Being these (aboriginal peoples) incorporated to the civilization (modern society), they go losing its cultural peculiarities, through aculturao process. It is what one observes in a research ordered for UNESCO to anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro regarding the indians and whites in Brazil? where 87 aboriginal groups had left to exist, between 1900 and 1957. Moacir (mestization) and its descent had grown and if they had multiplied in such a way, that today he is not more the husband (Martim/colonizador) that ‘ ‘ mata’ ‘ the wife (Iracema), but also Moacir (the son) she succeeded that it in matricide. We leave of being colony, but she will be that we leave of being aculturados? How many if they do not leave to lead for mercantilistas literatures that dictate the form as if it must speak or even though to be dressed; what we eat is what really we desire? Where they are our roots? They had still made it and they continue making with/as the indians? Certainly between meeting and failures in meeting we look a way for rightnesss and searchs of our identity. If it does not have to forget that the literature produced in Brazil possesss paper of prominence in the culture of the country.


The integrational revision provides a more immediate method of applicability of the related study, aiming at to improve, each time more, the performance of the diverse areas of knowledge. It takes to construct us to it works where they present important article aspects of interests, using secondary sources for elaboration of a specific work, therefore it places the knowledge in the practical one, with more rapidity, it is mediate. The search of some articles takes it a research of relevance for a fast conclusion. ‘ ‘ The integrativa revision is a method that provides to the synthesis of knowledge and the incorporation of the applicability of results of significant studies in prtica.’ ‘ (SOUZA and collaborators, 2010). 2. REVISION INTEGRATIVA: THE IMPORTANCE AND ITS APPLICABILITIES. The integrativa revision provides a more immediate method of applicability of the related study, aiming at to improve, each time more, the performance of the diverse areas of knowledge.

‘ ‘ The integrativa revision is a method that it provides to the synthesis of knowledge and the incorporation of the applicability of results of significant studies in prtica.’ ‘ (SOUZA and collaborators, 2010). The integrativa revision, for excusing to the use of primary sources, since the contact of the researcher with study objects is not necessary, as patient or children, in such a way amplifies the practicability of the intention, ‘ ‘ allowing the inclusion of experimental and not-experimental studies for a complete understanding of the analyzed phenomenon. It also combines data of theoretical and empirical literature, beyond incorporating a vast fan of intentions: definition of concepts, revision of theories and evidences, and analysis of metodolgicos problems of a topic particular.’ ‘ (SOUZA and collaborators, 2010). In its main objectives, this type of revision ‘ ‘ he involves the definition of a problem, the search and the critical evaluation of the available evidences, the implementation of the evidences in practical and the evaluation of the results obtidos.’ ‘ (MENDES, SILVEIRA, GALVO, 2008).

Internet Computer

All the professionals who must produce or transact information by this means must be kind to that their yield is not decreased by the simple fact of not to have developed sufficiently their typing skills to approach the challenge to produce or to transact information in opportune time and without own errors of the handling of the language in which they communicate. There is several slope in the communication by Internet of which one is due to be pending, of way of not producing doubts of our professionalism; The young students in the educative field formation or qualification, that must give samples of the application of the acquired knowledge for which they are formed or developed, must present/display works elaborated by means of computer science means, reason why they require great typing skill and they can be safe of that what they produce or they transact with two fingers can quintuple it with the ten fingers and that can reduce to the run times or elaboration in the same proportion, which will affect its academic yield, everything is question of to apply the established methods and to develop its skills with the sufficient probity. She is really worthy of applause the action undertaken by some Latin American governments, to try to incorporate some computer science initiatives concerning the scholastic beginning by means of programs like a computer by student in each school, that although logically seems a panacea all know that the idea is very good and in the long run it will produce positive results as long as him of the academic direction adapted, since the computer as an isolated being does not produce results much less and the automatization of the education as it seems to be the desire of the governors. In order to develop its typing skills to the maximum or to acquire them if it does not own them I invite it to visit sub. page technical Formation of the page Web where it found MECAGRATIS that is a connection where it found the system that completely increased its speed in the board of its computer free I authorize and it so that is recommended it to all that one that has necessity of an action but agreed to its student, professional condition or of personal development when producing some form of communication to by means of the use of computer science equipment.

Brazilian Man

They are the religions most primitive, and characteristics of peoples whose organization is tribal. In this religious category they are the African religions and the amerindian religions. The servitude religions are attributed religions the peoples more desvencilhados the nature. Had for more developed culturally, and already organized in cities and villages. In them deuses they appear as sovereign gentlemen of everything what it has, therefore the man is had as in service, having to relieve it cult and offering. In the servitude religions the men distanciam themselves of the supernatural one, differently of the integration religions where the relation between the man and the holy ghost is summons. It was characteristic the religious model of old civilizations as Egypt and Greece.

The release religions are those that they aim at to exempt the man of the sin, of males by means of acquired it. They search the purificao of the body and the soul, the indifference to suprfulo, the interior peace. Therefore they believe that only free of the material apegos they will be able to live well in a posthumous life. The example of religions of this category has the buddhism and the hinduismo. Already the salvation religions, therefore believe that the proper God wants the improvement and the maintenance of the life human being, since that the man if redeem of its sins. It values the freedom with responsibilities.

Another characteristic is the belief in an only God, just and lover. They believe also in the life of the soul, that will be good or not in accordance with what the individual carries through while still alive terrena. The Christianity and the islamismo are classified for salvation religions. Umbanda is a sincrtica religion, but its main matrix is the African religions, known as animistic. It is a Brazilian religion that, incorporated its ritualstica elements of diverse religious pursuings, such as: European witchcraft, kardecismo, xamanismo or pajelana, Christianity and with a great one influence of the eastern cultures (AZEVEDO, 2010, p.24).

Roman State

The text presents a clear language and therefore it obtains to portray in few pages the context where if it found the education in the Roman State, initially being to have only of the family and later starting to be of responsibility of the State. The text presents details where the reader can build a dialogue coming back to the time and making to understand one little of the start of the history of the education. Reflections around the pertaining to school institutions Romans in the period of the Empire and the Republic; the education in the family; the military education; the private education; the Education as public incubency of the State. The period treated in the text is around 509 a.C until 476 middles of d.C. It is possible to establish viabilities and some assumptions of as the text is treated in accordance with heading, this occurs because when making its reading: ' ' The Education and the Romano&#039 State; ' we verify that the content was developed around the pertaining to school institutions in the period where the Roman State governed. The author created probabilities around the beginning of the process of organized escolarizao or not, its stages and as this occurred. In the Roman State a development in the educational system happened, that of beginning was only responsibility of the family, and soon later, after some events, also started to be incubency of state.

In the republican phase (509 the 27 a.C) the familiar education Roman can be characterized by basic principles of the respect and the incorporation of the ancestral customs. Age of responsibility of the mother the education of its children until the seven years, that englobava the biological aspects, intellectual and moral. From now on the father if puted in charge of the education them boys. The girls learned domestic tasks with the mother.


In 2009, the students had received ' ' Notebooks of the Alunos' ' , also in form of it emends, I contend exercises to be decided in classroom. The considered contents to be taught with the use of ' ' Notebook of the Professor' ' of ' ' Notebook of the Aluno' ' they have been evaluated to the end of each bimaster for the professors, by means of questionnaires virtual disponibilizados for the SEE/SP, since the 2009 beginning. In such a way it was guided my question problem: How is organized the practical one of the professor of Mathematics with the use of Notebooks of the Professor and the Pupil elaborated by the SEE/SP? To answer the question-problem and the too much questions presented here, this research had for main objective: To investigate as the practical professor of the professor of Mathematics if organizes with the use of notebooks considered for the SEE. As objective specific: To understand the difficulties faced for the professor of Mathematics in the use of ' ' Notebooks of the Professor and the Aluno' '. To understand if with the use of Notebooks had transformation accomplishes in the education of the Mathematics. To identify which subsidies they are supplied by Notebooks the improvement of the education of the Mathematics. As theoretical bedding on the organization of the practical professor, I use myself of the studies of Tardif and Lessard (2000), focusing the professor in its work; the inherent activities to the practical professor; as the practical ones of the investigated citizens they are if organizing now with the emended System implanted and the incorporation of the new requirements to its daily work. I still use myself of the arguments of Axe (2009), displaying the desire of ' ' professor ideal' ' for the Teaching of the State of So Paulo. Bedding me, also, in Gonalves and Gonalves (1998), on the formation of the professors of Mathematics, in order to identify the difficulties that this professional faces in the daily pertaining to school.