Presenter Fernando Lion Speaks

Looked for the reporter Joo Wilson to say on the accident occurred in the Interior of SP Lion, it says that what had published on ' ' briga' ' it is not truth, I did not fight still more with nobody with drunk, but he is thus same still distort the facts had said that it also leaves irritated is not truth, same in the damage leaves giving laugh, when it said that I would be imprisoned for stopping in the way of the street not aguentei, only drunk to say this, I said! I arrest the lighthouse not, and I gave laugh I came back changed of car and came to So Paulo, but already I ordered to arrange is ready, asked on the Politics, R. Mr. is not same Candidate the Member of the house of representatives? Lion, I am not, now I go to leave the PTB, filiar me in another party and to leave candidate Mayor de Carapicuba in 2012, even though very premature to speak on possible candidacy I have exactly is that to take care of to work, and who knows later thinking about future politician, not necessary of this, R. Mr. return with the program in the television? yes with total certainty I I come back, R. has forecast when return? Lion in the month of September provalvelmente, R. in the NGT? Lion yes in the NGT is my house (laughs) to it there finishes of this interview I Reporter Joo Wilson in the trick said Lion goes to pay the lunch? Lion answered, ' ' we do not go to say in this subject for am of Jesus Christ ' ' if paid you nis go (it was many laughs) but finished it paying rsrs, you thank Mr. Fernando Lion, were very likeable received, well, demonstrated me very to much affection and humildade..


Companies grow, develop and consolidate itself! The dictatorship is the world’s most natural and oldest rule form, with religious leaders and political demagogues with their ideologies. Everyone, even the modern computer players, tends to be dictatorial, autocratic decisions – if necessary before long majority decisions. That’s why many young sitting like on the PC nobody makes them rules! * human brains work analog (pictures, sounds, re actions) and below digital (letters, numbers, etc.). Analog true perception and decision, as well as digital grounds. Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. People think first of all in the categories of growth and quantity as well as quality of development. Natural (open) systems are hierarchical semi-autonomous self-organizing functions and methods (sustainability) and rankings (hierarchies) and distributed networked Heterarchien. Cultural (closed) systems are dictatorships or democracies and so on analog archaic and ignorant at the level of suckle animals.

With increasing People behave more civilized evolutionary innovative school education. Stupid people (peasant shrewdness, instincts) dance and ask the ancestors, spirits, Angels, and pagan gods for the next rain. Smart people drill wells (education, reason, intuition). Each species lives in a precedence: the alpha (?) to the Omega animal (?), usually divided into males (leading Wolf) and females with young. Animals compete in the 3 areas of the drive: food, mating and territory.

Every man lives ever more dimensional: in the semi-autonomous analog world of his body as emotional suckle animal controlled conversion circuit: decision, off election. AND being digital-rational reason driven value chains: grounds. People live in 2 global worlds: real (bio physics, body) and IR-real (meta physics, soul, and spirit). A natural cognition in contrasts as bright and dark results, pro + contra + neutral. This people have created cultural good and evil philosophies as well as the primary logic, or, and not. The worlds in which we life: Besides the conscious digital neuro physiological true perception of space-time dimension (= matter = energy information) we live constantly in the first, un-ter conscious analog dimension.

Regional Environmental Commission

Before the information which appeared today in various national and regional media, based on an official statement of HidroAysen containing wrong information, the Patagonia Defense Council clarifies public opinion as follows: 1. the decision of the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of first instance of the Court of appeals of Coyhaique, which rejected the appeal of protection on September 27, 2008 by Marcelo Castillo Sanchezlawyer of the Patagonia Defense Council. Read additional details here: Rep. Charles B. Rangel. 2. This appeal is directed against the agreement N 0101 / 2008 of 28 July 2008 the Regional Environmental Commission (Corema) of Aysen in which this organism did not give regular course to an earlier administrative request that was requested to implement the environmental treaty between Chile and Argentina in 1991 and article 5 of its specific additional protocol on shared water resources between Chile and Argentina, which contemplates that shared water basins should count with a General Plan of use, instruments that do not exist in the case of the basins of the Baker and the Pascua.En that resource was sought from the Court of appeals of Coyhaique: to) rescind the agreement N 0101 / 2008 of 28 July 2008 the Aysen Corema. b) instruct the Aysen Corema that give regular course at the request of the lawyer Marcelo Castillo Sanchez, dated July 17, 2008, initiating, directing and finalizing the respective procedure, in accordance with articles 28 et seq.

of the law N 19.880 on administrative procedures. This, with the object that are met effectively referred international standards in the environmental assessment of the Aysen hydroelectric project. licking through. 3 Date of December 11, 2008 the Court of appeals of Coyhaique rejected cited resource protection, ruling that was appealed by the appellant before the Supreme Court. 4 Date February 9, 2009, the Supreme Court declared that he confirms the judgment appealed from eleven last December. 5. The judgment does not it emits no further judgment on the project, it does not refer to the admissibility of the environmental impact study nor to its approval.

Civil Policy

I am not worried ' ' s' ' with the silence of the good ones, nor with ' ' Ekkipp' ' that it commands our destinations, whose directive determinismo and the magnificent one of the power for some creates a compound of fleuma and fingimento before a surrounding reality. Neither, I bind ' ' s' ' for the bajuladores of planto, that lose when snarling or to esbravejar of ours pajelanas wants for the cantos wants for done miditicos files of legal documents-falantes ' ' xupiniquins' ' rescuers of the native land. Also, I do not bind for those (as) that they teimam in if infuriating with ' ' outros' ' , before the passivity and the lack of strategical projects/planning. Nor I give to the minim, as said before, to the wrong choices that our pairs had made throughout the time, to start for accepting ' ' throat-baixo' ' our institucional retrocessions, aditivado for the lack of vision of future of our controllers and the total absence of resistance, since we are all victims of one ' ' xistema' '. In the same direction it passes, to the plaza to only ask me why ' ' involumos' ' institucionalmente? without precedents in history – especially during government LHS, although ' ' Delhegados' ' to have (and they continue being ' ' cooptados' ') occupying ranks ' ' xaves' ' in them you command and managements of the mother ' ' PC' ' , coexisting the privacy of the power and the proximity politicians of ' ' alinhanas' ' that they are succeeded to each quadrinio. Other questions, so done without for ours ' ' lderes' ' , as ' ' subsdios' ' , ' ' career jurdica' ' , ' ' TCs' ' , ' ' BOs' ' etc, also is predestinold to ' ' enhesquescimento' ' grace of its intrinsic volatileness and far ' ' andradeiam' ' or they consist of the order of the day, had been only used as new ' ' factdix' ' , reason because I ignore also them.

Word Society

Above the shoulders, in addition to the stake of labour, there to carry the light of hope, next to the fountain of dreams, because if we don’t weave dreams, we will not be human. The humanity is much more than a phonetic Word. Much more than a sound and action. We are sensitive fragility, feeling that loves and expected to be loved. We are gentleness and ferocity, compassion and weakness along with the mistakes and the successes but we aren’t anything when we no longer support each other to achieve the common good. The crisis, in rich countries, has caught us unawares while we portrays in damn idols lathe and heard voices of sirens.

The rich today are richer, and the poor back to savor the poverty of lacking the rudder that will take them to fruition. The ambitious, originated by a narcissistic society and economic crisis has left bare moral poverty. Because anything else is not, that immorality, the batches fortunes of many political leaders under the umbrella of social discourses. This crisis in the world today it is cannot be baptizing with many names and find him hero, who you blame all evils come, but the vicissitudes must leave with rationality, and not banalities. The people of the ordinary peoples, continue filling the streets, going through them like scattered flock. From above, maquillaran their ways and their numbers so that they fit in the Windows of social networks, but when the hungry is no longer a photograph and thievery us stomach, is likely that passivity becomes in protest. Us will hurt both our meat, which dragged the price to be paid also to those who still have not bitten dust from the despair of unemployment and the destruction of collective wealth.

Play to putting your head under the blanket of deception can leave us so bare as the King that they sold a non-existent dress, and he believed by conceited and superb. Says, the moral of the narrative, as a child in his natural intellect, denounced the deception, exposing the folly of that society where rogues thriving. Tales and their morals continue to apply, remember that their teachings are ancient and are counted in all cultures aside from Governments and States. Peoples and its people they deserve the respect they give themselves. Nothing is eternal, except God, even today, despite the technical and scientific advances. A society without ethics is opening the door of his extermination.


A student asked me: teacher, by who will you vote in the upcoming presidential election?. Replied: imagine that you are at a party, but all the girls are frankly horrible and to make matters worse none know how to dance. With what bailarias? I think it more likely end up abandoning the party. I write this from Germany, I left the party. I have not changed my address and therefore I cannot vote.

But if it could do so, it would be very difficult to choose between two bad alternatives presented. The white vote sounds tempting. But I think that a President who first reaches the power is better, because he would just learn to steal, while one already passed by the Presidency already it has extensive experience in that field. We’ll see with expectation as it gives the famous debate prior to the second round, we will hear the long list of low blows, insults, prejudices, stereotypes, banalities and platitudes to which we are accustomed in the Peru politicians. When developing my work of motivational speaker in the Peru, me is very difficult to motivate the unemployed despite being very well-trained crash every day with the reality of not finding a job. Happy mortals who hold a job very well know that salary does not reach and housewives have to perform miracles to stretch money until end of month.

Voters in the candidate that did not pass to the second round, for the second time mostly living in your bubble of comfort, surrounded by electric fences, alarms, video cameras, security guards to keep away the dispossessed; for them it is easy to say that success is just a matter of will. That the poor are poor because they want to be it. That everything is in the mind, which can reach a star, if true goals are set and work to achieve them.