The debtor as soon as he sees that he can not repay the loan you need to write a letter to the bank: in the grave financial position of asking to restructure the debt or to appoint a meeting for me. The message should indicate the motivation of deferred payment loan, for example, job losses, lower wages, etc. Letter from the best send the notification, or bring it to the bank personally deliver the copy number of the incoming document. This debtor will protect themselves if the case goes to trial. 6. In any case not to be afraid of collectors, not to be threats and pressures, and solve problems based on knowledge of the law and their own rights. 7.

If the collectors come to your home, you can safely call "02" and call the police, particularly if they come to your house dressed in unintelligible form and poked you in the face of unclear identity. 8. No stranger to the apartment do not let while not in force a court decision. Operates on the principle: my house – my fortress. 9. If the debtor still opens the door uninvited guests, you should ask for id, even if in front of you men in uniform, and read it carefully. 10.

Ask the collectors to show papers, documents, under which they are required to pay them money. 11. Not to sign any papers that offer collectors. 12. When dealing with collectors try to use photos and video, as well as recordings that can be, if necessary, to submit to the court, will incorporate the basic materials of the case. 13. Keep records detailing the negotiations. Mark the date and time of each call, the name of the agency, the name of the interlocutor and the transcript of the conversation. 14. Report collectors minimum of information about yourself. Do not talk about the place of work, availability and storage location of the property. Remember that all of what you say may be used against you. Please Note: The social internet networks are often used to find personal data, including the debtors. 15. When phone calls and meetings of collectors with no attempt to soften his sad story – it is useless. Such tearful stories they hear every day. You upset yourself! 16. Remember that even if you paid your debt on bank loans, it does not exclude the possibility that to you can come and collectors for the same bad loans. Or vice versa. According antikollektorov, a possible confusion between the bank and collection agency is probably even. 17. Most importantly: contact lawyers to protect their rights, and collectors are likely to forget about your debt forever.