Modern and Ancient Links

The ancient and hermetic Kabbalistic masters who practiced tarot at the beginning of this discipline were able to establish a series of relationships between some secrets of the tarot and horoscope, particularly the identification of certain arcane with certain zodiac signs. The tarot and horoscope go hand in hand. One of the first links between tarot and horoscope was found between the arcane Justice and Libra.a sign to the symbols associated with both icons are similar: the balance, the law, justice, each really get what you deserve. On the quest for revenge, to give him his due who has to receive, the Justice emparentaria with Scorpio, the command will not hesitate scorpion stung when the circumstances so require. The tarot and horoscope are also other similarities between the arcane and astrological symbols. Libra can also marry into the cart. In this case, being the representative Libra astral spirit must balance weigh all his passions to finally make the most acertada.a The man driving the cart drawn by two spirited horses are in a similar situation.

You must bring the car to where he wants, and to resist the strength of both animals go to opposite directions. Leo and the high priest also have a parallel, which again confirms the link between tarot and horoscopo.a The sun is the essence of both symbols. Leo is also an instrument of the divine on earth, like the High Priest, who has been bestowed with the privilege of mediating between people and the divine. The link between cancer and the Emperor, again enhance ties between the tarot and horoscope. Both signs are represented by the number four.

Cancer is the astral sign of home and family tradition, like the Emperor, who comes to personal fulfillment through a house in order. Aries and the Wizard also link the tarot and horoscope. Both symbols are motivated by an unwavering that eventually will lead to triumph over the elements of nature. To Aries the triumph comes to insist on overcoming obstacles, to the Wizard, the victory comes from knowledge, which is what gives it power. So, this way we see there is a correlation between certain astral symbols and signs of the zodiac. The tarot and horoscope birth had a parallel, as was common in antiquity, mathematicians and astronomers, wise men were astrologers also excellent, well versed in the pulling of tarot cards.

Games Children Attention

This can be done already without haste, taking into account all the laws of composition. Take a camera for a party Games Children react to the camera in different ways. I remember one little girl, afraid of only one form of my professional camera (large and black), in all haste she ran to her mother, hiding under her “Wings”. Sometimes children are embarrassed, are beginning to pose, what is even worse. Unlike adult kids show great emotions directly (not). But when they try to portray something mime and pantomime intentionally, it turns out, usually grotesque, strained.

So, with embarrassment, fear and posturing must fight! How? Very simple! Become a more interesting camera, capturing all the attention the children of his persona, offered by you game. If you can focus all their attention on this, then the process of shooting automatically becomes for all participants with something minor, as it turns into the background. Interestingly, the elements of this approach used not only in photos, but even in the staging of portrait photography. For example, removing the portrait, I fixed the camera on a tripod, cook it to the shooting and start talking with the child sitting in front of me about his favorite games, food, friends, cartoons, dreams In short, fits any topic that catches my little buddy. I’m almost completely immersed in our conversation, except the index finger of the right hands. He photographed:) win-win situation – to make the camera part of the game, for example, to hide behind him and look out.

Rescue Dog Association International

Intellectual Property In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1 / 1996 of April 12, by approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law. After obtaining a favorable legal status was approved with No 1998/41/12727 of May 5, 1998, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, that the method is legally registered Chest, registered and protected as a scientific work, whose author is D . Jaime Parejo Garcia in the General Registry of Intellectual Property No 23 474. Complementary II Briefing Note Regarding the castration of male dogs needed for officially identifying persons, explosives, narcotics …, report that it is a proven preventive measure justified and carefully adopted for dozens of years, almost generically by Canine Corps Brigades officers. Pheromones are chemicals or mixtures of substances which are issued abroad by an animal, certain effects on the behavior of an individual recipient of the same species. The deal specifically we are sex pheromones of female dogs, whose main component is a benzoic acid derivative, which when low molecular weight is therefore very volatile, which is present in urine and vaginal secretions and the dog normally generates during proestrus and estrus.

If the male is neutered and in good time, sensory perception of pheromones mentioned him place over a variable period of time, stress responses visible hamper the effectiveness of learning or the conduct of research work, as appropriate, for example requiring a certain level of sustained attention, more or less intense, memorize … presented in all cases, a set of patterns that reveal specific and unambiguous to be affected by that state (repeatedly make the tip of the tongue outside the mouth to nose contact, accused interfering conduct a visible marking and associated disability of concentration) and obviously seriously impede an adequate learning process or in the case of an exemplary operational, which would be a satisfactory outcome of the search behaviors, implying a continuing risk of tragic consequences, not enough to perceive odorous molecules of such a person buried alive or a camouflaged given load of explosives, although those values were within odoriferous emissions as called stimulus threshold (value of stimulus intensity, in this case fragrant, below which, it is not perceived). Jaime Parejo Garcia, Author scientific-technical and Technical Director of Chest Method.

Law Concepts

Stammler distinguished the idea of law of their concept … Identified, because the idea of law with justice …" 9 "The law is the will binding and inviolable autarkic" he said in the same work "Philosophy of Law" 10. For the law belongs Gustav Radbruch the "kingdom of culture. Law is all that can be appraised of justice or injustice. Law is something that should be just right, I am bereaved or not, law is what finally seeks justice, but to be in any way need not have reached it …

What determines the concept of law is precisely the essence of value is not justice, but the substrate or essence that relates to justice, then reaching the conclusion that law is regulation of the society or community … " 11. For the "restorer of authentically philosophical studies," GIORGIO DEL VECCHIO, law is "objective coordination of possible actions among multiple actors, as an ethical principle that determined excluding any impediment. "Maximo Pacheco, an admirer and disciple of this great teacher, talks about the idea of Del Vecchio:" As the right marks the boundary between the work of several subjects, their violation involves an invasion in the legal field circumscribing the outside activity, within which is always understood the power to repel the aggression, which, like all other legal powers, involves not a necessity but a possibility ethics. Law and legal means to prevent the injury, ie, law and enforceability, are fundamentally inseparable. The coercivity, not coercion, "this is the legal possibility to force, is an essential feature of law, without which it can not be thought.


Symbolic victims. The victimization occurs in order to attack a certain system of values (ideological, religious, family). Victims i false: there are subjects that because of certain psychopathological characteristics reported a crime that never existed. a) victim simulator: it is aware that there has been no crime, only intention is to produce a miscarriage of justice. b) Victims imaginary mistakenly believed to have been the subject of a professional assault. Victimology The problem has been discussed from different approaches, social and legal, the victim has been studied from its context for the importance of its protection in society, is therefore the need to continue digging in their study and behavior, as we have see definitions of victims for some authors may be extended or reduced according to their definitions, there are some similarities in the classification or similarities in it, but the truth is the range in which we can find the victim.

Victimization from Violence. Victimization, with its various forms it may take other forms such as abuse, terrorize, neglected, isolated, corrupt or deny response, hitting, beating, physical abuse in general, sexual abuse, poisoning, among others. All with a common victim-offender relationship.