Easy Focus Camera

Model SNC-DH120T uses video analytics DEPA, a video camera SNC-DH140T – DEPA Advanced, as well as technology complemented View-DR and XDNR, sound detector, and audio channel. Both camcorders are equipped with 1 / 3 'CMOS-sensor Sony Exmor, supports video codecs H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG, and able to transmit two-stream video at resolutions up to 1280×1024 pixels. and frame rate to 30 k / sec. In addition, new software suite RSM Lite to configure and administer the network surveillance system. To work effectively CCTV cameras in various infrastructure with SNC-DH120T and SNC-DH140T support multiple video codecs – H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG. Through the use of the original matrix Exmor, video camera forms an image with up to 1.3 megapixels, frame rate up to 30 k / s, has an improved color reproduction and high definition video with low noise. Another competitive advantage is the availability of new products feature Squared Stream, which when activated Broadcast can be one / two video streams, for example, while video can be transmitted to the scene entirely, and it zoomed to the VGA resolution. Dome Megapixel camera Sony designed for indoor surveillance and can be operated at sites with high risk of vandalism.

For reliable protection of electronics against mechanical SNC-DH120/140T equipped with metal housing class shockproof IK10. In addition, each video camera surveillance has alarm input for connecting an external security sensor output to control an actuating device, and can alert the operator of attempts unauthorized actions, such as separation of camera from the mounting surface, paint the dome, etc. Full job SNC-DH120T and SNC-DH140T on objects with variable illumination provided by the presence of program function of the "day / night." SNC-DH120T sensitivity of 0.5 / 0.3 lux, and video cameras SNC-DH140T form high-quality video at illuminations 0.2 / 0.1 lux. In addition, each equipped with a video camera with varifocal lens focal range 3.1 – 8.9 mm, supports auto focus and Easy Focus lets you adjust the focus on the network with maximum accuracy. Intellectual abilities SNC-DH120T implemented on the platform Sony DEPA, performing analytical processing of images within the camera, and the final analysis of the video is on the video recording devices, including models of NSR-1000 Series or NSR-500 by Sony. For example, each camera CCTV supports IMD – intelligent motion detection.

In contrast to the 120-th model, SNC-DH140T uses DEPA Advanced, which includes a wide range of algorithms of video and audio analytics. In this set rules on which camera analyzes the image and transmits an alarm when an alarm event, set by the user. Unlike cameras SNC-DH120T, SNC-DH140T model has an extended functionality through support of advanced proprietary technologies. In particular, it can work in a wider dynamic range lighting (View-DR) 125 dB, has a "corrector intelligibility (VE) and "effective dynamic noise reduction system (XDNR). Through the use of View-DR this camera surveillance will be effective in high-contrast lighting, and the function XDNR eliminates noise in the image and enhances image clarity in low light. To set up and Administration SNC-DH120/140T can use the free version of the software Russified Sony RealShot Manager Lite, which included cameras and allows you to create a 9-channel video surveillance system to IP-based equipment Sony. At building a larger system new video surveillance may be running a full-featured corporate software Sony RSM Advanced. Support for ONVIF provides rapid integration of multi-brand cameras CCTV systems, such as software companies XProtect Milestone.

Electronic Commerce

The motto of our age, without exaggeration, be said, is an Internet commerce. Largest trading corporations of the last century, selling through catalogs such as Quelle and Otto, of course, have not disappeared, but strong enough pushed the Internet. What is the Internet – trade?. It's much easier than it might seem at first glance. Commercial firm to build a website online store.

Website online shop is presented in a catalog that includes a list of goods and services, pricing for products and, sometimes, the images in the form of pictures or videos. User online store, to determine the name of the desired purchase, when placing the order, fills a special form that makes their personal data. Payment option or rigidly mounted site, or you can choose from several ways. Further, everything is depending on which way you choose as a payment Product-payment on the account, deposit, payment, etc. is the Online form of payment can be called only because of all the processes: the choice of goods, purchase and payment to occur online. And this is just great because it creates a lot of amenities.

Perhaps most importantly, though, will not dissemble, there is a huge variety of forms of commercial activity, which is characterized by a combination of E-commerce. Indeed, trade has arisen in very ancient times, in fact, at the dawn of origin of our civilization. Over the centuries, this activity only expanding rapidly. Human evolution could not help but leave its imprint on the trading business. Perhaps most important for every trader is to make your product more attractive to potential clients by giving him the most convenient ways of payment for the service. In the 20 century there was a real shopping boom. During the period from 1900 to 2000, the world a huge number of shops and supermarkets, a truly global scale, trade directories and phone. Just trade with the phone and became the foundation for the formation of the first online stores. Would probably be correct to say that online shopping and brought humanity to the concept of e-commerce. It is hard to say who first ventured into such a desperate step of trade on the Internet, but this idea liking both by dealers and potential customers. What major differences exist between conventional and electronic stores? Perhaps the first thing that distinguishes them is the-clock access to services, without lunch breaks and weekends days. The next and equally important aspect is the ability to access the purchase is any citizen, regardless of place of residence (district, city, country). In particular, from another state, where, for example when sold through the online store merchandise is ordinary in their own country, but quite valuable and exotic in other stranax. The third – is that one and the same on sell the goods may be considered and to measure on a large number of people at once. A further feature is that an online store it is easy to maintain. It is only necessary to replenish the shelf electronic goods online store, and to consult with potential buyers. And the last aspect is the low overhead shops in comparison with trade in live directories and phone, and this despite the fact that the initial investment in Internet-shop consists of a small amount, especially if we take into account, we can now easily buy or rent a ready-made marketplace and not be ordered separately to create an Internet store at programming from scratch.

Creative Photographer

It has become axiomatic that only a negligible percentage of a large number of persons becoming professional photographers. Fortunately, the main cause of failure is more often that people are not strong enough they want to. They generally not particularly trying to succeed. And the one who succeeds is not necessarily really good photographer – so what then is the essence of success or failure? I am far from giving a complete answer to this question. I want to tell us about your experience as a landscape photographer, but in the past – a strategic consultant to major corporations.

There are several key themes, the study of which will help anyone who wants to go into the sphere of professional photos. I am in no way am not talking about people who chose a photograph of his profession at a young age, she studied at colleges and universities describe themselves as professionals. I'm talking about those who, fortunately or unfortunately, had a permanent job, and who suddenly illuminated the idea that it would be better to do photography for money, than just sit in the office – or even combine these two classes. I'm talking about people who would like to turn their hobby into source of income – and that I was lucky to do so. Find out if you demand Professional photographer makes the presence of customers. You can have a great studio, the most expensive equipment and even the best photographers in the world, but Only those customers make of you a professional.