Secret Teachings

Its civilization will be destroyed and all subrasy this race will go down in the respective cycles after a short cycle of fame and learning. This is the time experienced by our earthly humanity at the end of a small circle of his consciousness. Time shift distribution is the transition from one evolution, intelligent, to the evolution of the spiritual, when spirituality will prevail over the intellect. So The sixth race will join their rights to new lands, because by law the evolution of race and subrasy same circle should not be miscible with the races next round, and each race is evolving to be sovereshennee earlier and have more sophisticated, high-quality thinking and development of spiritual intuition. Disasters occur for different reasons. One is the tilt of the Earth axis. Our globe is subject to seven part-time shifts on its axis, which correspond to the end of the evolution of races.

From the Secret Teachings of occultists know that during our Fourth Round must occur seven terrestrial pralay caused by a change in the tilt of the Earth axis. This inexorable law, does not blindly acting in quite some time, contrary to the assumptions of science, but in strict accordance and compliance with the law of Karma, in Occultism called 'Great balance. " Science recognizes his ignorance about the causes producing climatic vicissitudes, as well as changes in the direction of the axis, which are always accompanied by these vicissitudes. Therefore prefer to stick esoteric explanations. Over time, the appearance on this earth of mankind has a physical four similar upheavals associated with the slope of the earth's axis had occurred. The old continent – except for the first – were absorbed into the oceans, there were other lands and huge mountain chains were raised, where they were not there before. The planet's surface each time was completely changed, 'the experience of the fittest' and races claimed a timely help; unadapted and unsuccessful – were destroyed, being swept off the earth's surface.

Of course, this selection bias and does not take place between sunrise and sunset, as one might think, but will require several thousands of years until the new house will not be put in order. Subrasy (as in our case) are also subject to a similar purification process, and their lateral offshoots – related to race. The beginning of this 'cleansing process' should already be in the second decade of our millennium, after a wave of earthquakes, across the earth. Map relief changes of land given by the American clairvoyant E. Casey back in the forties of the last century. And we remains only to prepare for future changes now, and the governments who realized the inevitability of change, to agree to relocate people whose land will flood the seas and oceans. While they do not believe anything and do not want to know anything, but we know that the British Isles – the first in the list of victims. These are the occult explanation. Maybe you shall consider. November 2004. Others including Richard Blumenthal, offer their opinions as well. Anatoly Hapilin

The University Requires New Commitments And Changes

The way that you can follow not the road. The name you can say it is not the real name. It is the soul who seeks not see what is hidden, and the soul that always looks only sees what he wants Proverb Taoist Given the characteristics of the dynamic demands of the world stage, very dynamic, highly competitive market has given way to new changes, needs some Latin American countries, our continent, it is necessary that universities reflect and take the actions required to ensure that their role meets the requirements that countries need to meet the challenges and thus, able to seize opportunities through higher education of excellence to provide the required skilled professionals. In a letter of Mariano de Vedia is discussed, that the prospects of higher education in Latin America is not very encouraging overlook. It indicates that today the universities exhibit poor performance of students, high dropout and low dedication and scientific output of their professors, including other external signs of weakness. Vedia stresses that Chilean researcher Jose Joaquin Brunner, Professor Spanish Jesus de Miguel, University of Barcelona, Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Vatican, and the Minister of Education of Argentina, Juan Carlos Tedesco, in a panel coordinated by Dr. Roberto Cortes Conde, agreed on the need to seek alternative sources of funding, with the certainty of hard times to come provide more funds for higher education. "There is something very clear: The government has no money and are the families who have to scratch your pocket," he said with unmistakable style and Miguel Catalan Spanish accent, to clamor for greater accountability of the people in sustaining their universities.

Bottom Book

Final obvious. Another way. It is proposed to buy a “miracle book>> on earnings on the Internet or with a million tips on starting a business. Again, a familiar pattern reviews “lucky>> about the following plan: “Do not believe me? Rightly so. I too at first did not believe it, but then decided that you can take a chance and spend some money for a trial. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. $ 10 is not so much for such a book, I now make more than $ 3000 per month and all friends convinced that this is real>> and these fake praise can be vast. In general, not the fact that by buying this book you will discover something new and useful for you.

Usually the money spent on the purchase does not pay. And even a very tenacious way – pyramid. Once this system is not debunked, but in spite of all she lives and in some places, even thriving. When the trees were large and there was no Internet, this scheme worked in ordinary mail mailing list and was called “chain letter>>. If someone forgot to remind you. You by e-mail letter arrives with tales of super-profits from engaging in a pyramid at the bottom of the letter six electronic purses, should be transferred to each of them for $ 1 and send the same letter in 150-200 e-mail addresses, but instead of the last purse you specify your own. Explanation quite effectively and we must admit it is tempting: if at least 10 people out of 200 will be sent for $ 1, you’re already in win, but because each of the 10 will have its 200 and so on ad infinitum. Revenues are calculated fabulous. Do not believe in any pyramid of income is derived only people at the top, in other words, only the organizers of this variety scam. At the end of our story to make a generalization and conclusion suggests itself. If you offer something sverhvygodnoe – do not believe. Imagine that at least some of the above methods enrichment work, in our country all Internet users would be very rich and almost happy. Often remember the free lunch.

Civil Code

NBU Board on the appointment of an interim administration and the moratorium is not an npa, and is the legal act of the individual actions that are not subject to such registration. During the moratorium, there are no penalty to which the fine and penalty, which is a form of civil liability for breach of contract. However, the monetary obligation – debtor’s obligation to pay the lender a certain sum of money in accordance with the civil contract and on other grounds provided by the civil legislation of Ukraine. The composition of cash the debtor’s obligations do not include a penalty (fine, penalty). Such a definition is given a monetary obligation in Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the recovery of the debtor’s solvency or declaring it bankrupt, it is responsible its essence and can be used in for this category. In addition to a civil contract, a monetary obligation arises on other grounds provided by civil legislation, which is the position of Art. 625 Civil Code of Ukraine, according to which a debtor who has delayed implementation of a monetary obligation, at the request of the creditor is obliged to pay the amount of debt, taking into account inflation index established for all time delay, as well as three per cent per annum with the overdue amount, unless a different rate of interest do not have a contract or law.

Thus, these amounts are not a penalty and they are not subject to the moratorium. After the end of the moratorium penalty (fine, fine), other financial sanctions, as well as the amount of damages that the bank was obliged to pay creditors on monetary obligations and obligations to pay taxes and duties (mandatory payments) may be made payable in the amount that existed at the date of the moratorium, unless otherwise stipulated in this Law. According to the article. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine in case of default advancing the legal consequences established by the contract or by law, including damages and moral damages. It is essential that the article provides for compensation for moral damage, but only when it is established by law or contract, the courts have not always paid attention. Therefore, if the parties in the contract provided such liability for, the requirement recovery of moral damages to be satisfied with regard to the established art. 23 Civil Code of Ukraine and the clarifications contained in the resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on March 31, 1995 4 (with appropriate modifications and additions) ‘On the judicial practice in cases of non-pecuniary (moral) damage. “

If the contract is not defined moral (moral) damage as a kind of responsibility, it is non-refundable only in cases stipulated by law. In this case, art. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine should not be interpreted so that it refers to the art. 16 of the Code, including ways to protect the right to call the non-pecuniary (moral) damage. Such a conclusion based on the fact that the special rule (Section 4 hours 1 tbsp. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine) can not refer to the general rule ( 9, part 1 of article 16 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). However, please note that not precluded recovery of moral damages suffered as a result proven misconduct of bank employees, in cases of tort law relations. However, such a relationship would not be directly related to the resolution of a dispute about the cancellation / refund bank contribution, and will be governed by other rules of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

Reliable Support

For market participants legal construction companies providing essential services in a number of important issues, often irreplaceable. For example, in matters such as participation in public tenders and auctions, or removal of land sites, as well as their design. With the introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the procedure for allotment of land – an important procedure in the developer – has changed. Complicating the issue and metropolitan realities of today. So to solve this problem without the involvement of law firms is difficult. Competition during the bidding, which publicly exposed areas, very much. The huge demand around the limited proposal sections leads to the fact that the land grows in value, and accordingly the estimates of the housing project. There are several options that allow to solve this problem. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Blumenthal. The first – to buy the rights to land that are already in circulation and are the private property of individuals, as well as suburban, or horticultural associations. So you can substantially save costs the builder, without resorting to participate in public tenders.

But there is for one thing. Typically, the location of such sites in not the most profitable areas for development is the only disadvantage, in agreement with this fact and law firms themselves. Needless to say, to build multi-storey residential buildings may require the costs of changing the status of the land and the formation of a package of documents. Quick solution to such issues and further accommodation on the site acquisition, for example, cottage communities may thanks to the timely assistance of lawyers. Contract between local authorities and the winner of the open bidding, based on which development is already built-up area – is one of the main constitute the second option, which recommended law firms. Only in the event that development on the built-up area does not contradict the existing legislation, it is possible. For example, if the territory future development includes emergency, or to be demolished buildings.

The housing stock is updated as follows: new modern houses being built on the site of the old and dilapidated buildings. Which of the two proposed options to choose developer? This will help determine the assistance of counsel. Worth bearing in mind that any of these options in their own complicated and fraught with several problems, which in turn is very difficult without the support of a large law firm. Rash independent steps builder in this difficult market may be ineffective. Also, any law firm is always ready to offer you a lawyer, such as hereditary cause or the land issue.

Russian Alexandr Scerbinin Prague

Detectives also found two letters belonging to the Russian scientists working at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. (Cockburn, 1997, pp.12o-21) In June 1994, Landshut, Germany, the first arrest was made by the smuggling of nuclear materials. A sample of the seized material (0.8 grams pump more U-235, 87.7% enriched) was in search of "fingerprints" to determine its origin. She had the typical Russian firm. Landshut if it was not the amount of U-235 that was intriguing, but high quality. When the December 14, 1994, Czech police seized 2.73 kilograms of highly enriched U-235 from the back seat car in Prague OFA had exactly the same "fingerprint" as the sample of Landshut, it became clear that smuggling nuclear has become a highly organized activity.

The 87.7% of enriched uranium has been smuggled in Obninsk, a secret city 80 miles southwest of Moscow. One of the smugglers was captured Russian Alexandr Scerbinin Prague, former Czech nuclear worker for an import-export company called 'Automobile. " During questioning, it is clear that Czech was not terrified to justice, but their masters in Russia, another indication of the presence of organized crime. During the investigation, but it became clear to officials Czech Russian organized crime was involved. Moreover, given the reactions of their counterparts in Russian, Czech concluded that officials at least the FSB and possibly other sectors of the Russian government had been penetrated by criminals. (Cockburn, 1997, pp.80, 91-96) When the August 10, 1994, the Lufthansa flight from Moscow played at night in Munich, Germany knew that 363.4 grams of weapon-usable plutonium was on board.


“REPORT OF SYMPOSIUM ON EDUCATION LABOUR AND ENVIRONMENT 1. To address environmental issues should be taken into account the broader issues of economic and social development, poverty, consumption and quality of life. Environmental protection is a function of truly sustainable development, and conversely, can not succeed those economic policies that destroy the ecological basis of life. 2. A workers’ organizations, as institutions of social development, they bear a unique role as promoters of social transformations and as champions of sustainable development, environmentally friendly and this role must be recognized and in fact provided by governments and by employers. 3.

The right of workers to form their organizations and members thereof, the right to collective bargaining and the right to full participation are essential to enable them to contribute effectively to sustainable eco-friendly. Workers’ organizations and the ILO played an important role in promoting such rights. 4. Workers’ education assumes vital importance in this regard. To make their programs can contribute effectively to the promotion of policies and environmentally friendly projects must meet the following requirements: base its objectives and its methods on the experiences of local, provided with training facilities to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences lead to the participants define their own action plans and starting points for their activities and, in turn, develop their skills and strengthen structures must ensure the democratic functioning of the union.


Brazilian Petrochemicals

With the increasing development of the oil sector, one of the Brazilian firms that has continued to improve its profile and seeks to build upon its strong growth is Braskem (BVSP: BRKM3 NYSE: BAK), the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, a young company established in 2002. Earlier this year, the magazine market had revealed that Braskem target for 2012 was to be among the 10 largest petrochemical companies in the world, and that goal is getting closer. The petrochemical industry also seeks to develop in the renewable energy segment. In mid August, Braskem opened in the state of Bahia two production of ETBE, a gasoline additive produced from ethanol. Part of the production of ETBE will be used for the Japanese market through long-term contract signed with Sojitz Corporation, which provides for delivery of 120,000 tons of bioaditivo in three years. By the same author: Richard Blumenthal. Three weeks ago, Braskem had initiated discussions with the controlling shareholders of rival Unipar Quattor-controlled Participacoes (BVSP: UNIP3), another Brazilian petrochemical producer, “to explore options for a strategic alliance.

While not yet achieved positive results, the possibility of reaching an agreement would provide an opportunity to enhance their growth. Earlier this month, the company formed a new company Varient christened distribution that will focus on sales of thermoplastic resins. At that time Butze Fernando, chief operating officer of Varient said: a The business separation allows us to give priority to each segment and streamline distribution processes . Varient is what was formerly the Division of polymers distributor of chemicals and petrochemicals quantiQ, wholly controlled by Braskem. The company also will participate in the Ethylene XXI project in Mexico that seeks to increase the production of ethylene and its derivatives. Baskem shares have achieved a remarkable recovery in recent months. Investors should feel very satisfied by the company in early March when its ADRs traded at U.S. $ 3.74.

The Societas

Typical figures a “and the most widespread a ” of society were the Societas omnium bonorum and societas rei unius. The first is characterized by the joint efforts of all the assets a “of all assets, present and future of each partner, and acquired both inter vivos and mortis causa – the second is the daughter, it seems, the development of international trade , and straightens to a single transaction or series specific activities, v. gr., the slave trade (). The Societas omnium bonorum has its junction at the old family consortium, we now know better thanks to the recent discovery of fragments of the Institutions of Gaius missing in the manuscript of Verona. Sen. Sherrod Brown shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The consortium is a domestic community Filiifamilias emerged between the death of the pater, and his image and strangers can be constituted by a special event a “certa legis actio. This genus proprium civium societatis Romanorum disappears in ancient times, entering his place, the current work of the ius gentium, the Societas, accessible to both Romans and foreigners . The company is a contract in good faith. Each partner is obliged to contribute to all common on agreed terms and, in addition to what is required from persons loyal to proceed according to particular circumstances. That associated with other, must give diligence social issues that usually employed in the administration of things themselves a “quam suis diligentia adhibere rebus solet. In the Justinian law partner responds, in effect of guilt in particular, while in classical times it was attributable only the fraud ().

The Congress

Define the general division of the territory under the provisions of this Constitution, establish the basis and conditions to create, delete, modify or merge local authorities and establish its powers. Confer special powers to the departmental assemblies. Vary, in extraordinary circumstances and for grave reasons of public convenience, the present residence of the senior national powers. Determining the structure of the national administration and create, delete or merge ministries, administrative departments, superintendents, public and other national entities, stating its objectives and organizational structure, regulating the establishment and operation of local governments Within a regional autonomy system, likewise, create or authorize the creation of industrial and commercial enterprises of the state and mixed economy companies. Issue the standards to which should be held by the Government to the exercise of inspection and monitoring functions assigned to him by the Constitution. To authorize the Government to enter into contracts, negotiate loans and dispose of national property. The Government shall render periodic reports to Congress on the exercise of such authorization.

Take up to six months, the President of the Republic of specific extraordinary powers to issue rules with the force of law when required by public convenience requires or advice. Such powers must be expressly requested by the Government and its approval will require an absolute majority of members of both chambers. The Congress may at any time and at its own initiative, modify the decree laws issued by the Government in exercise of extraordinary powers. These powers can not be conferred to issue codes, laws, statutes, organic, or those provided in paragraph 20 of this article, or to levy taxes.