A winner gets to see the forest in its entirety introduction very critical is the situation currently facing Venezuela in relation to its safety, economy, political instability, protests, discontent, anguish, despair by mentioning some aspects facing the Venezuelan. All of this leads to the importance of analysing the reasons for this, which are the causes, what really their self-esteem, the by which so much discontent. It says, rules and customs that they sometimes tend to be counterproductive are incorporated, the family, through the model society presented to us, and this is assimilated by all social groups. The personality of each, not only builds up through the family, but also, with what it believes that others think of ethics and with what thinks of herself, out of this environment and interact with people from another different group. Self-esteem, also is learning to love us and respect us, is something that is built or rebuilt by inside.

This depends, too, the family atmosphere at e! who we are and the stimuli that this gives us. Family violence victims and perpetrators have very low self-esteem, since on the one hand, the victim is someone to abuse without that this may put limits and do not realize that is being abused. On the other hand, the perpetrators outweigh inferior who feel, mistreating and abusing, in this case, a family member. CONSIDERATIONS, scope, impact seriously concerned when the national stage presents a negative climate, where violence, kidnapping, the disrespect, the verbologia still used by the President and other authorities leaves much to say in where discontent is becoming increasingly more and self-esteem of the Venezuelan is questioned. Certainly, that should not surprise us that the current climate is not favorable, even its President speaks to a war if necessary with its neighbour Colombia, all this leads to the need to investigate what is happening with the self-esteem of the Venezuelan, the by What’s this behavior, what has become of their self-esteem, where is its deterioration.

Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister

Carlos Mora Vanegas analysis, basic considerations the Chair of Commerce International in the Area of graduate of the program of the specialty of marketing of the University of Carabobo, cannot ignore such an event, for two fundamental reasons: to) as an institution of higher education where, as an actor in intellectual life, formation of professionals committed to the scenario economic, social(, cultural, represent a decisive role, reason why his opinion should be taken into account in everything that favours the development of the country and b) by their social responsibility to search for solutions to the serious problems that arise in the national territory, where its guidelines, proposals, opinions must be taken into account, taking into account which is a major player on the national stage. Is known that, during a meeting with representatives of the Andean bloc and the European Union, the Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, Pavel Rondon, ratified the measure announced by President Hugo Chavez in previous months, after the negotiations of their Andean peers with the Treaty of free trade (FTA) American. Venezuela officially, announced in Brussels, his decision to abandon the Andean Community (CAN) therefore, all rights and duties acquired by Venezuela in the CAN shall be without effect. With the disincorporation of Venezuela CAN all that remains in effect is the release programme, which will enable the country continue importing & exporting for five years. The only thing that remains is the release programme. This means that we cannot continue importing and exporting community for five years, unless a contrary decision is issued. Thereafter cease our rights and duties in the Andean Community. The decision to withdraw Venezuela from this integration mechanism that emerged as a product of the Cartagena Agreement, then becomes in 1969 Andean Pact and resurfaces in 1996 as the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) seems, at first, seen beneficial to MERCOSUR; but it is not so at all, since this agency is not just now at its best, since relations between some members founding or precursors are not very well; in the case of Uruguay, which complains about unequal treatment by the senior, while other members, in some way, partners they flirt with the United States; Therefore, this decision could favour some form to the American Empire, which is after the conquest of the FTAA.

Internet Telephone

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber loop) is a transmission technique which, applied on the telephone network subscriber loops, allows transmission over them of data concerning high speed. It uses higher frequencies that female employees in telephone service and without interfering in them, thus allowing simultaneous use of the loop for telephone service and to access data services through ADSL.comparativa ADSL. Asymmetry that characterizes the ADSL systems assumes that it offers greater capacity of transmission in the descending sense call (of the telecommunications network to the user) in ascending (from the user to the network). This makes them especially suitable for applications like access to Internet based on Web systems, where the volume of information received by users is significantly greater control commands generated in navigation.Offers ADSL. To access these new possibilities is necessary, first, that the local plant that we currently serves the telephone service has been endowed with media ADSL by the network operator. In the case of Telefonica Spain, S.A.U. being carried out this action through the development of a coverage plan, which has already reached most of its network access lines. It is also necessary that telephone service is us is paying through a conventional loop of copper whose characteristics allow the introduction of ADSL, which may experience difficulties especially in long loops.

ADSL news. Additionally requires that we have hired about this loop no incompatible with ADSL service, such as piped music, IBERCOM, Teletax, the network Delta, lines of backup, leased circuits (Frame Relay, IP core) or teletarificacion by means of impulses to 12 kHz. Subscribers to the telephone service of Telefonica of Spain, S.A.U. can hire services employing ADSL to other operators who, by making use of the means deployed by the latter, set up and marketed so both this company direct users their own offerings.Offers ADSL and calls. Moreover, other operators may also incorporate their networking capabilities of access based on ADSL, although only Telefonica of Spain, S.A.U., as the dominant operator of telephone service, is subject to conditions specific regulatory for it.