European Crisis

The European Union is in crisis following the referendum in one of its least populated and Central members rejected his new (the Lisbon Treaty). For the Sun, the best-selling English-language newspaper, the Irish No should serve for the British Conservatives, that now duplicate the ruling labour in the polls, pressed to ensure that United Kingdom approved a referendum to repudiate such a Pact. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown. The not not only is driven by right-wing nationalist or anti-abortion but by leftists who oppose certain social benefits cut or Democrats who question the fact that the President of the EU will not be directly elected by voters. However, all 27 EU governments endorse the Treaty and want it to be ratified in 26 of these to compel that recoils Ireland. In recent months, Connecticut Senator has been very successful. When in 2001 an Irish referendum rejected the Nice Treaty the EU persuaded this island to ratify this Pact in another query on the grounds that in the single first voted 35% of those enrolled.

More, the current referendum has more legitimacy because There they covered 53% of the Irish. Other options would be to maintain the status quo seeking to go gradually passing some reforms by consensus. However, the core countries of the EU do not want to stop the March and could agree to reach different levels of unity within the EU or to seek to relegate to Ireland within the EU as a special semi-miembro.


The environment does not spend tanto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ material and to know that pra makes a good sociedade’ ‘. Other answers mention the question of the relationship enter the people in the work environment: ‘ ‘ I taste of the peace. Taste to arrive and to make my work and nobody me prejudicar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Positive, I do not know as well as explaining, but positive it is, for example, everything what I am making there and am trying that, I am trying to learn optimum possible. Then I find that this is one positividade’ ‘ ‘ ‘ the relationship is ok. It never had problems with ningum’ ‘. Amongst the pointed aspects as negative, many are mentioned to the relationship between the cooperated ones, and are expressed of diverse forms: ‘ ‘ much people enter here without knowing what she is here. She goes to discover later that she is not what thought.

She is not what she was looking for. is a frustration there. He is rebelled and it deducts in the first one that aparece’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The professionalism inside is very complicated here because some question the way of to work of others. I am a neutral person. I have five years inside here already I do not put myself in the service of the neighbor. To arrive here on saying that the person is not working, that she is lacking, that she is arriving been slow. These are the points that I not taste.

Better President

The greater and better president of Brazil Robert Ramalho are Lawyer, Journalist, Public Relations and studious of subjects politicians do not have shades of doubts that president Luis Incio Lula da Silva is the president of the Republic most important that she passed for the Palace of Plateaus in the five hundred years of our history politics, social, economic and cultural. Its way to govern pleases to all the Brazilians. From there its great popularity, mainly between the northeasterns and oldest. Currently according to research justinian codes its popularity reaches a 78% level (seventy and eight) percent, index that none another president of the Republic reached in all the times. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. Beyond the investments in public health, agriculture, commerce, cattle and in the industry, its government if detaches in the social area with the social programs Stock market-Family and the Proune. I can in the filiar future me to a contrary political party, but Squid was and is the biggest president who Brazil already had in all its history.

Been born in the interior of Pernambuco, Squid was for So Paulo where if it became metallurgist and time later established the party of the workers in 1980, being its president. After three frustrate attempts when the president of the Republic was candidate, losing respectively for Fernando Collor, and Fernando Enrique Cardoso, finally defeat Jose Mountain range of the PSDB and becomes president of the Republic, being later reeleito winning Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB. Now, when its candidate Dilma Rousseff launched for the Party of the Workers having with vice-president the peemedebista Michel Temer Squid is finally obtaining to transfer votes to it, demonstrating all to its prestige politician with all the social classes of the society. Jose Mountain range that still has little time led all the research of vote, being successful Dilma Rousseff, also in as the turn with recess, now sees its superiority to go mainly for water below with the vertiginous growth of the candidate of the Party of the Workers, that also in two research wins recent it, in the first turn. But still he has much soil for the front and the two candidates still are embolados in the way of field. He goes to be fight of great dog in the final straight line. He will be successful what he will have prepared more and he will have better proposals for the country. But she will be president Luis Incio Lula da Silva who will more make the difference in the final straight line with its prestige politician each time in high, being respected in such a way for the elites economic politics and, as for the middle class and mainly the poor person who it helped sufficiently during its government.

Writing Japanese

Japanese words used to display characters. Hieroglyphs can be of two kinds: kanji (Chinese characters) and Kana – a system of syllabic characters – each character indicates a syllable words. When writing the Japanese have traditionally cause the text vertically. They begin to write at the top right corner and driving the line down. Now came another style, similar to how they write in all European languages – a line starts at the top left corner and the text written horizontally, left to right. To broaden your perception, visit Ohio Senator. Historically, that first appeared in Japanese writing system of kanji came from China around the fifth century. This system is very complex due to the large the number of characters, each of which anything stands in contrast to letters of phonetic writing. Until 1946 kanji characters were so many, he was this year the Japanese government has restricted them to 1850 pieces (breathtaking number for the Europeans)! Then in 1981 it was increased to 1945 pieces and became known as the list of kanji – kanji for everyday use.

This list is being studied in primary and secondary school, and this list used in the media. In addition, the kanji characters that much, they also have at least two options for reading: Japanese and at least one Chinese. Richard Blumenthal addresses the importance of the matter here. And if the character got to Japan a few times – at different times or from different Chinese dialects, the options for reading it will have a few. Example. Japanese character kanji that indicates the go can have three options for reading Chinese! The second writing system – cannabis, has been created Japanese for about ten centuries ago. In it, each character defined style and displayed a sound that has no independent meaning (as opposed to kanji characters). That is, are very close to the phonetic European letter.

But even here the Japanese decided to complicate his life. They have gradually developed two species overlap, syllabic characters – hiragana and katakana. Duplicate – this means that the same sound, depending on the type, may displayed differently. However, hiragana and katakana find their individual niche in the Japanese language. Hirgana mainly used in conjunction with the system of kanji kanji. Kanji kanji designate the continued portion of the word (the root), and hieroglyph hirgana record finished, for example to indicate the tense of the verb. Katakana is used to display the words taken from Western languages: English, German, French, Russian, etc. And all of it: kanji hirhana and katakana often coexist in the same sentence! But that's not all! In addition to these types of writing in Japanese and Latin letters are used – to refer to organizations: Sony, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, etc. Truth used this pragmatic acceptance by the Japanese in the event that the names of organizations are used in advertising. And of course you can not say about the popular Japanese art of calligraphy, the sources also departing to China. As there, the art is beautiful draw characters very much appreciated in the country of the Rising Sun.