Thesis Work

Review – is well-reasoned evaluation of your work a professional who has experience in the area to which the diploma work. You can assign a reviewer from the other departments, or do you have to search for themselves. To write a review, the reviewer will need to read your diploma for a few days or hours. Ideal option if you are able to communicate with the reviewer, to discuss questions and comments. Most bad option when you write a review yourself.

Do not despair, I think that the recommendations given below will help you. The review is written in an arbitrary manner, but there are mandatory items that must be dealt with in it. It must be remembered that the review is an assessment of your work by someone who had not been consulted during the writing of the thesis. Highlight some key points that should be present in Reviews. First, it must be given to assess the relevance of the illuminated in research paper topics. Why this interest in the subject for study.

This item review echoes the same paragraph thesis. Then examined the extent to which the work disclosed the topic, how fully and deeply covered the most important questions. Describes briefly the structure of the thesis and describes the contents of the chapters. Necessary to evaluate done by studying existing literature on the subject, level of training of the author. Conclusions about student ability to apply the theoretical material and draw conclusions from the study of literature, good own terms, application of practical skills in work. How fully describes the methodology of calculation or done in the studies, the availability of necessary illustrations and tables. Make comments to the design work, if any, or indicate that the work was carried out in accordance with all regulations. Accuracy of references and footnotes match in the middle of text. Specified grammar and stylistic errors, if any, have to be. Evaluated the significance of the results, opportunities and areas for further application of the thesis or parts thereof. Highlighted the main advantages of peer-reviewed work, and identifies weaknesses, shortcomings in the work. Emphasizes the importance of the main results of the thesis. There is no limit to perfection, but because in any job you can find flaws, it is important that they had been minor and did not spoil the views of trained graduate work. At the end of the review required rating of the thesis: "excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "unsatisfactory". The recommendations of the attribution to the author of diploma qualifications claimed by a student, or a recommendation to graduate school. Review is a mandatory attribute of the block, which indicates the degree, position and title of referee and the date of writing this review. The review must be stamped institution that represents the reviewer. The volume of reviews, as a rule, is 1-2 leaf, typed in paragraphs 12-14, with sesquialteral Interline intervals. It is advisable to estimate your thesis was "excellent." This will greatly increase your chances of successfully defended her work. Be sure to read a review written for your work, and be prepared to explain leased flaws and shortcomings, described by the referee.