Alka Seltzer

That emotion, in effect, turns; those who hopeful looked approach transformer leave it along the way and return to their habits of indifference. In other words, they materialize not the feelings that inspired them, they won’t vote, not running change, is diluted in what in this text have been called the Alka Seltzer effect. It is now a few surveys that reflect literally what should not happen. That is, it is not sure are fudged or that are made without the usual rigor. It is the moment of evaporation of the Tablet bubbles for digestion is so ephemeral that we are almost reaching the time to speak the impossibility of real and effective measurement of the electoral intention of a given population. Even if one accepts that a survey reflects a specific moment, this is not valid argument to reflect what is happening. One comes to arise if required elements conflictless incorporated into the old ways of determining the intention of voting or the complexity of the transition times becomes impossible mission advance to the results of an electoral consultation.

However, the economic future of the polling or its adaptation to a shifting time will be problem of stakeholders and planners of election campaigns and those who want to know the ins and outs of the electors to adapt to them the pursuit of support. The subject of this transitional period and the final arrival of the future Fund is the one that interests us. It is why happens, especially among youth, the Alka Seltzer effect, the underlying problem. Are they distracted quickly the objective of their political hopes, but we must begin by warning that they are as well in all aspects of life. Adrenaline burning appears to require them new stimuli every moment, not without admitting the existence of exceptions in those that remain on the attractive new approach.

Human Development In Venezuela

Carlos Mora Vanegas President Hugo Chavez before the statement continued, that should make all efforts to ensure that the Bolivarian Revolution reaches its basic objective of establishing a socialism of the XXI century, can not ignore what it represents in their plans, being careful with respect to all those strategies, investigations, actions, commitment that happened once and for all commitments of previous governments which unfortunately did not get the relevance, which is conducive to human development in the country. Our vision, rather than a political commitment, ideology, issues that deserve further analysis is to emphasize what represents human development, more in a contaminated Venezuela uncertainty, transition, facing changes to what its inhabitants were not prepared because its political history has never been imbued with a government of socialist tendencies. Human Development The term refers to changes that humans suffer throughout his life, as an umbrella term that involves the maturation the body, its structures and body growth, as well as the influence of the environment. Implies not only the growth of the organism, nor just the maturation of certain functions, but provides for the existence of certain environmental conditions that stimulate or hinder this development and at the same time, situations arise that human beings must face change or amended, resolve, adapt, transform and become part of this process of human development. / that the issue of regional and local development became more important in Venezuela as a result of the reforms on decentralization started in 1989. UNDP started in 1999 to validate a strategy for Local Sustainable Human Development (DHSL) that lasted for four years to 22 municipalities in Venezuela.

Congressional Politics

But if they accidentally slipped and said that they support one of the two. I take this opportunity to tell you something that I saw in my capacity as a musician: At one occasion I had to work by encouraging a meeting in a local district of Miraflores, and in that place I saw one of the participants at this meeting with two girls at once in one of the tables of the local. If I saw two ladies, smooching with the same man at once, what I can think of them? The gentleman mentioned was none other than Congressman Rolando Sousa. I do not know if Mr is married, single, widowed or divorced, but what if it is a show of this nature, it can not give a congressman in the nation. But that’s the mentality of Peru, Peruvian and if that comes to power, that they will react. I am quite sure that if we do a national survey to ordinary people, and we asked what is the specific role of Congress? They would not know that answer. And the main news is that generated by the Congressmen are sentimental scandals, transfiguration, influence peddling, personal discussions among themselves, etc. Starbucks: the source for more info. But they never tell us a story: A law was passed that will revolutionize the country, in a positive way (revolution in the true sense of the word)

That mentality instilled in our children to be “live” “Known” to tell them “if you do not, someone else will do, do not be silly” that mentality of wanting to benefit himself to every circumstance of our lives is manifested in all its dimensions when that person, comes to public office, and manages power within the state government of a country. Sadly we realize that candidates with more economic power, are those who have more opportunity to reach people with his lies and fights among them. Candidates with their money and that of others, can make millions in election campaigns, to use his brutal demagoguery against us. Candidates who come to power “naturally” were charged entire investment. Candidates in the depths of his subconscious, are the hallmark of children scarred for life: “Do not be silly,” “you have to be alive”, “you have to be able to succeed in life.” And to finish this article, I want us to do a question, quite apart from all this painful reality, but I think if you have connection with this: In countries that have achieved a high level of technology, like the U.S. and Japan, are you interested in soccer? “It gave them something in their technological development, put your interest in this” sport “? .


Granada enjoys excellent health with respect to the Flemish tradition. Sacromonte is the neighborhood of Granada Gypsies; There, through the centuries, Gypsy and Moorish traditions merged, making a unique art of Andalusian flamenco. So today, from backpackers in search of a cheap hotel up to politicians and Hollywood stars arrive there to amaze by their particular charm. Zambras, penalties and stages unfold the magic of flamenco most authentic and visceral, that particular treasure that book Granada to those willing to dive into his night and indulge in Sacromonte. In the Gypsy and Moorish tradition, traditional zambras take place in the caves of Sacromonte area. The Gypsy zambra takes its name from a baile-rito pre-nuptial of the Moorish granainos, forbidden by the Holy Office and aflamencado by Gypsies, who adopted it forever. Today, the caves of Sacromonte, the Flemish artists, usually several generations of the same family, mingle with the public to deploy their dances and their music, in festivities that extend until the wee hours of the morning.

The most famous caves, like that of Mary the Canastera, or the dew, enjoy prestige and popularity worldwide and attract tourists from all over the world. The main caves of Sacromonte, even offer packages of tourist bookings that include excursions, transfers, meals and, of course, the possibility of participating of the authentic Gypsy zambra. Lately, Sacromonte has incorporated the novel mode of hospedajes-cuevas, therefore it is also possible to make reservations of accommodation in the very heart of Gypsy art of Granada. The tablado name refers to the wooden planks that owners of bars placed formerly, as a stage, for the Flemish artists. In the Granada stages it flourishes today the best of this art, which is not terminated in the zambras. Lorquenas, zorongos, granainas and arrows are some of los palos (styles) typical Flemish of Granada that charms from the today already nothing poor tablaos enjoyed by the province. Granada is proud to shelter the flamenco Pena oldest in Spain. The silverware was founded in 1949 in the workshop of the silversmith Manuel Salamanca – hence its name – and currently receive to Flemish artists of Granada and throughout the country, although he works privately, through a system of memberships. The general public has access to the show, which can be accompanied with a delicious dinner in the restaurant of the penalty, the days Thursday and Saturday evening.

Alarm Systems

Every car owner cares about that its iron one has not suffered from illegal actions of malefactors. To do this, just need to use such an invention as a burglar alarm. From the title of this system can understand its purpose. Alarm gives its owner a certain signal in case of danger and allows to take action to prevent it. In this case, signaling can set as your home or summer residence, and for the garage and car.

To date, there are a variety of types of alarm systems having different response factor. However, whatever it was, the presence of this factor is always leads to the triggering signal. Over time, developers signaling realized that it is very important, where the signal is and how easily an attacker can gain access to it. After all, if a thief gets to the source and neutralizes him, then he would be able to leave the scene of the crime on your car. It is quite another thing when a signal can not be neutralized, because the attacker is difficult to find or get to it. In this case, the offender may abandon their plans, so as not to risk it.

The result of such thinking has become such a development, like a lock hood. What is it and how it differs from the normal castle? The whole point is that if you place the source in the hood, it is necessary that he be protected from tampering. Normal lock can not provide the necessary protection. This is possible only in case of a special. Usually, it comes with signaling. In this case, such a lock can be installed in two ways. In the first case, it can increase the reliability of their native element. In the second act as an independent element. Such a lock can be purchased at specialty store. Its cost is not high, but the benefit is obvious. Attackers have long learned to cope with many different systems of protection. Therefore, the protection of your property, whether a car or a house, requires integrated approach and think through every detail. In such matters as security are no trifles.


These performance measures created an administrative vice that focus attention on targets of boarding and not in control of costs or on the use of restrictions. Corporate managers believe that the company shipped more money that would have to follow other practices that focus on the restrictions. Unfortunately, extensive services to clients and productividad quality measures across the enterprise are hindered. This CEO intimately linked to production and achievement of objectives of a company, in this sense, the question of whether the company has a few goals or if you rather satisfies the constraints is purely academic. Objectives and restrictions go hand in hand, the objective of participation in the market, accompanied by a restriction useful in the short term, the goal of quality short term will be limited by a participation restriction in the market.

Resistance to change is a problem of the new paradigms, all members of the Organization are accustomed to the old models and tend to resist a new one that are above their knowledge. The paradigms about the nature of human beings and their behaviour at work, like the rest of the models have the advantage to establish borders surrounding the object of study, to try to explain how to resolve problems that arise within these limits with success. Eco-efficiency is an administrative culture that guides the business community to be increasingly competitive, promote innovaciones in their businesses and adapt their production processes to the needs of the market and the environment..

Franchises Entrepreneurs Day

Markarte attended the Conference held in Madrid on November 16 in nursery business with greater capacity of Madrid, located on calle Citron, 3 (Poligono avocado), on the occasion of the entrepreneurs, franchise and microenterprise development. Organized by AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of micro-enterprises), Barbadillo and Associates (consultants in franchise) and MadridEmprende (Ayuntamiento de Madrid). Having as content provide this key sector, processes, and strategies to achieve success in franchise development, all speakers participants gave his vision on the asset and the future of the franchise, its advantages and its current positioning in the market. By AEMME, Barbadillo y Asociados organizers both by MadridEmprende said the great future promising in this professional sector, where facilities and access to different areas of business by franchisors advocating a hotbed of very profitable for self-employment or for those entrepreneurs who want a minimal risk in their early. There are franchise low cost available to this group and that allow you to stay afloat in these difficult moments of the labour market for those who prefer to not sit and face this situation actively. We also conducted a presentation on the advantages of the use of new technologies to address effectively the development of this type of business.

According to Markarte, marketing agency and associated communication AEMME and experienced in actions for franchises agreed entirely with the absolute necessity of positioning the franchise on the Internet, successfully managing the business through the presence on the network. For this purpose it proposes a previous study of the sector in the online environment and developing a personalized strategy that combines different actions (website, blog, social networking, e-mailing, online communications, newsletter and the possibility of a management through intranets to franchisees) that provide an optimum management of the business. Was unanimous optimism about this type of business development, where both economically and facilities by some financial institutions such as Banco Sabadell (sponsor of this journey) in the unconditional support was motivated by the results obtained and the low default rate of the sector, mainly compared with traditional trade. Attendance at the Conference was a success and ended with a Spanish wine that made networking among all attendees.

The Differences Between Articles Of Silver And Other With Silver Incorporated Developed In The Advice Of The Association Spanish

Articles of silver in Spain. The difference between objects in silver, silverwork or goldwork, and silver blades incorporated into an object. There has been a debate in Spain in relation to articles of silver and those, usually from other countries of the European environment, or Asians arrive in Spain and they have appearance of silver because they are coated, welded or simply incorporate a sheet of silver, these last are those that in other countries receive the denomination of silver laminated or bilaminada and that in Spain cannot have this name because the word silver reserveslegally, to those articles that are really silver and not only incorporate a sheet of this precious metal. Any object can always marketed that it is perfectly clear and defined what it sells and what you buy. Articles that incorporate a layer of silver on resin, aluminum, steel or other material other than the silver and is not essential to its use, under the regulations in force, are not objects of silver and, therefore, its price, relative to the volume, weight and dimension of the object, is less so, the shopper can find an article that even carry a contrast or mark of 925 thousandths of silver and which, apparently by the dimensions of this product, seems to contain more money than another product andHowever, the price is lower than or similar to this other. Why can I happen? The answer is simple, the smallest product may be authentic silver while the apparent or large can contain only a sheet of silver. The essential legal expression for its use implies that, for example, a silver frame, contrasted with the law of alloy that certifies the brand’s guarantee of the Spanish State, requires a logical wooden stand and a glass. Such an object is marketed as a silver article.

However, it is forbidden to market as silver the same frame with the elements described that Add another element which is sealed, by any mechanism, a sheet of silver with a certain thickness. 1.-Can be brought into any object on the market provided that it does not harm the health and safety of consumers and complies with the legal requirements as set forth in the special legislation and where extra to it. 2.-Can not be marketed as silver objects, those objects that incorporate a layer of silver on a basis different from the silver, inducing to error.