Medicine And Politics

THE MEDICINE OF THE SAME IS THE POSITIVE ON THE NEW TIMES ….. “Political philosophy that maintains the rule of law,” ascetic theology Spirit. The meaning to the word spirit = spirit suppose this means that theology is itself involved with reality, a reality that certainly is not limited to what they study physics, theology is literally the study of God that I am mentioning all this not a particular finding, are the negative aspects identified by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the statement mentioned, “Libertatis Conscientia” and that is the best synthesis of the negative aspects of the TLM wrong with risks of deviations that are “ruined” the statement reads, “for faith and Christian life.”

The best philosophers and theologians never agree, everyone believes to be right and is an abyss which separates these two theories, but we have the concepts of each of them, without them realize, we can ensure we’re talking about the same, strange as it seems, even with a flat refusal of each of these areas .. philosophical (psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, sociologists, doctors, science, physics,) have reached the conclusions that the evil of all evils is! STRESS! today it is argued in any office in the world that is an epidemic, the decreased resistance extres as low hinmunologico system at the rate of high levels of extres, but people ask is stress? is the consequence of a globalized world in which people are forced to extreme living standards for membership and be in the regulatory status of life that requires the world irrespective of social status that we want to preserve ….

First Voting Community

The first voting community from the cloud Voycer technology allows new community SocialVOYCE, the latest product of the technology provider Voycer is an innovative white label solution with each Publisher can build its own community. Voting approach of the community can be user-generated content generated, gained valuable traffic and realize new revenue models. Munich, 10.12.2012. The Voycer AG has developed a SaS solution that will allow any Publisher to build an own voting community. By ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital platform was responsible for is the first online offering, on which the new social media technology is used. Social voting, allowing the user to create directly on offering even voting online and to spread its networks are the core of the white label solution, which is used on

This consumer-to-consumer approach brings a piece of social media on its own offering. The idea behind it: Users can create a voting on a topic, which just deals with them and invite friends from their social networks to the vote, which in turn takes place on the Publisher website. Users from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and co. back on the business pages are out. So, higher coverage and new marketing approaches can be realized. The concept has been tested on This showcase platform shows that between 80% and 90% of new visitors from the social networks the creator of voting.

Individual voting could collect about virality in just a few days tens of thousands of votes. In contrast to popular community approaches such as forums, the new technology promises a high interaction. The issue of voting mainly aims to provide not only a discussion among the existing members of the community, but the community to animate, to invite their networks also to the discussion. Social polls as SaS / cloud services are exciting in many ways for the online market. They offer a new evaluable form of user-generated content and provide relevant traffic. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Deliver voting communities with target group-specific sponsorship, Meinungstargeting and company profiles new revenue models with a high ROI. In addition, an access to opinion leaders is granted and allows opinion analyses and Trendforcasts. We are looking forward with the SocialVOYCE publishers for the first time format with high virality and new evaluation options in the big data segment to offer a content. With this innovation will experience a thrilling start to the market”, so Michael Nenninger, CEO of Voycer AG. About Voycer the Voycer AG ( is a provider of innovative social media technologies. Core technologies are social voting, providing consumers the possibility to give more weight to her voice. SaS solutions are developed for different social media applications that can be embedded on portals, sites, shops, or fan pages. Mid-2011 the social was taken shopping BestCHOICE solution on the market, the community solution, SocialVOYCE was launched in November 2012. About ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital ProSiebenSat.1. 1 digital responsible for the online and video business, as well as the strategic areas with close connections to the TV business such as mobile and HbbTV. In the online environment, the company bundles the transmitter sites,, and, and the video community MyVideo.