement or prior control, except by the reasons mentioned above.


Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics 2008 and one of the sharpest critics of the evolution of the world economy, recently wrote in an editorial in The New York Times that the next three to four months will be possibly the most important in the history of United States. I would add that perhaps the most important for the future of all humanity. It is the moment to define the course of things. Suddenly, humanity is seen before the question that she had a huge resonance in the World Social Forum in Belem: how to build a society in which all can live together, including, in this small and already old planet nature?. It is not something Richard Blumenthal would like to discuss. The issue is too serious to be left solely in the hands of economists.

In what affects everyone, everyone has the right to demonstrate and help you decide. In the media intellectuals grows convinced that the paradigm of Western modernity, now globalized, has come into crisis by own exhaustion and implosion effect. It is similar to a tree that It has reached its climax and then falls fatally by having exhausted its vital energy. So, say your name, capitalism has reached its end in a double sense: as a realization of its virtualities and end as final term and death. Logically if we continue the internal discussions of groups organized by the UN – with notable names like Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in economics, and others – to think about alternatives to the crisis, we realize the general perplexity. The tendency is to resuscitate a dying man with the neo-keynesianismo, soft form of neo-liberalism, with a more organic presence of the State in the economy. Others try to the route of the ecosocialism very present in the WSF in Belem.

It is a promising choice, but still it has not, to my way of seeing, the turnaround that implies a new conception of the Earth as Gaia and the overcoming of anthropocentrism, also giving citizenship to the nature. Want, rightly, an environmentally-friendly development of nature, but still within the framework of the development. Now, we already know the voracious logic of development. Or better, we need more sustainable withdrawal to a sustainable development. It would be the beginning of the realization of the key. I.e., with technical, financial resources and physical infrastructure created by globalization, we would have opportunities for socializing a mode of sustainable livelihoods for all. The Earth, on Sabbath, could auto regenerate and sustain us all. We us more, with less. But, as we are culturally barbaric and ethically without mercy, we are not taking this political decision. We prefer to tolerate that million before that change course die. And thus, gayamente, continue consuming without conscience that well soon, ahead, waiting for us a chasm. We can and we deserve a better fate. This is not only possible, but necessary. And it is here where the philosophers can help us. Tens of years ago many of them are saying that the excessive use of reason according to the profit and the commodification of everything, at the expense of the plundering of the Earth, has led us to the current crisis. To recover the health of reason we need to enrich it with the sensitive, aesthetic and cordial, reason on which is founded the ethics, and a solidarity-based vision of life. It is what best suits the new phase of the encounter of cultures and unification of human history. Or we will pursue a tragic road and no return.

Kahlil Gibran

Love is the only experience that turns us into sincere, humble, innocent, when love calls you let go and surrender, is not reasoning is the union of two hearts, two emotions, of beings which are converted to one. We are so wounded and grew up between so many ugly things, jealousy, comparison, all this did not allow us see love. But if you let him go, you open up to him, you will have to water it as it is like a plant, needs that you feed him, be nourished their roots, provide attention, so that you can develop and cling more strongly to life, with him will have wings to fly but without fear, addictions and ties. Love needs freedom, only with it becomes total, transform your life into a party, a banquet, a myriad of lights, and if your life has not yet reached that happiness, that happiness is that you need to comply with that Act for which are in this world. People want to love but is willing to all their ups and downs that it entails, does not think that it is only pleasure, but, there are many more important things, this Yes you should not be afraid-only love gives itself, and nothing gets but if same beautiful phrase Kahlil Gibran (the Prophet). If you understand this beautiful phrase then, you really know what is love. Or is there something more sublime or valuable?, if this meet then you will receive huge doses of the same, multiply and receive it from all directions. People have forgotten this principle, and only know how to ask for it, without thinking that love is giving not wait, if all hope and then ask who is going to give?. You must be a person full of love, and give it, share it, be loving and very existence without waiting so will return it more than the reason why everyone is neurotic and psychotic is simple: your soul is undernourished. Love is the only nutrient.

Mexicans Immigrants

Farmingville shows great conflict that comes between two social groups that is based on contempt for the inhabitants of the town of Farmingville toward illegal immigrants who have settled in the city. Although the documentary presents testimony on the Americans and the views they have on this subject, they are not objective because they have a self-centered racist context it does not seek the common good of both cultures but their own benefit and comfort. On the other hand, the video does not show in full the conflict caused by the presence of illegal Mexicans in this city, because their behavior is very different from that shown. It is important to rescue that while the solution proposed by the citizens is not adequate, they are involved to achieve their goals and improve the conflicts they face Mexico in comparison to where the participation of citizens in political and social problems minimum, most of the time people are unaware they have the opportunity to be part of decisions made in government and in a society of settlers and this encourages the poor development of the country, since Mexico is a democracy and it is covered by the decision of the majority of the people and if people do not participate then the country can not develop properly. Returning to the above, we can also see the documentary the great hatred that is between Americans and Mexicans, this can be seen at the time the government proposes a solution to both cultures and citizens are unhappy with it but that seek to deport them. On the other hand we have the political viewpoint, which he tried to find a practical and effective solution to the problem, benefiting both sides.

It is clear that once the debate began assemblies, citizens presented their arguments against the creation of the support center for immigrants and the reasons why should be deported, causing uncertainty among themselves rulers did or not correct proposing this law, all this was that it be vetoed and seek new ways to treat the problem of illegal immigrants. You can believe that the U.S. government has many flaws that have led to unfavorable conditions, but it is interesting that it still seeks practical solutions to most of its inhabitants have a better quality of life and show interest in matters large and small, but above all to obey the law and established rights. Meanwhile Mexico does not promote such magnitude involving its citizens in the problems, since even when there are this kind of discussion meetings and other means to participate in government, it is not known. In conclusion we can say that Farmingville is a documentary that allows us to realize the gravity of the situation of immigrants in the U.S. and extravagance in the U.S. falling against it. Although it also gives us a set of benchmarks to critique and compare the social and political situations which are both countries.

Wednesday Barroso

Barroso pointed out that the crisis is no longer confined to the periphery of the euro. Calls to find ways to improve the bailouts. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. Spain placed 3.3 billion in bonds to the highest interest since 2008. The President of the European Commission (EC), Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, has admitted that the latest measures agreed by EU governments have failed the cto wanted in the markets and that the debt crisis is no longer confined to the periphery of the euro zone. Developments in the markets of sovereign bonds of Italy, Spain and other Member States of the euro area are cause for deep concern, Barroso noted in a letter addressed Wednesday to the leaders and made public on Thursday. In it, the President of the Executive EU advocates to find ways to improve the European’s financial stability facility (EFSF) in order to tackle the current contagion. Rescue to Greece Barroso urges Member States to finalize and approve all the details of the second rescue to Greece and the EFSF’s past month of July, avoiding introducing excessive constraints on the conditionality of loans from the Fund.

Js of State and Government of the eurozone agreed the past 21 July granting more powers to the EFSF, so that it can act to prevent, finance the recapitalization of banks through loans to Governments and intervene in the secondary markets in exceptional circumstances and in consultation with the European Central Bank. But at the same time, the President of the EC calls for a quick review of all the elements linked to the EFSF, to ensure that this mechanism and the permanent that replaced it in 2013 are equipped with the means to deal with the risks of contagion. Increase of the European Fund according to a spokesman of the EC, this revision could pass inter alia by an increase of the Fund, which currently has a credit of 440,000 million capacity. Barroso stressed in his message that the problems of Italy and Spain in the markets are clearly unjustified considering their fundamentals Economic and the efforts that have been conducted, but admits that they reflect a growing skepticism among investors regarding the systemic capacity of the euro area to respond to the crisis. Clear decisions on July 21 about the Greek package and the flexibilization of the EFSF are not having the cto wanted in markets, acknowledges the Portuguese politician, who cites among the problems perceived by investors the complexity and the incomplete state of that agreement. Source of the news: EC admits that the debt crisis in Spain and Italy “are cause for deep concern”

Prime Minister

Ru; in Spain. Es; in the United States. Us. etc. 'We knew that the easy way to remember the code of each country is to find the code in the product as acceptable in the world, as an alternative. Com' – Alan said. 'And then '- Mike said,' We ordered a pizza, have closed in the room and began to touch code for each country with the intent to find the best '.

Ultimately, they focused on the domain. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. WS, referring to the small island nation of Samoa, located in the South Pacific. Alan and Mike thought that the abbreviation. WS may be subject to international agreement for the use of the domain 'WebSite. WS '. They had a handful of other options, but, after study and testing, GDI (Alan and Mike) found that some countries are already using their local domain and have no interest to their local domain has been registered as an 'open' or 'global'. With a population less than 200,000 residents of Samoa had yet to to use the domain name.

WS on a massive scale, and no domain of other countries could compete with the power to turn a. WS (WebSite). Potential domain. WS Samoa. Samoa is a member of a group of islands and islets situated in south-central Pacific about 1,600 miles northwest of New Zealand, Samoa, completely separated from its neighbor the United States. Its government consists of the Prime Minister, Parliament and the king as head of state, the main export goods Samoa – coconut cream, beer, cigarettes and motor wiring.

Patriotic Antonio

It is the age of the new medias where some information are transmitted the society by means of the social nets, as twitter, facebook and youtube. According to it, the challenge is in hand of the press. ' ' In way the social medias, the press has that reinventar' '. It affirmed. Some contend that Richard Blumenthal shows great expertise in this. The diplomacy depends on the information, and in many cases a faster information and needs, something that has that to be decided and to be waked up at the moment where is requested, and in relation to this, we cannot have the delay of information in no aspect of the communication, and is where the social medias enter, therefore it is a dynamic communication, where at any time the information is there. The minister Patriotic Antonio, still defined this moment as ' ' the Digital&#039 Diplomacy; ' , it defined remembering that blogs and the reporters online also contribute for the new moment of the Diplomacy. The Itamaraty today is with more than 10 a thousand followers in twitter and about 3 a thousand they have access youtube behind information on the department of state. The director of the Rio Branco institute, ambassador Georges Lamazire, told that the main objective of the new Diplomacy or Digital Diplomacy is to keep one I dialogue open between the Itamaraty and the press, this not if of only in as well as national the international questions, when the necessary Brazilian of aid in some aspect of the information. Nowadays the Diplomacy demand bigger creativity and flexibility each time of its professionals, the appearance of the social medias moved and still it goes continues changing the way as the diplomat works, as each diplomat exerts the function to acquire information and to remain itself brought up to date, changed the method as the diplomat exerts its enterprise communication using to advantage of diverse resources of the social medias inside.