Arendt People

The historical factors, as it can be proven, had contributed in high level for the development of regimes authoritarian of right in the Europe. The newness brought for the Corporativista State salient the almost complete cancellation politics of the people, however if to take in consideration the theory of masses of Arendt where the totalitarianism alone was possible when had a great human contingent that it could in such a way be used as craftsman for the terror, as arms to promote the development of the nation; the corporativismo serves as sustentculo of the power and mechanism of production of wealth. The theory of the corporativista State was a maneuver to involve directly the individuals in a bigger set by means of the fiction of the unit of the will and was applied in Italy for Mussolini in the decades of 1920 and 1930. The adepts of the corporativista State acted as if the society did not possess agencies of Government articulated or divisions in estratificadas classrooms, and all were members of a great community. (Krader, 1970, p.37) the elimination of the racionalista character of the people, as the extirpao of the free will, becomes the character of the dualista totalitarian regimen. At the same time that one that it of estruturao, that is, the people, who acclaims the leader and it of the unconditional support, is, on the other hand, forcene for the same (leading in account that without the mass, its success runs great risk to fall in the futilidade). It is necessary that a bureaucracy ‘ ‘ weberiana’ ‘ it causes the social stagnation and politics of the individual, so that in this way, only the leader is its voice and its ear. The proper unification of the leader with the people becomes this dialectic something of interesting analysis. The people has its inserted ideals in the figure of the leader, who for happiness counts on the aid of its assistant, thus the aggressor will be committing a delict not only to the conductor of the nation, and yes against all the members of the government and against the population.

Corporative Toasts

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Negro Service

It allows to know the temperatures and the time with a forecast four days. It is nourished of the resources of the Web and the Naval U.S. Research Lab. Google Maps is addition weather data to its graphs, a service that allow to know the existing temperatures and the time in all the globe, as well as a forecast of four days. The giant of Internet indicates in his blog official who this new service is nourished of the resources of the Web of meteorology and the Naval U.S.

Research Lab, that information of the effective cloud cover offers in all the planet. When looking for any region of the planet, Google Maps unfolds a map in which are the temperatures that do at that moment, if it is by day or at night, as well as icons that summarize the weather conditions: sunny, storm cloud, rainy, et cetera. If the user wants to obtain more meteorological details, can unfold a picture that includes a forecast of four days and offers data of humidity and wind (can choose the unit of measurement: miles per hour or kilometers by hour, degrees Celsius or fahrenheit). Street View arrives at the Amazon Images from the Negro river and of the adjacent communities in the heart of the Brazilian Amazonia they will be including in the service Google Street View, according to they informed Google and Fundacin Amazona Sustentable (FAS). The technology applied in that remote region will allow the world to participate in " tour interactive within the forest amaznica" , it emphasized in an official notice Virgilio Viana, general superintendent of the FAS. The taking of photographies, through boats and of a tricycle adapted with cameras for the terrestrial images, began this week and it will extend during another three more. Source of the news: Google Maps incorporates a service of meteorology

Corporative Government

All work of investigation has introduction to have previous knowledge on the subject investigation matter. In such sense the present will have introduction. Once in a while they appear new features in the right that corresponds to study, to spread and to apply in such sense are that now we will study and spread a new subject as he is the corporative government who just acquires importance in our means recently time, thus is clear that to study it we must choose recent bibliography. That is to say, if we consulted old sources of intelligence we will not be able to study the same. The corporative government has been studied for some decades abroad, but in the Peruvian state only for some years, thus it has been clear that few know this new direction, that looks for to study the form of administration of the companies and legal people being applied new principles, for that reason is spoken of good corporative government and bad corporative government, thus all we must be oriented towards the first option, in such sense we will study next the corporative government.


The REALISM IN PORTUGAL AND BRAZIL 10.1.REALISMO IN PORTUGAL (1865-1890): It does not remain doubt of that the Realism in Portugal was born with the call Coimbr Question. In Lisbon the Romantic generation was commanded by Feliciano de Castilho, always faithful to the chain. In Coimbra a group if kept on to the Realism of Antero de Quental. The partisans of Antero de Quental, waited the chance to attack the partisans of Castilho. Each group defended its style. In l865 Castilho, in a psfcio, it placed in the Poem of the Youth of Pine Chagas, a small reference the Coimbra, affirming to lack &#039 to it; ' good common-sense and gosto' ' , nominally saying the names of Tefilo Braga and Antero de Quental. The fact is that Antero de Quental if found offended and was how much was enough to inflame a revolutionary ardor of the youth, that waited a moment to publish its ideals.

In reply the Castilho, Antero writes in aggressive terms in an open letter: ' ' Good common-sense and gosto' '. The question continued. The public lectures of l87l had been displayed and debated several tending questions to the definition of the lines of direction of new literature. The Realistic generation, also known for generation of l870, inaugurated in Portugal the primate of science and the Positivismo and accepted and spread out the revolutionary theories concerning history and of the culture. The time was crossed by 3 literary schools: The Realist, the Naturalist and the Parnasiana. In Portugal he did not have a clear separation between these three schools. The Realism in Portugal took care of more the designs of the social revolution and politics. 10.2.POESIA REALISTIC – POETS AND WORKMANSHIPS the poetry is pragmatic, serving the verse of combat weapon, of social reform and politics. The revolutionary direction was the characteristic trace of the Realistic poetry.

Brazilian Center

However, he is well-known that the ways of participation them local populations it Open pasture, in its goiano space, if had only raised of concrete form in sufficiently recent times. But, historically the Open pasture has been busy, in reason of momentary economic cycles, remembers well what economy the mining was verified during the period called 4, well described per Celso very also Stolen, 1999, great expert of the periods or ' ' surtos development in the Brasil' '. In full century XVIII, when the population occupation of the regions more to the center of Brazil was intensified, already the character little planned of the politics of development was noticed clearly directed to the central region of Brazil, as in the too much localities of the territory of then the Portuguese colony. It is opportune to also analyze that of the point of view of the essence of the objectives, the applied economic policies in the regional development of the Brazilian Center-West, this character that it creates accented islands of prosperity and peripheries, was not modified very although the time perpassado until the current days. Therefore, if it cannot think more about a regional development that provides the sprouting of an extremely different society when we observe the appropriation of the fruits of this development that until then was generated. Leaving of this initial look, we see that only recently the communities most provincial, in Gois, start to have a more active voice around the decisions of the local governmental politics implemented by the State. Although that still it is possible to identify, in these same local populations, certain disinterest in participating of the decisions of public politics directed they. It has seen that they had been for long periods under the guardianship of a paternalista and authoritarian state. Fact that generated the despolitizao and the desmotivao in the participation and deliberation in collective subjects.

Marketing Politician

This promise resulted in a social debt, where the country that it searched to be had as modern firmed the commitment assumed for the new Republic (TELLES, 2006). FINAL CONSIDERAES From this carried through work it is possible that let us arrive at some consideraes of what came to be the movement of announcement of the republic in Brazil that took the institution of the Federative Republic of the United States of Brazil. Such movement was presented of fortuitous interest of the elite, therefore this if used of the fragile moment for which the monarchy faced to institute a new form of government. Such pretension reached the objective of the movement, the population did not mobilize itself as well as was not along with the event and which its purposes. It is in this context that the right of participation if firm as a basic right of citizenship.

To leave to recognize the differences and the fundantes especificidades of the diverse social groups, is not alone to deny the citizenship rights to them, but to deny it to them proper condition human being. Having these aspects in sight, the social rights do not have for objective to completely eliminate the social and economic inaqualities and the differences of social classroom. Its purpose is to assure that they do not intervene with the full exercise of the citizenship REFERENCES CNDIDO, Joel Jose. Hail law. In: Brazilian electoral law. So Paulo: Edipro, 2006.

P. 32. Available in Had access in 02 nov. 2010 OAK, Jose Murilo of. Citizenship in Brazil: the long way. 7 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Brazilian civilization, 2005. ______, __________. bestializados: Rio De Janeiro and the republic that never was. 3 ed. So Paulo: Company of the Letters, 2009. It knows the history of the vote in Brazil. Available in Had access in: 02 nov. 2010 TO SEW, Ivo. The concept of federalism and the Idea of interest in Brazil of Century XIX. Magazine of social sciences, Vol. 54, n4. Rio De Janeiro: 2008, p 941-981. Available in Had access in 28 of October of 2010. COTRIM, Gilbert. History and Conscience of Brazil. 7 ed. So Paulo: Hail, 2001. Law Hail: Decree in the 3,029, of 9 of January of 1881. Available in: Had access in: 02 nov. 2010 MACEDO, Robert Gondo; MANHANELLI, Carlos. The History of the Vote in Brazil: The professional of Marketing Politician in the Embroidery frames of the Electoral Process. Available in: Had access in: 02 nov. 2010 TELLES, Vera Da Silva. Poverty and Citizenship. So Paulo: Publishing company 34, 2006

Average Age

The culture concept started to mean knowledge or personal refinement in the end of the Average Age, moment of history where the ruling classes, detentoras of the wealth only had access. This knowledge, or this culture if sobressaa to the remain of the population, that finished being kept out of society and characterized as being detainer of the popular culture (culture considered inferior for the richer social classrooms). The popular culture started to be focus of study in order to understand and to classify the forms of thought of the classrooms poor of the society, being objectified to understand its internal logic and its participation politics, through its popular movements. The popular culture always is collated with the erudite culture, and this, in historical elapsing reached status and started to control the cultural institutions as, for example, the universities. The popular culture is understood as the cultural manifestations of this classroom, that is well different of the manifestations of the dominant culture, therefore possesss distinct characteristics.

Valley to remember that she is the proper elite of the ruling classes who decides what it is popular culture. These two cultures if develop by means of the concept of what he is erudite and of what is popular, that exterioriza in the culture the oppositions and differences between itself. In this context of social bipartition, the dominated classrooms offer to the denunciation of the social inaqualities and the necessity to surpass them, from there its transforming character. In the same way, the erudite culture is tied with the ruling classes, and its growth can be seen as colonizadora expansion. The understanding of these two cultures is not simple, and for this, it searchs references politics, as the resistance of the popular culture and its revolutionary character with its movements politicians. The tranformao capacity that the fight of the popular classrooms possesss is base of study of social sciences of today, however, for the continuation of this study, they lack systemize institutions.

Indian National Congress

It is distinguished, in this period, the Great Riot that if it transformed into civil war, provoking the loss of Delhi and Lucknow and constituting serious threat to the British domain. The rebellion of native army of the cipaios (welded Indian that served in the army of the British Company of Eastern India), in Cane, in 1857, it culminated with retaken British of Delhi and the end of the government exerted for the Company. In 1858, the British crown assumed the direct responsibility for the government of the colony; the queen Victory was proclaimed empress of India and started the period of the vice-kingdoms. She did not have, however, a formal domination of all India (what she would understand herself for a colonizador process), as well as also she happened with China and Japan. In the level of the administration, to the side of 15 provinces managed directly for governors, under the superior authority of a vice-king, ones 600 existed ' ' states nativos' ' (native states), governed for the respective maharajahs, rajs (under the English supervision) etc.

' ' concesses' ' ' ' territories arrendados' ' they predominated in China. In 1885, fruit of periods of initiated economic crisis in the decade of 1870 (hunger, epidemics, revolts peasants, I occasion of nationalism), established the Party of the Indian National Congress, when not yet it was said in independence (under strong influence of ' ' ocidentalistas' '). The mobilization of the masses against the settling, at the beginning of century XX, was led by the ideas of a bonanza man, the least under the strategist vision politician, ' ' mahatma' ' Gandhi, influential defender of ' ' Satyagraha' ' , it searchs incessant of ' ' verdade' ' , and of ' ' Ahimsa' ' (principle of the not-aggression, not violent form of protest, for example, ' ' swadeshi' ').

Education and Technology

It was intended, with esterelato, to contribute for reduction of some of the problems that affect aescolarizao of the young in the present time: the pertaining to school evasion and exclusodigital.2. The option for Free software Inicialmentea option for free software (SL) it must reality of the escolaspblicas that does not make use of financial resources for regularization desoftware, basic element in public politics of allied inclusodigital to its libertarian philosophy. In fact, pasesdesenvolvidos as France and emergent as China, already they encourage usode free platforms in pertaining to school institutions. In Brazil, governodo Paran, obtained to reduce the costs of implantation of Laboratriosde Computer science of the public schools by means of the adoption of softwareslivres (SEED, 2005). Experiences as of the paranaense government estosendo talked back for other states, being distinguished So Paulo, with osTelecentros and the Rio Grande Do Sul by means of the Pertaining to school Net Livre.Atualmente the government of the State of the Cear and the Municipal City hall deFortaleza, adore software free as standard in the laboratories deinformtica educative places.

The choice of softwares free trazinmeras advantages front to software proprietor, as argumentSilveira (2003, macroeconomic, desegurana, of technological autonomy, the independence of suppliers edemocrtico. The philosophy of Free Software is based segundoSilveira (2003 P. 45) is in the beginning of the sharing doconhecimento and the solidarity practised for the intelligence coletivaconectada in the world-wide net of computers. Corroborating with estepensamento Nunes et al (2008, p.15) believes that four liberdadespropostas for free software to know, to copy, to distribute to emodificar favors its adoption of the context of the public school. Destaforma, the use of softwares exempts in ensinoaprendizagem situations, represents the possibility of digital inclusion deprofessores and pupils, since the professor can adjust software livres its necessities and of its pupils. In fact, they have grown ointeresse of the communities of mantenedores concerning the educative use dosoftware exempts.