I'll tell you one short story. Once I realized that buying through the Internet is not just convenient, but also profitable, I opened the shop, All orders are done via the Internet. One day, ordered a batch of silk collars. The company is located in the U.S., somewhere in the godforsaken Oklahoma. As is usually chosen, said the availability, delivery costs, paid and waited.

Waiting for a week, the number of Consignment no one sends me, there is no confirmation of shipment, write a letter saying so and so, I paid, you promised to send within 3 days. The reaction of zero or no answer greeting, a week later another letter, the situation is similar through a few days another letter, nothing has changed. Well I think everything got was right Lesch, here it is payback for credulity – $ 800 down the drain, rather merry at the expense of the Yankees as a gift from Russia. latest and a desperate attempt, I write fairly lengthy letter in which they indicate the order number, transaction number, the conditions of the offer, which is on the site, and announce that I will have to apply to law enforcement authorities of Russia and the U.S. fraud. Here I am writing all this, and I think will laugh, gloat, especially about the Russian law enforcement agencies, but it was not there. The next day I get a reply from which it follows that supposedly they have much two weeks trying to contact me, but probably something with the Internet, although it is not clear where they or us.

The Crusade

Immediately, a spectacular wave of religiosity and sense of duty spread for each castle, manor or house, be noble, plebeian, peasant or priest. The explosion of faith motivated in just weeks, thousands of men, women and children, appeared before their owners to participate. Neither the papal recommendation participate only warriors could not stop the waves of volunteers from all over Europe. Entire families, soldiers, mercenaries, opportunists, lawyers, artisans, farmers and a large etcetera, started to Byzantium to start from there the issue. Such was the interest aroused, which had to be banned from the nobles of many people go for not decapitating the political power of their reigns. The human tide believers to the most hallucinating underestimated calculation of Urban II, who promised to respect the property of the Crusaders on their return. However, many liquidated its assets because the certainty of a return, to such an enterprise was guarded prognosis.

Antioquia to the campaign. Internal rivalries. Meanwhile the Muslims, who have ignored what was happening in the West, had virtually surrounded by Christendom in an empire that even today, stretching from the Atlantic and western Africa to the Zagros Mountains (Iran), including in the domains North and the Horn of Africa, the Levant, Mesopotamia and the entire Arabian Peninsula. United by faith in Muhammad, the prophet and preferred maximum of Allah (God) unlike the Christians, the unity of this people went beyond religion was in their struggle through the desert, considerable faith, absolute reverence the Koran (holy book), and existential orientation towards Mecca (Muhammad's birthplace.) to fight began, as that paragraph above, with the failed attempt of Peter the Hermit and his Crusade. Its leader, bringing together the remnants, the bulk of troops waited cross gathered between November 1096 and May 1097 in Rome (where Urban II ended its disputes with the Antipope Clement III) and then in Constantinople, to finally go Nicaea now the capital of the Sultanate of Rum and former city of Byzantium. The Crusade of the princes was composed of a series of armed troops mainly from d, a specialist in history, with extensive experience in research on global wars and conflicts. audiolibrosespanol. com / history

Syntax Proposals

If a syllable is in the beginning of a word, it may not contain the first consonant, in other cases a syllable – is consonant + vowel + optional n. n is not put, if followed by the n or m. Of all the options syllables in tokipone forbidden syllables: ji, ti, wo, wu (a hard-to). Words in tokipone not changed by the endings, prefixes and suffixes. Many words can act as a noun and a verb and as an adjective, and as an adverb. At the same time, these words are in contrast to the Russian language does not change in writing. Syntax Proposals tokipone have rigidly defined structure.

Basic laws of sentence structure can be expressed in the following rules: qualifying word comes after clarifies: the adjective comes after the noun, and adverb comes after the verb. For example: jan (people) pona (good) means a good man and not the human good. Predicate in sentence comes after the subject, and if the subject is not a pronoun mi (I) or sina (you), subject and predicate are separated by the function word li. Li word is used in order to be able to specify a noun adjectives in the subject, and do not get confused by this. For example, in the sentence jan pona li tawa (go) jan – noun, pona – adjective, tawa – verb. If it were not li, could count pona tawa second verb or adjective.

Multilateral Meetings

Upon approval by the dignitaries attending the multilateral meeting, the head of state instructed the Ministers of Energy of the member countries conducting A preliminary study. "This would also ensure the supply for 50 years as reserves in each block are estimated at between 10 and 20 billion barrels of oil," said the Venezuelan president. The block would be in charge of a company Grannacional and quantities of oil to be extracted will be exported to various refining and distribution centers that have Petrocaribe in Jamaica, Cuba and Dominica, among other countries, to meet the demand for crude and products in the Caribbean and Central America. He also argued that those countries who have no experience in the energy field, Venezuela send young students to prepare and to organize its state oil company. To this is added as indicated by the Bolivarian Agency that President Chavez announced at the V Summit of Petrocaribe, that the consumption of urea in the region amounts to more than 200 thousand tons per year therefore emphasized the need further work planned for the construction of fertilizer plants in Nicaragua, Dominica and Cuba, to meet the demands of the Caribbean arc. Based on this figure, "we must establish bilateral agreements within the framework of Petrocaribe" he said, in order to address the shortage of fertilizers that affects some signatory countries, which affects food production. In this sense, President Chavez said, currently plans to build three fertilizer plants, one in Nicaragua, near the refinery El Supremo Sueno de Bolivar, one in Dominica, and finally in Cuba, next to the Refining Complex Cienfuegos.

"Think of consumption in the region. Since we carry urea Cuba to Haiti, and from Dominica you can bring the neighbors. That is, distribute the socio structure. " Earlier, the Venezuelan leader announced that Venezuela will supply an estimated 100 thousand tons per year of urea, to address the serious problems in this area affecting the Caribbean and Central America, mainly.

Labor Code Companies

Besides – the official clearance, compliance with the Armed Forces of Peru with Foreign Armed Forces 2009. This rule will allow the Fourth Fleet U.S. Navy uses the Peruvian ports to refuel in the middle of their patrols on the Pacific Ocean. Income is to Approve U.S. military armed tactical training missions and information support, as published in La Primera. E l bench spokesman of the PNP, the legislature Fredy Otarola, said this situation a worrying, because they are giving all the conditions to install a U.S. base in the country. a For just one example, the globalization of the economy has impacted almost all sectors of the country increased the vicissitudes of the population, the Free Trade Agreement to accelerate the privatization of the economy and the massive influx of transnational corporations in the country at the same time the masses will be affected by higher unemployment and lack of social, undermining national sovereignty and putting in the hands of U.S.

multinationals, a la national economy, pushing to ruin agricultural sectors, the agricultural market opening will destroy the meat industry and its derivatives, as well as rice, corn. , To wipe out domestic agricultural production stripped of their jobs to large groups of peasants who are forced to move to large cities or continue on the path to enhance their crops to achieve their precarious livelihoods. What the FTA will establish is in fact a sort of "struggle for life" to a successful negotiation will only be achieved to the extent sufficient clarity on the opportunities and threats for each sector and on the strategic objectives that define the country and the sacrifices they are willing to do to reach them is important to know whether NAFTA really fits the parameters of the "free market", at least in the traditional versions.

Europe Advertising

Since their emergence has passed not many years, but this new way of communication has become a serious and performed well advertising channel. First appeared in North America and the European part of the world, new-found idea of mailing Best for promotion of various goods and services to swiftly conquer the world. As usual, the manifest and the reverse side of the coin. Unscrupulous corporations began to sell a database of phone numbers of other clients stakeholders, and cell phones of people of European powers were overwhelmed unwanted sms lists – in other words just spam. Naturally, such an advertising product is nothing but bad reactions cause regular consumers could not. After a time, mobile wireless operators have set strict limits on sending messages while driving (among other things, in our country with you sending sms advertising form without the consent of the recipient is also illegal) and get rid of unpleasant burden of the past send sms messages have become famous and a great tool. Just how widespread this way of mutual dialogue Companies with subscribers, eloquent figures: each quarter mobile phones in Europe get about a hundred million advertising sms. Another huge and widespread mobile marketing channel has become the use of short numbers.

In general, over the past few years, this area was the distance from the first successful test to public use. For some companies, 4-digit number has become an analogue site. Four- rates enable buyers to be aware of current news and participate in promotions and events company, to evaluate the marketing efforts of companies to evaluate new-fangled products companies, ask questions, etc. What predetermined so effective and comprehensive success sms lists and short numbers? To the surprise of the companies here have coincided two diametrically opposed conditions. On the one hand, the common types of commercial customers today pall. Today we are all perfectly able to ignore the ads on tv, to avoid advertising in print and do not take into account road stretch.

On the side opposite the younger generation absorbs perfectly fashionable technological developments, and quite sympathetic to their use for promotional purposes. Why is this or that company may use sms notification? List is quite extensive. You can easily inform about new products and services. Advise infatuate impressive customer discounts, all sorts of stocks, lower prices, as well as tell about the possible gifts that are waiting impatiently for his purchase. At the same time gift baskets can be personalized, taking into account the special merits and achievements of each individual. Can inform about some the particulars is extremely important to most buyers. Several people can use sms messages to inform about the stages of the order, which is very convenient. Of course, this kind of sms sending is not too massive, and personalized. Key features sms mailings – a cheap price of the consumer, the objective the ability to automate itself sending and managing customer base, guaranteed transfer sms messages to the client directly in the hands, the ability to refer to him by name, regardless of the location of the client. Except Among other things, the use in business mailing sms adds corporate image contours of modernity and innovation.

January Quot

No less actively conducted indexation of income state employees and pensions. Only ten months increased intergovernmental transfers amounted to 1% of gdp. Real disposable incomes population grew for the year was estimated at 10,2%. A closer look reveals that this growth of export prices of production directly benefited little. Mining and quarrying, as well as the manufacture of coke and petroleum products rose in 2007, respectively, by 1,9% and 2,3%, metallurgy added just 1.5%. Significant gains can not be detected when analyzing the financial performance of enterprises. According to the Foundation for Economic Research "Development Centre", in the production of energy minerals production profitability has declined over the first nine months of 2007 to 19,2% against 24,8% a year earlier, as virtually the entire price increase was withdrawn from the enterprise favor of the budget. , 5,4 0,7 .

Thus, while reducing fuel consumption in winter and to compensate for the revenue, as well as for replenish the Stabilization Fund is an increase in tax rates. However, analyst with Sovlink Nicholas engineers said the most important taxes are not evil. "The U.S. importer, and Russia – the largest after Saudi Arabia supplier of oil, with domestic and vnutrishtatovskie gasoline prices are about the same. It is not normal – in fact we have domestic oil prices below world market is about three times "- outraged the expert. According to him, high cost of gasoline is connected including the "collusion of big companies: when the 6.5 oil producers control about 90% of the petrol market." But manufacturers are not rushing to take responsibility.

Thus, the press secretary Rosneft Nikolai Manvelov said that the rise in gasoline prices has always depended on economic conditions and has been pegged to international prices for fuel. Therefore, he said, "you can not blame only the oil companies." TNK-BP generally prefer not to comment on rising prices for gasoline. We note that from 1st January, Russia introduced Euro-3. And these rules apply not only to vehicles but also fuel for them. Russian refiners can produce fuel eropeyskogo quality, but not all. In addition, not everyone wants because it has a higher cost than petrol 'normal' quality. Private cars owned 40% of Russian families, and the problem of how to feed a steel horse, is highly relevant to many of our countrymen. Whatever it was, 30% of motorists do not desist from the use of machines, regardless of how much to pay for refills. For other travel by public transport is quite possible. So, it peresyadet 18% of the citizens, if the cost of fuel will exceed 20 usd. per liter. Rows of passenger buses and trolley buses will add another 19% of car owners at the price for gasoline is 30 rubles. If the price to rise to 50 rubles., In public transport will not be crowded: more than half of drivers would be passengers.