In the town there were very few soldiers, perhaps they were attacked and they went on the attack. Alexei capture of the city were not so many soldiers and Some were hungry, and even wounded. His spies sniff that the army went to war against Nicaea city Heraclea, who attacked them a few days ago. Alex had to take the city to return his army back and to apply severe injury to the city, which would then settle down there for some time. Alex knew that at the main entrance go pointless. He decided to bypass the city on the other side and smash the wall until the archers are firing with slingers. Alex decided to make a battering ram to break through the wall. Spear Alexis went to the woods and cut wood for the frame and drag the logs.

They did a frame, and the largest timber hung on the ropes in the frame and the pointed end logs put the iron tip. So, the Crusaders went around the city behind and quickly broke the wall, while archers versed with slingers. And suddenly there was a clatter of hooves – is the army of Nicaea was returning from a hike at Hercules. The battle between the Crusaders and Turks. In this battle, the Crusaders were defeated, and Alex with five spearmen fled to the rest of the army. During this time his main army found a small oasis near the sea and gathered there water, dates, coconuts, bananas, olives and wild grapes.

Ruslan Nigmatullin

Ruslan Nigmatullin As a child, Ruslan Nigmatullin dreamed of playing for Moscow Spartak. He sent the club 44 letters in which he asked to take on the team. In one of them Ruslan laid out his plan – just three points: 1. Become a goalkeeper 'Spartacus'. 2. Become a goalkeeper of Russia. 3.

Become the best goalkeeper in the world. As long as everything goes according to plan. Nigmatullin albeit not very successfully, but played for Spartak. Then in 1998 he moved to the 'locomotive' and by issuing a series of record-dry – in over 939 minutes of playing time rivals could not beat Ruslan no ball – won back his place the main goalkeeper. And this year, and to conquer the world, starting with Italy.

For the first time about Ruslan Nigmatullin talked about in 1994. The nineteen-year guy, appearing in the basic structure 'KamAZ' compelled to compare themselves not with someone, and with Rinat Dasaev. After 'KamAZ' was 'Spartacus'. About this time Ruslan does not like to remember: 'You know, someone to grow up, tempering, needs an army. For me, this army was 'Spartacus'. In the end I chose this team, and nothing I regret. " Truly Nigmatullin revealed only in the 'locomotive', where he called Yuri Semin. Speaking of 'Loco', Nigmatullin three became silver medalist Russia and three times voted the best goalkeeper of the country. Nigmatullin adored fans in the press constantly appeared rave reviews about it, and Yuri Semin was generous praise for his goalkeeper.

The Red Army

Why I am interested in history? Very simple – I grew up in a Jewish village, and nearby was the village of German. Near his parents' house was modestly obelisk carved with his father from the cartridge shell star – were buried under it either twenty, thirty or whether the Red Army. Directly behind our garden lay in a mass grave were killed Nazis my Jewish fellow-villagers, and in every garden, but in a blackthorn scrub zarostali graves of German soldiers. I played with the boys in the neighborhood 'Ruska' and 'Nimtsiv' and get into the 'Ruska' captive Jewish boy Ben shouted: 'Hyundai Hoch, Jerry! " And we played the trunks of these rifles or machine, and only pockets were full of ammunition, and mines with I was a master of shells to collect. Often sat in the tall grass on the ground burnt and restored 20 years, the school and played in the German glass bottles. On them learned to read German, caps on the wells recognize all military German teminologiyu.

So loved the language – I have lived in their midst, and the age of 6 has decided to become an archeologist. So I started reading history books and learn what they are … lie. Like any child in a Jewish environment, I was an excellent student and immensely respected The view of older people: his grandfather Beni Yaruhima grandfather, grandfather Shulim. Their native ancestors, I only saw the photos. That's why some grandparents, the villagers were talking about a very bad Grandpa Lenin and praised some of Trotsky, and Stalin and Hitler on said one word – shayze.

His Celestial Army Dimension

The fifth dimension. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD-2. Dear Families, Welcome to Stellar Team of Sirius and Arcturus, Master Crayon, Seven Archangels Captain Ashtar and His Celestial Army. Today we enter the relationship in order to convey to you an urgent and important message. For this purpose we have chosen this moment here and now 01/04/2010 Year-21: 19. We simply do not have another time to give you what you now learn. A little later, you begin to understand why we so carefully choose the time to translate some of their messages. The fact is that until we pass this message to you – a reality in my life and in the minds of thousands and millions other human beings.

So, Beloved, take our brief report. In – First, we have arrived at this moment to congratulate you with the transition! Yes, yes, exactly. You have moved into the fifth dimension 'how is this possible'? bewilderment and indignantly asked many of you. But what about the fourth and a quantum leap? And on this we are responsible – all to come. But you have slipped into the fourth dimension as sparks and many of you did not even notice and did not feel this was expected. Fourth measurement was for all of you a kind of purgatory.

That space and time, which surfaced all of your subconscious fears and blocks. This is the time of your fear, your depression and suffering. It passed. You are not cleared until the end.

Structural Analysis Academias

The structural analysis consists in verifying the resistance of the sections of a structure, which requires knowing the distribution of internal forces in the structure. The internal forces of a statically determinate structure can be found from the equations of static equilibrium. In an indeterminate structure of static equilibrium equations are not sufficient geometric conditions must meet under load. The internal forces of a structure can be determined by elastic analysis or plastic analysis overall, although the latter only works when certain conditions are met. The internal forces are calculated by different methods, as might be neglected or not the effect of deformation on the structure. In the theory of first order, the calculations refer to the initial geometry of the structure (small strain). The forces acting on the bars just do not vary with displacement. In the theory of second-order calculations relate to geometry deformed under load structure.

The displacements of the structure and its effect on the forces in the bars are no longer negligible. The theory of second order, more generally, is for all cases without restrictions. If we apply the theory of first order, and the material of the structure satisfies Hooke's law, if we are in a linear calculation, where all the displacements vary linearly with the applied forces. In this case, you can apply the principle of superposition to the stresses, strains, internal forces and displacements due to different actions. The superposition principle says that the displacements due to various loads acting simultaneously is equal to the sum of the displacements due to the action of each charge separately. This principle does not apply if the stress-strain relationship is non-linear material, or if the structure (even if the material obeys Hooke's law) does not behave linearly due to geometry changes caused by applied loads.