Cardinal Richeliu

Cardinal Richelieu, considered too powerful, allied with Sweden and the United Provinces (Friesland, Groningen, Gelderland, Netherlands, Overijssel, Utrecht and Zeeland) empires watched with horror how the Germans recovered their former power and extend its military and commercial . They decided then to declare war. This is the most confusing stage of the war and also the cruelest. For many reasons, the armies of almost all European countries participated in the contest, which brought economic ruin to their villages, many mired in poverty creepy. This period of operations generated the birth of uprisings whose strength exhausted various empires, fighting both externally and internally.

The fighting began in France, thanks to the reprisals that Spain, Habsburg territory, began in the spring of 1636. The regions of Champagne and Burgundy French and Paris were destroyed, threatened, was aided by Swedish and Saxon troops defeated the Habsburgs in the battle of Compiegne (France) in 1637. The new war, which intensified over the years that followed, took a little break after the death almost successive main performers. Fernando II, died on February 15, 1637, the scheming Cardinal Richeliu (the same as the stories of the Musketeers) died on September 5, 1642 and his king, Louis XIII, expired one year later. The sum of these deaths took effect on the race, but had to follow some years by the interplay of inertia and greed. The country's coffers exhausted Germans and Austrians, the centerpiece of Holy power in central Germany and the enormous difficulty of getting new hosts, led to a growing inability to defend the Bourbons and their hosts took full advantage.

Armenia Service

For example, an article which is translated from the Armenian language is like this: "The price of a good choice of military units and exemption from military service." The author tells about 4-5 million dollars of bribes periodically "spinning" during the next campaign to call the Armenian Sun According to the newspaper "Ankakh" in 2007-08 cost the choice of a military unit and the release of the service varied between 500 and 8000 dollars. The crisis of 2009 this rate does not affected. In the 7-8 thousand dollar cost of buying a ticket military unfitness on medical grounds for exemption from service completely healthy Armenian guy. This amount is distributed among physicians recruiting Commission, the military police and the military prosecutor. It goes without saying that the choice of a military unit takes into account the degree of danger in her objection to the service. The magnitude of the bribes directly affects the proximity of this part of the capital Armenia. Since 2007, reports the author, grew twice the size of a bribe, because the recruit is not sent to Karabakh – from $ 300 to $ 600. And here's another article – about the sad fate of graduate Yerevan Slavonic University's 22-year Areca Malkhasyan.

Photographs of the deceased, you can see the site Areca drafted into the army, in spite of his unfitness for military service. It sometimes happened bleeding. The patient had been in frail boy military part of a week, of whom spent several days in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan (Karabakh), and then was brought to Goris. He died, sewing collar of his tunic. In the publications of "Aravot" (in Armenian language), provides information about the call to serve Ghukas Muradian, who occasionally gets out of the heel bone. Draftee named Petros suffers shakiness of all teeth.

"Do not eat kebabs call" – Petros responded to drafting committee. Another inductee, weighing 42 kg, was sent to the army, despite the fact that Armenian law it can serve people weighing not less than 45 kg. It is reported by journalist Ruzan Minasian. And you know what the output was found in draft board? Man forced to drink several liters of water to "get" the missing weight rachitic Armenian "liberator." I've heard so skinny cows Gypsies were selling – they pumped the water pump through the anus and rapidly driven to the market, while it "on the small" do not want to. But to people in the same way, but in the army! This "know-how" is very reminiscent of the myth about medicine 'Armenicum ", which Armenia has promised the world to cure AIDS! I think readers will agree with me: today's Armenia does not follow from Azerbaijan to teach or do any state on the subject of how to live, to protect the rights of its citizens care about the rights of national minorities and many another. But this topic is for another article …

French Military

While in captivity, he tried to escape five times, but to no avail. In captivity, he studied German, taught himself Russian to French prisoners of war, he worked in a library, lectures, which later formed the basis of his book "Discord among the enemy." The striking irony: one of his "pupils" in captivity was next red Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky … In 1919, in the French military mission was sent to Poland and took part in the Polish-Soviet war. After the war, in 1921, the former commander of the recollected a former slave, held on resumption of relations with the former commander of Henri Philippe Petain – now a marshal and the hero of France. In May 1922, Charles de Gaulle passed his exams and was enrolled in the Higher Military School.

After graduating from the Higher Military School in 1925, Petain took de Gaulle in his personal staff, he was assigned to study the questions of future military action (in the long term) and consider the general problem of military philosophy. In December 1927, de Gaulle was promoted to rank and position of battalion commander and went to Trier, Germany, whose western bank of the Rhine under the Versailles peace treaty was under the control of the French armed forces. De Gaulle immediately proceeded to the combat training battalion, and set strict discipline. At the same time he is a father watching the lives of their subordinates. It is true that the higher orders of commanders he performed with great reluctance and difficulty taking criticism from them.

Knight Center

Center for "The Knight" – is a unique set of resources for the quality and original holiday: – stylized in the open ground – a kind of medieval town with a mellow style, design and atmosphere. – A team of highly professional staff to create and implement any event. More>>> – a huge requisite base, the base sets. – Attraction, playgrounds. A little history: The idea of creating the Center appeared in 2003, began active development of the concept of the Centre, sketching and developing the new "town", identifying the main trends in the field of corporate timbildingovyh and other activities, and main search their own style and distinct from other approaches. In 2005 began active construction, creating the requisite database, recruitment and training of artists and animators, the accumulation of ideas, scripts, lessons experience.

Since April 2006 the Centre has begun actively functioning as a site for recreation, the team of organizers for corporate and private events, public events, show-groups, as well as the supplier most Custom Tula sightseeing tours. Territory One Center, we offer: 1. Picturesque, unusual and well-equipped playground for every kind of event (going on nature, recreation, picnics, and may be creative project). Terms of territory to rent 2. The main specific areas – corporate events: team building, recreation, theme parties.

3. Original holidays for children and special Project 2009 – a weekly children's club 'Wonder City'. 4. Tour programs and event programs on the calendar holidays (Carnival, Ivan Kupala, etc.) in the Center "Vityaz" 5. Military-historical events and Other major themed events at the Centre Our Special projects: – the annual two-day tourney 'Cup Gladiator "- a project that is implemented in conjunction with" Our Radio "- Rock Marathon