Great Campina Ones

The blow of the monkey For Renato Ucha (educator) Teresina (PI) needs improvement in some services that are precarious. Garbage collection, absence of collectors in the region of the center, quarters. More, integration in the collective transports, (delayed approved). In Great Campina, city of the paraibano interior, the collective ones are integrated. Here, only in the paper. Urgent construction of worthy stops, with the withdrawal of woods. They speak in thirty. We need thousand.

It stops beyond the chaotic transit of the last years, streets and impassable avenues, flooded in the last and no longer next winter. They are examples. Several affirm that the absence of an effective planning of the city hall cause not the excellency in these services. Although boasted even in championship of visgo as the best ones. In if making critical contributions, the blow of the monkey: where of front for the adversary it jumps over its head buying at auction the same playing the two feet in the coasts. Teresina is the best city of the world pra to live, or to suffer, the choice is its, ours. After all we are all actors of this great tragedy and, for the elections that if approach they wait the blow. Nor all the monkeys will be in its twigs.

The gestada authoritarian culture in the period of the military dictatorship still becomes gift. Incrusted and enrustida in entire Brazil. The facisizao of and in the society if reflects, among others aspects, in the defense of the violence. Contanto that is for the children of the others: preference, death penalty. The advances in the public politics that minoram the situation of poverty of the kept out of society populations and open spaces for its cultural manifestations are visible in some areas. They need elastecimento in several. They are more than 500 years of social debt provoked by the elites who not if paid in an only stub-book. From there the courage in the option that if must make in the application of the public resources. Projects that effectively the legion of the disinherited ones absorbs historically predestinold to sleep in cardboard bed. The governing they need to understand that they are not kings. They are employee paid for the population, not obstante to think contrary. Finally, of some form, in some decade or century who knows, the depleted subordinate layers of promises will react to the enganao of the governing. It will not be of pacific form. In some states, for the total absence of these, crime leaves in the front. Already it imposes its laws, its territories, also in the airspace with falling of trees of helicopter of the policy recently in Rio De Janeiro. Without jury courts the sentence, for who goes to live or to die, is not published in the periodical of justice. Only the acknowledgment of the mass of seventh day. It is signed by air-15, many times at the hands of children adopted for the traffic. They would have to be in the schools. Meanwhile the deep silence of the intellectuals, to blow up the shame spandrels.

Electoral Schedule One

Observing the electoral schedule, that more seems hourly of mood is asked why in our country a law does not exist, where it can act as the one species of filter that determines lines of direction that the candidacy of somebody becomes apt. We saw doctors, colonels, football players, women fruits, singers, humoristas being that this last one characterizes the real period of training of ours politics. Not undeserving none of them for its professions, but what it takes in the majority of the cases a person to want to enter the politics? The will to generate jobs? To provide to the children an education of quality? To offer security, leisure, habitation? It will be? Or the chance that if has of ' ' to full bolsos' ' with easiness, to increase its patrimony the costs of that work sun the sun? This year we have something new. The project clean fiche. Perhaps with it diminishes a little the cases of corruption of the country (however I do not believe that it will go to be rank in practical here in my city), however to consist in the clean fiche does not mean in its totality honesty, much less that the citizen fulfills with its promises. It only means that it is not in debit with electoral justice, and that the dispute can concur. At last, one more time we will leave house, and we will give our future at the hands of that we find that they deserve.

As common voter, I ask for to the candidates a truce. That they try and I long for that they obtain to decide, or the least to brighten up our problems, problems these that all we know which are, education, health, security, habitation, basic sanitation of quality, situations that hinder a nation to follow ahead. I wait that the voter of this time has conscience of its vote, since to that they were in the power had not fulfilled its promises and that they steal money I publish, had been we ourselves we place that them there. Let us not commit error the same. That it deserves to that will have good proposals, that it has not passed ' ' negro' ' , and that the least seems to fulfill ahead with its debts of the people.

Fernando Enrique Cardoso

Together with this research of the IPEA the mamata was disclosed also that the government Squid offered to the bankers in only five years of government. A made survey enters 2003 the 2008 (period of the first mandate of Squid and beginning of as the mandate) evidenced that the Brazilian banks had had the biggest profits of all history. Greaters until the eight years of the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2002). Only in the period of March of 2007 the March of 2008, 18 searched Brazilian banks had presented a yield on the equity two bigger times that 94 North American banks. While the Brazilian banks had profited 21.94%, the banks of the United States had had income in 9,72%.Esta research of the IPEA display in the way most accurate the pr-imperialista politics it government Squid that is to flay until the bone the diligent classroom and the poor population while money rivers go to stop at the hands of the bankers and national and international capitalists. The humbug every day divulged for the government Squid on the growth of the economy and ' ' prosperidade' ' of the diligent classroom and the poor population, with the indices total invented of the research of economic growth, it is completely evident by means of the constatao of that the population is spending each time more to survive.

Already the minimum wage of hunger is not enough that the workers have that to receive still they are bombed with higher taxes each time. Together – to this all an offensive one of the government and the masters against the labor laws. Same more than paying to one tero of the wage in taxes the workers still is obliged to suffer with pssimas conditions from life as the lack from hospitals, doctors etc. what it is resulting in the epidemic of affection in all the Country, beyond the trashing of the schools and university, in the public transport each more expensive and inefficient time.

Organization Market

The birth of the market. The events market moves between 5,000 and 6,000 million euros annually in our country (according to the annual study of Group’s market eventoplus). The sector enjoyed an important push for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92. In that decade was lived a creative explosion and the proliferation of great events organized by institutions and companies. Events quickly became a widely used resource for launching new products and transmit messages. In this way, between the late 1990s and the beginning of the 00, events gained importance and entered into the marketing mix, becoming an experimental communication tool designed to appeal and communicate to all the senses of the audience. In this context, many event agencies were created and congresses and the DMCs (companies dedicated to the management of destinations) began to develop its offerings and expertise. On the other hand, gushed Convention and Venues Bureaus in different Spanish cities and there was a remarkable improvement in infrastructure, places and spaces for corporate meetings (palacios de congresos, auditoriums, meeting rooms at hotels).

Currently, there are more than a thousand agencies specialized in the Organization of major events (not counting activities such as dinners) and there are 25,000 professional event organisers in Active engaged in the Organization of events, agencies or internal departments of companies (not counting the millions of professionals working in the sector such as interpreters, hostesses, catering, audiovisual). The arrival and evolution of group eventoplus with the sector. With growth of the sector in the early 1990s and fed by the Internet boom in 2000, was born eventoplus as a platform to form, professionalize, unite, institutionalize and help the market and the early organizers of events. For his intimate involvement in the events, group market eventoplus quickly recognized the needs of the sector and since its inception has been launching various activities, which remain until (2000), the first Portal of events, which has more than 2,000 suppliers in 70 categories and more than 22,000 professionals subscribed.

CSR Company

In this philosophy are considered a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and programs that are implemented in the entire business operating process. usually with the aim of improving its competitive, evaluative situation, and its added value, resulting in direct correlation to It exists between the practices of Social responsibility, profitability and long-term sustainability. Therefore the Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) should be understood as the way of doing business that go beyond fulfillments of the legal regulations in force. In other form, what is legal should be met by the own rule of law, and CSR means doing business in a sustainable manner. I am referring to the ability of management and ethical values inherent in the administrative process, the essential elements of CSR: 1) transparency, 2) 3) accountability and access to information.

Of these elements, companies get greater benefits to become more attractive to clients and suppliers; for this reason, it makes them competitive and they can obtain higher profits, to provide to the customer what you need. Corporate Social responsibility prevents social risks that can be translated into demands, sanctions, excessive regulation Government, loss of image and market and can lead to the disappearance of the business, since companies are truly responsible ethical, social and environmental implications of their activities, products and services. Companies must begin to manage CSR., otherwise there will not only be a rule of law that punish it, but that the same consumers are responsible do so, because if the company sees in people a price, people will see the company its price; and it will suffice until a company with the same product, quality and price, change of supplier and because nothing promises them, nothing motivates them to continue contributing to the growth of a company which takes but does not contribute. The aim of Corporate Social responsibility? Strengthens corporate management through the implementation of practices and procedures of the company, its executives and other members in each of their relationships with all stakeholders (stakeholders) to: Conserve the economic success and gain a competitive advantage creating a good reputation and earning himself the confidence of the people working for the company or living near her.

Corporate Video

What’s the limitation of space has become a relative concept and not main character as it was until recently. For this reason increasingly more companies opting to hang corporate videos on its website. All we find it easier to see actual images in movement and listening to a voice that explains the origins, services and motivations of a company, rather than spend more than 10 minutes reading the same text content. In summary, the E-video is a format that multiplies the capacity of our webspace, since in one portal can transmit more information and communication much more effectively. In Audiovisual workshop we believe the message of the E-video, or corporate video for web, must be concise, clear and cut to the Chase.

The surfer is used to scroll through several pages simultaneously and stay in each one of them an average of less than min, therefore, if we want to capture their attention, it will be necessary to plan the efficiency of our video: creating audiovisual of short duration, which includes the maximum information, that this is narrated in a direct and simple manner, and to play with the images so that they are really attractive. Another trend beginning to succeed between the web sites of many companies is the creation of on-line TV channels. Company can dispose of different television channels, organised according to the different products or services offered and, thus, become a transmitter of a constantly updated information, news of its sector, developments in its services or even messages private customers, suppliers or employees. These channels require a continued work of editing content, being a virtually live video broadcast, and few are still producers able to give coverage to this type of production. In Audiovisual workshop we like being the order of the day in audiovisual technology and therefore we offer the service of audiovisual content for channels continuous editing of TV Online-our customers.


The corporate gifts that make both customers and employees are an important way to give another dimension to the personality of the business. It is undoubtedly a step forward in deciding about the idiosyncrasies of the company. We recommend a series of gifts and decoration ideas that insurance go you wonder to your business. The digital photo keychains are a very clever idea. A keychain with digital photo frame has an internal memory of 8 MB minimum, carry some 60 pictures and supports JPEG, BMP, and GIF files. With this gadget you can carry, teach, or share your photos wherever you go. And one of the best things about the keychain with digital photo frame is that you normally upload photos through the website where to sell them directly to the keychain and can send them to the person you want.

They are a great gift idea for companies. A guest book customized with the theme of your hotel or catering business or image, design, or message that you want. So your clients translate their impressions and to see views and greetings of other customers. Many restaurants offer them as wedding gifts to the new couples celebrating an important occasion in your dining room. A guest book is therefore an idea that insurance gives your business a personal and distinguished touch at a really affordable price. You can display the images you want for your company in a creative and exciting with leaflets and printed canvas multi-panel or posters of the same material, the difference is that they don’t carry frame. You can choose sizes in prints on multipaneles and design the best finish for your images. These ideas make sure your Commerce decoration is fantastic, and Moreover, at attractive prices. Another great idea is the wall paper, which gives an even more integrated image.