Aquarium Fish

How long live aquarium? This question bothers perhaps any aquarist. Answered unequivocally, calling a certain number of years, it is impossible, because the duration of the aquarium depends on many factors, including hydrochemical processes in water and soil. Aquarium is micromodel gidroekosistemy. And despite the many differences between the natural pond and aquarium, the basic laws of their general, and in many respects similar processes under. About the law of the ecosystem can be summarized as follows; any ecosystem can not exist forever, going through three stages conditionally allocated development (formation, sustainable development, degradation), is transformed into another ecosystem. For clarity, we consider this process as an example of conditional lake. With the emergence of life in it constantly accumulates bottom precipitation associated with the death of animals and plants.

Part of the sediment flowing into rivers and brought rains that wash various substances from the land. Gradually shallower lake, the concentration of nutrients in it increases. The population of the lake is becoming "richer", but not at the expense of new species, but due to rapid growth in the number of dominant forms. Simultaneously, the flora and fauna falls representatives that the most demanding to clean water. Lake even more shallower and underwater plants of the coastal zone (nymphs potamogetony, hornwort, etc.) grow toward the center until it would cover the entire area. Then begins the attack surface plants (reed, bulrush, cattail, etc.) and a gradual eutrophication of the reservoir. Thus the transition from one ecosystem (lake) to another (the swamp).

Give Us Our Freedom

Tens of centuries throughout human history had slavery. In America it remained until the end of the nineteenth century, Russian serfdom was abolished a little earlier. Huge masses of people languishing in Slavery iznyvaya from their captivity. We see that even the animals suffer in captivity, and it suggests that nature does not agree with the enslavement of all creation. It is no coincidence led mankind for hundreds of years of war had not yet reached some degree of personal freedom. Freedom can be attributed to the law of nature, pervading all aspects of life. But here's the question: are we able to act on free will? If we analyze our actions, we find that they are all forced and were committed under duress. After all, the inner nature of man, and external circumstances forced him to act on inherent in him algorithm behavior.

Nature throws us into a state of absolute helplessness and uncertainty. We are disappointed in their ability to change something within ourselves and in life in general. Thus, nature offers us to stop the rampant pursuit and devote time the main issue: what we are really able to influence? In the article 'The Freedom' greatest Kabbalist of the last century, J. Ashlag gives detailed instructions and tips on how to find freedom. The first step is the realization that we absolutely everything is the full puppets in the hands of the forces of nature. We are in the thrall of nature and selfish escape from under her control is not so easy.

The Peasant

A lawn mower combed to our … "Creativity." The same options were rejected with a set of screwdrivers (under any employee can find the corresponding screwdriver), with a saw (he saw us and no gash), and a set of hammers. Next were considered less rigid gifts. Mary offered to give him a massage exotic. Simply put, the boss sent a massage to be there … otmassazhirovali.

At the same guys together pogygykali from different sides. Another was to offer dinner in the dark. Serge all insisted that it is necessary to present a bouquet of flowers. At that the older and more experienced colleagues males reacted rapidly-negative. Mol what flowers to the peasant? Then someone from the men remembered that during his youth, our boss is a military man. There were also handed down two more options. The first is the school of survival. How to read aloud ad ad: a dizzying adventure that will survive …

will be the most vivid memories … away from the city (somewhere far away it is desirable), the surrounding people, offices … all alone … waiting for something incredible … Then we realized that this time we will be waiting for something incredible, like a new game: survival of the whole department! The second option was a simple and effective. Parachute jump. Men at once conferred and decided that for chef parachute jump – it's too trite. And suggested a more exotic gift: a jump without a parachute. However, this idea had to cancel because if he likes this exotic gift, it is with pleasure will apply it to us …

Red Star Awards

One of the most important for the state public institutions will no doubt become institute awards. Determines the reward system in any single power, and all in the same way as the currency system, contains themselves symbols of national history, cultural heritage and traditions of the state. System of rewards into a different state can have multiple levels of value. At the highest level of award are the signs that are state title, the second – all sorts of decorations and the last – medal. The following is posted on the Status of the various memorials that are issued in connection with certain holidays or anniversaries. Rewards of Russia and the USSR Today in fact properly systematized and published dozens of encyclopedias and lists where you can get acquainted with all existing and used in previous managerial era marks of distinction.

For In order to get information about a specific commemorative sign or a coin, sometimes it will be enough to handle and to relevant online directories or in the organization of collectors, for example, the club such as science faleristics. First, the notion of faleristics meant picking up a collection of various breast insignia, most of all – the military. The department is collecting treated as a science, numismatics. Basically speaking, faleristics and now officially a sector of numismatics, and still de facto such a direction is already a very noble pursuit of self-collecting. Of course, especially expensive are awards and medals, which currently no longer apply in today's accepted practice in respect of awards. This could apply not only, for example, orders of pre-revolutionary empire and the Soviet and awards. Among them, – Order of the Red Banner, Order of Ushakov Order of the October Revolution, and various others. Private collectors are able to gather their collections by ordering analogues of some memorable characters, or buying them for their abroad.

After all, say, a list of the most beautiful and valuable in terms of cost awards – the Order of 'victory' – after the departure of the other world of the award, provided that it is a full-fledged citizen of the Russian Federation, the family must give the order to the State Diamond Fund. Because the structure of the famous Order of expensive platinum, used in decorating the 174 total diamond carat size 16, and in addition for five jewels, gold, silver and colored enamel. For this reason, legally purchase a genuine medal in Russia is unrealistic, but in all sorts of jewelry involved in the affairs of the workshops is the chance to order the exact a copy of this award the mark. At the same time a variety of awards and medals – is not only indicators of a militant labor or parental prowess, this is including real, tangible someone's story. By the way, the Order of the Red Star was released back in 1930, and by the way, the famous Red Banner of Labor – in 1928, not recalling at least on the medals of the Russian Empire. In addition, for historians and connoisseurs of great importance can be history of any award. On its own reward, of course, reflects a significant step to promote the state, and yet another story of the award is not much less value. Indeed, for any award or medal is a sign individual fate and the tremendous work. Or demonstrated heroism in one way or another event. And by the way this is the real story – the story of the individual citizen, surrounded by the history of power.