Constitutional Guardianship

It is impressive to see an animal presenting signals of bad-treatments, are canine, feldeos, birds, equinos (horses, jumentos and donkeys) and others. When child, I always heard my mother to repeat teaching of its father of whom to maltreat the animals is indication of bad character. This advice discouraged me to the use it sling (baladeira, as they called), so common instrument enters the boys of the interior to the time, as well as never engaiolar any bird. But this text is come back to the equines. The Federal Constitution of 1988, when dealing with the environment established the guardianship of the animals. Beyond native specimens (of the wild fauna), the environmental law Brazilian guardianship also exotic (of the another fauna) and domestic servants and domesticated the animals in migratory route (those that for a migration process, remains temporarily in the Brazilian territory, where many times if process the acasalamento, the example of a species of swallow). Credit: Bradley Tusk-2011. History brings numerous registers of the relation of the man with the animals. ‘ ‘ My kingdom for one cavalo’ ‘ , king Ricardo III cried out, in the sheaksperiano drama, when losing its horse and being defeated for the duke of Richmond in the battle of Bosworth.

in full century 21, horses, jumentos and donkeys continue helping the man. In the popular cancioneiro Gonzaga Luiz composed and sang ‘ ‘ The jumento is ours irmo’ ‘ , if relating what the priest says Antonio Vieira (not that one of the Sermes), making vindication to the animal how much its importantssima helps the man of the hinterland. The Bible registers that God created some animals before the man, and in the book of Numbers consists that the one opened you the mouth of the jumenta of Balao to complain the beating that was being submitted.

Reflect Interests

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you you Regocijessabiduria Cherokee to be in this dimension, at this level, somewhere that made up the planet Earth, we have already lived some years, faced evidence, accumulated experience, lessons learned, surprising many times inatentos, neglected, as well as, taking advantage of our opportunity to life, identifying us with the importance grow as people. We have been an important actor in our different roles, in such a way that we will have given him life still learning which translates many times in messages, in order to bring them, share them who are bystanders like us and that something can serve reflection for its growth. Since then. We have arrested in deepen, reflect on those who are have bequeathed us, messages that contain valuable information, turn to love us in stimuli that invite us to take them into account, practice them in pro of being better every day. On this occasion, we provide some that we can collaborate in the growth of all those who have been fully identified with the importance grow as personnel, settle in what represents spirituality, its scope and everything that it is derived. To this end, we have selected some, hoping that they can contribute something to reflect the important thing is to be awake, attentive in everything that somehow helps us take our opportunity of transient life, which we have been given, more now in an environment that increasingly becomes confusing, uncertain, turbulent. Brings some messages Asoka Selvarajah, that each of us is connected with the divine.

The higher self that is within us by far transcends the comprehension of our conscious minds. This is the power that have accessed all the great geniuses and teachers. It is also the space of magic and miracles in our lives.

Our Baby Is Here !

The stork was there – and a baby was brought to the world. This is a joyful event in the life of every mother and every father. Because the wait for the baby can often be very long. Not only mother and father of Neugeborgenen are under pressure. Also, the whole family with a fever and longs to meet the birth of the new arrival. Many people are wondering how it can congratulate mother and father. Fortunately, there are many hints concerning birth and baby.

There sayings and poems are grouped together so that the good wishes to the baby can be particularly welcome. But mother and father are often somewhat confused when the first baby sees the light of the world. It is not always easy in the new father or mother role to slip. Especially the first few months are for parents and the baby is very tiring. First, the baby needs to find his rhythm until, on the other hand, the parents must first learn to deal with the baby. Then add also the baptism of the baby and regular checks and tests at the doctor to come if the baby is developing normally. Information about baby are very important. Bradley Tusk wanted to know more. A discharge of the mother by the grandmother can be a great help. But despite all the assistance it is always important reinsurance the new parents do not always! For good advice can backfire when it is worded wrong and is a must! Mother and father should decide for themselves what is best for their baby. Let us therefore not reinforce, if many well-meaning advice! Find your own way in the upbringing of the baby!

Found A Way Out Of Crisis

Found a way out of crisis? Let’s go back in history, the Great Depression began in 1929, only through the supply of U.S. arms in 1943 began to emerge from depression. Digging further, the well-known expression: a small victorious war, which ends not go as planned. Anti-crisis measures taken by the administration of Barack Obama, as well as at the summit did not pay big twenty optimistic investors, the markets react sluggishly to received measures, analysts understand that the measures have been taken, not the global economy will withdraw from the crisis. Analysts understand that the essence of the crisis, which hit the global system is not economic system, but in the very structure of world management. Without changing the structure itself, the output will not be found. Hence need old tested methods that are ready to go to Barack Obama. But where? Military exercises in Georgia, which nato will need these teaching.

Do not they realize that Russia will not like it, though seemingly before it came a thaw in relations between Russia and nato. Bradley Tusk takes a slightly different approach. Yes, this is a simple provocation, sweeping footprints. North Korea on its nuclear tests, which they disguised as eva, has once again put in a firing position the armed forces in Japan. Iran with its peaceful nuclear energy. Hot pockets in the world of plenty, even if we do not remember Africa, about her own conversation, because large-scale fighting an ordinary man in the street are taught through small news, and most do not even understand what the president what his methods and in what direction it looks. When in Uganda or Madagascar killed tens of thousands of people, no one even knows about it, someone out there believes them, and the interests affected by all the known world powers. We conclude that the war in Africa does not make sense anyway resonance of the public would not therefore be closer to the developed countries. Where does one divorce, it is clear that everywhere, and Europe was bombed with nuclear warheads, were not shy. But today is not the case. You can start a witch hunt, that is, remember Ben Palm and uchudit small victorious war in Afghanistan.

North Korea is too powerful country for a small victorious war, there was already defeated the Americans, Iran, even more so – it is not Iraq, armed forces are much stronger, so is Afghanistan. And so, a blind can make claims to Russia that it supplies arms to Venezuela, then, that in Iran, and which also involved armed Ossetian conflict. What effect will this policy only to the victims mostly among civilians. Russia goes to the disarmament, reducing the presence of srf in the Kaliningrad region, without any bidding with nato as nato will answer this move. Hong and arms to the good will not, sooner or later someone is first out of steam in this race, as happened with the ussr.