All Studio projects must be justified on the basis of a vulnerable population to which has been called the social background. Seeks d thus incorporate social components since the beginning of the project and identify nodes and connections beforehand, so that there is not only to swell the size of the libraries. 1.3 Public goods for the purposes of this work and in order to better understand the responsibility of the State in matters of prevention and attention of disasters, I now turn to one of the most appropriate and basic concepts. There are some goods that, or are not supplied by the market or if they are, the amount supplied is insufficient. An example is a large scale national defense and another on a small scale, the AIDS to navigation (e.g.

buoys bright). These are called pure public goods, which have two properties. First, it costs nothing else more to enjoy its advantages. Formally, the fact that an additional individual to enjoy good, has a marginal or null cost. It costs no more defend a country of one million and one person defend one of a million.

The costs of a luminous buoy do not depend on the number of ships passing through nearby. Secondly, in general it is difficult or impossible that you enjoy not the public good. If we place a luminous buoy at a rocky area that our ships can sail without danger, it is difficult or impossible to prevent others to navigate through this area. If State policies in the field of urban planning and disaster prevention can minimize the risks against seismic movements, we all benefit; It is not possible to exclude any person from these benefits (string: 1999). The security of citizens and their property constitutes a public good. The State is responsible for providing security citizen through the development and requirement of the compliance by its partners, policies to protect their lives and their property.


To be able to leave fingerprint on a specific audience, before will have to analyze how we perceive and decide if it is what we want to reflect, have a goal defined with a message clear, directed toward the goal and the ability to convey and engage our captive audience. And with this, you can succeed? My professional and work experience has revolved around advertising and corporate image design and now observing new trends in advertising, I realize that what is currently done with people, it is the same as with the products of emerging brands. In this whole process of creation of the automarca, On Line reflects the personality is essential. Internet is the showcase for global talent, and if you’re not in line with the new trends and create a Personal brand strong and defined, you will lose the opportunities that others will take advantage. Remember you are your own brand and the President of your own company and if clear that can succeed! If you liked this article, share it on social networks. And don’t leave without leave me your comments at the end of this page, I’d love to know that you’ve been here! Until next time!

Japan Silk

Do determine the profitability of a farm dedicated to the intensive production of silk cocoons for export under conditions of Zamorano, through exploitation of Bombyx Mori and Morus Alba specific:? Develop a broad research the way of life, power and life cycle of the species Bombyx Mori. Determine if Zamorano climatic conditions are favourable for the establishment of a culture of Morus Alba. IV. ANALYSIS?MARKET ANALYSIS AND MARKETING STRATEGY?N: to through this business plan seeks to produce silk of high quality for the international market, at a time thereby in an indirect manner helps to reduce the rate of unemployment at the level of the medium.

After investigating has come to determine that in the international market there is a great demand and business opportunity for both fibers of silk and Silkworm production (Bombyx mori). Today a new growing niche in the market is the production of worms Silk only for the establishment of plantations dedicated to sericulture. Countries such as France, Italy, Japan, Germany, China and United States are potential markets for the production of silk. According to statistical data taken from the National Corporation for import and export of silk in China knows that the unit price of the raw silk is 20 times higher than that of the raw cotton (it is difficult to estimate the overall industry value, since the major importing countries lack reliable statistics of the finished products of silk). However despite these promising opportunities; We have investigated at the country level to determine that a demand for silk there is in the rough. Possible reasons are due to the low income of the population, the country’s economic situation, lack of knowledge and lack of technology and processes of transformation of matter. The business plan provides our company must apply as a strategy an indirect distribution channel of short type; in this case we We desempenariamos in a first stage the role of producer.


3) Eat every 3 hours: this is very important to remove the body from the State of storage but, attention! You must eat the right foods because if every 3 hours eat candy, far from benefiting, we would be threatening our health and our weight. In addition there is another advantage, incorporating light foods such as fruit, the energy that the body uses to digest these foods ends up being greater than the energy that gives us. This way we maintain appetite controlled and more important still, we achieve our objective. (4) Drinking water: drinking the indicated amount of water according to our weight helps to eliminate toxins from the body that will make us feel much better but also will allow to control our weight, Yes, oddly enough, so, many people confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger pangs, giving body food that does not need and pushing the body to the retention of liquid by water scarcity. (5) Exercise: at this point I am sure that many people will say that you care not for nothing do exercise, so here there is a little secret of because it is necessary to perform physical activity. When we practice a sport or do gymnastics, in addition to involve an energy expenditure, our muscle mass is increased and naturally the demand for energy to keep this muscle mass increases.

This way you can eat a good amount of food and our muscles are responsible for using it, rather than stored. Therefore, we will have a double effect, on the one hand, will spend energy doing physical activity and on the other, the fuel consumption that our body needs also will increase, allowing us greater freedom with the food we eat. However, you must be careful because if we carry out physical activity and then increase our food intake in a disproportionate manner, we can end up increasing weight and therefore fill us with frustrations. Why this key you should add the above. (6) Know what we eat: is very important to have the knowledge of food components and what effects they have on our body which are. Many times we believe that we are eating healthy but that is not reflected in our weight.

The reason lies in our lack of information when choosing food suitable to our needs. I assure you that if enquires will be many surprises. For this reason I want to recommend a video and a book done by experts in the field that will help them lose weight eating. You will find it on the blog.

Colombian Earthquakes

Towards the South and up to 350 kilometres, causing further damage earthquakes have occurred. Bogota has been partially destroyed or damaged not only by distant origin earthquakes but also by movements originated in the vicinity (ANDRE: 1884). In relation to the inherent to disaster prevention and environmental management activities, it is inevitable to conclude that in Bogota have not existed coherent inter-agency organizations to carry out these activities. On the other hand, presents a dispersion of entities that from different sectors and at different levels have been exercising one or several functions of management or control of factors of risk and environmental deterioration. The geologico-geofisico model of the urban perimeter of Bogota and its surroundings ((is conformed by two sub-basins: 1) the Western, located towards the Northwest, 2) the East, located inside the urban perimeter and branched in its northern part by the hills of Suba, giving rise to two secondary sub-basins, one the the western part of the hills of Suba and another between these and the eastern hills (BERMUDEZ: 1942). Scientifically in Bogota three major seismogenic sources are clearly defined: 1-.

It corresponds to the subduction zone of the Pacific coast, which is significant only for some parts of the subsoil of the city response characteristics. 2 Corresponds to the front source of the Cordillera Oriental, which is dominant in the case of the city. 3 Corresponds to local sources even though the seismic threat for Bogota does not correspond to extreme values in the country, the risk is because of the high degree of vulnerability of its buildings, which until a few years ago were built without taking into account the criteria of sismo-resistencia. The designed buildings and built before 1984 are highly vulnerable; This has been proved during the occurrence of low intensity earthquakes registered in other regions of the country (BALTA: 1926). The main reason is that prior to the implementation of the Colombian code of Sismo-resistencia, there were no clear requirements on earthquake-resistant materials, design, and techniques. The incorporation of the concepts of development and socio-economic and physical planning, as well as the active participation of the communities, is still weak in most district agencies responsible for disaster prevention.

Tres Cantos Business

Just as it happened with cars, many offices no longer buy but are rented to reduce costs start of business. A new trend is to establish the Office in a Loft. According to Wikipedia a loft, loft or Gallery is a large space with few divisions, big Windows and very bright. The Lofts are often built in industrial areas to meet the demand of enterprises and entrepreneurs, to provide temporary offices and facilitate the start of new projects, without the burden of definitively extend its facilities. To improve communication, it is also frequent that rented offices in these spaces, type of lofts, close offices or units and offices of its main customers. Innovation is key to competitiveness, and even more so in today’s global markets.

New knowledge are not only generated via research and technology, but also through new solutions in the field of marketing and management. A better traceability of the processes defined in new activities, new ways to follow the behavior of consumers, greater efficiency in the way of doing business, etc. To remain competitive, Spanish companies have to give opportunities to new ideas, to the new values that emerge in the market. You must listen, give opportunities, risking helping young entrepreneurs, to realize the design of a new theoretical work. It is motivating to know the existence of competitions opened by pioneers in the world of consulting, new ideas, encouraging participation and expose new business proposals.

The fact for a jury to assess these proposals and to publicize the concerns of future generations is a sense of optimism, of fresh air, create entrepreneurial muscle, quality essential to tackle the new challenges that a changing society needs to give coverage to the younger generations that each year should be incorporated into the working world. And in the heat of these new ideas and as collaborators of the same, they emerge, as we have already discussed other sectors of support, provided infrastructure for the new project. The location, rental of Office loft during the time putting up project. These spaces have the advantage of being within business parks, place where the development of these new projects finds its breeding ground for success. Therefore, investing in research and technological development in order to adapt business models to the new challenges of the global economy and be better equipped to develop new products or services and sell them. To facilitate the new geniuses its work and all collateral tasks to your project it makes all the sense, and can qualify as essential aid, create environments friendly, easily accessible and close to the central offices, as they can be found in these Lofts converted into offices, to boost innovation (our unfinished) must protect intellectual property and support the entrepreneur. We support initiatives, enabling measures to the central Government, regional and local governments that aviven the sensitivity of companies and individuals to create new models of production, which will be key to maintaining a progressive growth and sustainable development. The new company, the new social and economic moment not be understood without profound changes, without structural changes and these changes will come from new ideas that have the capability and strength to realize their new innovative proposal. ENTREPRENEUR, you are the lever and Government and business authorities going to facilitate the support point. Among all the forces will move the Earth, toward sustainable progress.

Peru Communities

In this regard, are the elements of greater modernity and at the same time of exclusion and social inequality and economic that have characterized development exogenous (from a historical perspective) to limit evolutionary possibilities and processes of development of the indigenous communities. On the contrary, are processes of endogenous development that best correspond with cultural, territorial and environmental reality of indigenous communities and their evolutionary potential and current development. In this sense, we agree with what various authors indicate that endogenous development processes better express the compositional elements of the culture, structure and dynamics of interaction of indigenous communities with nature. However, beyond the formal respect its evolution evolutionary theoretical analysis, and the mythification, on the other hand, it has become of their relationship as a society. The truth is that they are currently populations which by their relative ability to Exchange and negotiation with the external field, mostly do not enjoy the benefits of so-called modernity and live in a situation of poverty, exclusion and relative isolation from major centres or poles of development featuring a series of shortages and low levels of quality of life. Movements and indigenous organizations in the Latin American context in Latin America indigenous peoples represent a significant percentage of its population (it is estimated that you between Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru are between 80% to 90% of the entire indigenous population of the continent, and addition that only between Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru between 15 to 16 million indigenous people). Despite this, they are populations that have been excluded from the processes of modernization and development driven by the Governments of these countries. And the global perspective of development follows perceiving them be as less evolved societies (so you are misunderstood within the modern Western conception of the nation-State). Many indigenous communities have been (or intended to) be subsumed within the framework of corporate and national cultures that today are perceived through the filter homogenizing of the Globalization.


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European Condition

Latin America, which extends between the banks of the Rio Grande, in the North, and the Tierra del Fuego, in the South, with its Caribbean and Central American world included, in its most diverse forms denominatorias, such as South America, whether under a geographical character, Patria Grande, if addressed to the common historical approach, and up to as backyard, if derogatory ethnocentric are going to sources; trembles today to the fullest with the chapter on the coup in Honduras, the third most impoverished country in the Western subhemisferio, as it has given him by calling to this corner of the Earth to the American taste in their eagerness to geopolitical feel apartheid and more identified with the European region. Who would run it to think, given that the logic invites us to consider these shudders as more probable if they proceed from disturbances in large countries, such as Brazil, or extremely important geostrategic, as Venezuela? But no, you see it: the cabuya continues popping by the slimmer, to use a saying of the homeland of Bolivar; or, to put it with an air of revolutionary Stampede on the ranks of the political right, the continent shivers by Honduran butterfly effect. Yes indeed, Honduras, country whose trade balance casts a negative balance of nearly four billion dollars a year, whose exports by 67.2% have as destinations the USA and their emigrants remittances constitute 30% of the income of foreign currency, in addition to being affected by almost 30% of desempleo. four or five families, together with transnational corporationsthey are masters of most of the lands. It is also a territory of American military bases. In mode one is disparaging to consider so poor country as the bearer of such significant effects, as if by poor condition did not have a specific weight on the plank of human passions. On the contrary, from the standpoint of being the country most straitjacketed by the Northern imperial claw, with all its capitalist and neoliberal, anchor allows us to say, first, that does not exist under such condition prosperous country or sovereign in the world and, second, that precisely for the same condition is extremely significant to feel it is symptomatic (in their mess) that the political right does suffer crisis of values and reacts at your leisure in the country’s rampant say so-projecting the dream reactive of all (extreme) political rights worldwide towards the continent.