Ukrainian Government

Historically, this has led not only to the numerous wars, and even the extermination of their own people. And if in the future everything will happen exactly as it is unlikely that power ever become popular. And whatever promises we can not give political parties and their leaders can say with confidence that as long as a change of consciousness of power, the power will not be popular in the truest sense of the word never. How to find a way out of this situation and whether there is any? For example, vi Lenin proposed that all the call, including authorities, forcing them to seek a lesser extent to those temptations, which, tempting people, so much power. But the responsibility to society, which rests on the authorities, much higher than ordinary people. Besides, not everyone is able to work in a structure that should govern the people. With equal distribution of wealth and opportunities to use them there is little wish engage in such a serious and responsible work. Another option – force to force power to the people.

For example, by monitoring the same power. But in this case would inevitably have a new structure: the structure, controlling authority, which has itself becomes a power that could require the current government compensation for the fact that regulatory authorities will turn a blind eye to the lawlessness perpetrated by the current regime. Check the same level of conscience themselves watchdogs of power is extremely difficult, and if more accurate to say it's impossible. In this case, we create the power to control the government and the people at this again is a separate and "Independent." The third option – to try to convince the government that power without the people are not interested. After all, if we imagine that the government – this is a game, any game with the same rules, sooner or later get bored.

Hence, the rules of the game must change so that people began to direct and necessary element of the game. Due to this power will not only interested in people, but also to change your people, to change, so that on themselves, on own mind to feel the changes. The authorities must understand that people are immeasurably higher and stronger than the power itself, so the only people able to raise the power on such a summit, on which people of power can often only dream. Events Kiev Maidan in 2004 had been an outstanding example. But the renewed Ukrainian government has failed to understand the true power of their people. That's why we are back to square one, to cycling power. And perhaps only time will show the leaders of the Orange Revolution, their past mistakes by giving them a chance to start with, with what they started, with the opportunity to realize those ideas and programs that remain in the historical past our country only a slogan for the Ukrainian people.

Historical Monuments

St. Petersburg – a treasury of cultural heritage of all Russia. Here, under state protection are more than 5660 monuments of federal and regional significance, and in 2185 identified the object. Kronstadt fully be called a city-monument. Founded by Peter the Great in 1723 as a fortress to protect the approaches from the sea to St. Petersburg, the island city left a significant mark in the history of Russia.

It is with this city related to the glorious development milestones and victories of the Russian fleet, the great geographical discoveries, as well as many other important events in the history of our country. Much of the buildings of Kronstadt is a historical and architecture. St. Petersburg Government pays great attention to restoration, reconstruction and preservation of these buildings and return them to pristine shape. The company's staff Antal made a contribution to the preservation landmarks of this great city. Participate in the restoration works and reconstruction of historic interior elements of a building in Kronstadt helped much to improve the professional level our employees. Specialists have been manufactured and installed fences stairs, balconies, as well as works on the device fencing across the adjacent territory of one of the historical monuments in the town of Kronstadt. Work was carried out on samples of 19 th century, in which the applied technology of cast iron. Especially for the implementation of these works has been developed a unique technology that allowed the maximum repeat the initial appearance of products at what we used in the manufacture of ordinary steel grades, which allowed maintaining the original appearance, significantly reduce costs. Despite the complexity and non-standard technical solutions presented in the specifications for execution of work, professionals with dignity coped with the task.

International Research Institute

Pasachoff, watching a solar eclipse in 1946 once! He told Tourist Information Centre "it" that studied the statistics of weather over the past hundred years in Siberia, and China, and returned to Novosibirsk preference when choosing a place of observation. In addition, other luminaries together scholars from different countries, they will take part in international conference Novosibirsk government university, dedicated to this event. At the same time, any man can become a member of the international medical experiment "ECLIPSE-2008" for the Exploration of the impact of solar eclipse on human life, the organizer made of the International Research Institute for Space anthropoecology. Simple Novosibirsk, as well as visitors, tourists narrate the wisdom of how to deal with the telescope, as well as without prejudice for the eye and optics to photograph the sun blackened, will be specially trained student volunteers from local universities. Already, a set of moves in "Astronomical" studotryady, warriors what will work as guides and counselors at the observation sites.

The solar eclipse will strengthen youth international relations, and expanded tourist possibility of Novosibirsk region in the development of tourism. 300 young fans of astronomy from Russia and Germany will meet on the eve of the events in the children's summer camp on the outskirts of Novosibirsk. The program Youth Camp will not only observing, however, as well as fascinating excursions, sightseeing Siberian capital. Lucky Novosibirsk, as well as with telescopes – their releases Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, with special filters. How to explain the company's specialists, telescopes will be enough for everybody – for equipment grant sites for sale, as well as renting overseas travelers. The plant also purchased abroad special glasses for observing the eclipse – now they sell for 115 rubles.

However, the shops gradually increasing demand for masks and goggles for welders. For the first time Novosibirsk is the center of the mass care for travelers from all corners of the earth. All placements at the end of July and beginning of August, booked and purchased part of tourist companies operating for organizing the reception. For the sake of visitors provided the cultural and excursion program with the Siberian color. By the way, namely in Novosibirsk is the only museum in the world of the Sun, in what place collected over 1500 pictures Our luminaries from around the world. In order to stay an impressive number of visitors (projected approximately 10,000) will not be marred by long queues at customs, organizational uncertainties, congestion in the regional Administration established the organizing committee on preparation for the eclipse. It was headed by first vice-governor Vasily . Federal Migration Service is recommended to provide expeditious passage of foreign registration travelers, law enforcement agencies, as well as – to ensure safe conditions of stay of visitors in the region in these "hot" day. Truly, rarely a lucky chance to see so a unique celestial phenomenon. The next total solar eclipse will take place in North America in 2017, then in Europe – in the 2026 meters, but in Russia – only in 2030.