Despite the fact that most of the existing literature about the separation and divorce focuses on its emotional effects on the couple’s children, as well as the difficulties that entails, in certain cases, in economic terms for women, the truth is that you there is one growing interest by defining its effects on men. It has been noting that it is at the psychological and emotional level where the marital breakup makes greater toll among men, to the point that it is more frequent that these signs as the depression as a result of the same. Generally men are more reluctant to display in public or before other people feelings that invade them, preventing that they can thus externalize that suffering that afflicts them after their marital breakdown. This is the main reason why depression has a special impact on them. By following some tips you can avoid that it seizes you also, being able to progressively see you free of that feeling of deep sadness following the breakdown of your marriage: 1. do not try to of deal with all the problems that could arise at the same time. These may accumulate and reach to overcome you, turning your life into something painful and depressing. You should begin to classify these problems in small groups so that they are more manageable and you better find a solution to them.

2. Try to focus on the positive side of your new situation. Divorce (or separation) is the end of something that was very important for you, but is also the starting point of a new life that could prove to be very rewarding. So looking for things and activities that could not perform while you were married and that your newly reopened singleness allows you to perform: activities with friends, trips, etc. 3. You set new goals. Men tend to be good trying to achieve goals that arise. It is always beneficial to have thing to do, and lead an active life.

In this sense, never let that the unwillingness or boredom you expire, because they could become prey to negative feelings. 4. Trafficking in look to the past in a way objective. Time causes a certain effect of distortion in all our experiences, and you might find yourself longing for that marriage that ended up becoming unbearable for you. It is good that you remember those happy moments next to your former partner, but keep present the reasons why everything failed. Not doing so you allow in your life a route of entry for depression. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article.

Carlos Drummond

' ' I am one sobrevivente' ' , it said. seemed that it tried to make what better wise person, until it I finish wire of its life, I finish it poem that it wrote (little before dying) was ' ' It chose to a Toucan morto' '. In it I finish year of life, after suffering one infarto, it saw its Julieta son to die cancer victim, it made what it to lose the direction to be in this world still, and twelve days after the death of its son, it comes to falecer of cardiac problems. It left unknown workmanships as ' ' Avesso of coisas' ' (aphorism), ' ' Lying young woman in grama' ' ' ' Natural&#039 love; ' (erticos poems that it kept in secrecy)? it has rumors not confirmed of that these poems were referring to an extramarital case that it had. ' ' thus is gone going the Drummond&#039 family; ' commentary of the poet. Same in the following years its death? until today? it still is remembered and homaged for entities as the one that created this project. That is, Carlos Drummond de Andrade if immortalized in history and Brazilian literature as one of the greaters poets of all the times. At last, as icon of of the Modernista movement in Brazil, and as great poet who is, Drummond is immortalized in the popular said ones, as in ' ' now, Jose? ' ' ' ' in the way way had it a rock ' '.

It literally lived to count what he testified of its experiences human beings and the transformations social politics and that the country faced, and with this dom poetical that in it if it disclosed since early, it created workmanships that had marked Brazilian literature, transgressed rules, and showed that poetry can be made of diverse forms. It denounced the injustice and if it disenchanted with ' ' justice comunista' ' , it lived, it loved, and the time all wrote, until its last moment of life, and same when writing that ' ' what you lose in living, escrevinhando on vida' ' in its chronicle ' ' Today not escrevo' ' it never could deny its vocation of poet and writer. Thus also as he never denied the love for what always he made. to study on the life and the workmanship of Drummond taught to me that it does not matter what we are, or as we live Most important he is yes WHO we are, and what we make therefore. To write on Drummond is of what the act not to study, is to acquire more knowledge on the history and the literature of Brazil, what this gift makes in to understand them a little where we live.


SUMMARY: 1. Antecedents. – 2. Definition. – 3. Matters that can be put under arbitration. – 4. The arbitration is an alternative mechanism of resolution of conflicts.

– 5. Legal nature. – 6. Classes of Arbitration. – 7. By arbitration agreement.

– 8. Notarial Protocolizacin. – 9. Value of the Arbitration. – 10. Statutory arbitration. – 11. Testamentary arbitration. – 1. ANTECEDENTS The main antecedents of the arbitration in the Peruvian positive right are the following: the arbitration was regulated in the Code of Civil Judgments of 1852, soon by the Code of Civil Procedures of 1912 of article 548 to the 582 regulating it like by arbitration judgment putting record that this Code in its article 1346 repealed the Code of Civil Judgments of 1852. Settling down in article 548 of the abolished Code of Civil Procedures of 1912 that all controversy, is or nonmatter of a judgment, can be put under the one decision or more referees. The number of these will be always uneven. In the following article of the same Code it established that the following questions cannot be put under arbitration: 1) The ones that turn on the State and the capacity of the people, the 2) referring ones to government properties, municipalities and other institutions of official character, 3) Those in which are interested the moral and moral convention. In the original text of the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 one regulated in separated form the Arbitration Clause of article 1906 to the 1908 and the By arbitration Commitment of article 1909 to the 1922. Later in Libro Second of the original text of the Civil Procedural Code of 1993 the Arbitration of article 841 was regulated and following, putting record that this Code in his First Abolishing Disposition repealed the Code of Civil Procedures of 1912, later and before this Procedural Code entered use the Decree Law 25935 it countermanded Libro Second of the Code in mention in which the arbitration was regulated and also it countermanded articles of the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 which it regulated the arbitration clause and the commitment by arbitration, later to this Law Law 26572 was approved published the 05 of January of 1996, titled General Law of Arbitration that in his First Final Disposition countermanded the Decree Law 25935.