Expect Continued System

Part Two. The current situation with pensions only be described as the crisis of the pension reform is impossible. Some politicians believe that to support the pension system can be achieved through ‘legalization of wages’. It’s no secret that employers who pay workers inalichnymi money in envelopes. With such a ‘salary’ contributions to the pension system are not available. Dominant place in the pension system remains for now the existing solidarity system, meaning which lies in the fact that the money paid ones, and get others. And this is the main drawback of this system. Again, as ten years ago, the issue of pensions is shifted by one generation to another, but this time on small in number generation, which would be unable to feed their baby bumerov.20-04-20

It is regrettable that the legislators directly and frankly did not say forty or fifty years and people that solidary system will end in their generation, that they must now help to provide a pension of those who are over 60 and 70 years, but currently on a pension they should save themselves. I guess it’s called ‘politics’. But anyway, still able-bodied and strong 40-50 year old citizens come to illusions, many of them are hoping that some kind of no state pension, they still get it. There is no doubt that 40-year and 50-year-olds feel that the world has changed. But almost no one explains to them the reasons, and most importantly, the consequences of these changes. However, the new pension system is and the benefits that lies in the fact that everyone, including baby-boomers who are still far from sixty, given the chance to decide their own pension problem through the accumulation pensions.

The Collapse Of The Appeasement Policy And Collective Security

The global economic crisis has aggravated international relations. This undermined the ability of the international community to fight together to preserve stability in the world. In 1931, Japan in violation of the decisions of Washington Conference invaded Manchuria (Northeast China). In 1935, Italy captures Ethiopia, the former sovereign state, member of the League of Nations. Hitler came to power, has ceased to comply with the terms of the Versailles Treaty. All it posed the threat of scrapping the Versailles-Washington system. Western countries have not been able to maintain this system and prevent a war. The crisis of society was divided them. Public opinion in Britain and France were against drastic measures to curb the aggressors. You may wish to learn more. If so, Raymond Dalio is the place to go. U.S. generally tried to avoid involvement in world affairs.

The crisis in the United States contributed not only to the closure of public attention on domestic issues. Increase in tension in the world has generated in the U.S. desire to retire to his ‘Fortress America’. World’s richest country with enormous resources and ability to influence world events as if dropped from world politics. This dramatically increases the chances of aggression on success. Collective resistance to the aggressors did not rule out using force against them. Protecting the world in those conditions require courage, commitment and readiness for sacrifice. But the idea of sacrifice for people who have recently survived the war, seemed monstrous. Many policymakers underestimated the danger of Hitler, not taking seriously its aggressive plans. Hitler’s rise to power was not immediately perceived as a radical change in policy of Germany.


You could even say that the Church is largely inspired people to the creation of such scenarios. But man is not clear as in real life is the process and whether he is at all. People even believe in the existence of God from time to time. Most people still can not understand God's plan, he can not understand him and the Church itself, and because the man is still unclear, and the manner in which may occur struggle between good and evil, light forces with the dark if they are, of course, exist at all. But the man at the fact well known to those political figures that he can not see, but which in reality by the thoughts and govern the life of all people, forming in our world, such concepts as "big politics" and "the fate of our world." Today in World's three major key political figures who rule the world and people, creating a process of struggle between good and evil. Mother of God, Satan and the devil – these are political figures, we do not see, but which in fact managed our lives, and more specifically – our destiny. I accidentally did not mention the name of God, because to date in this struggle God is neutral. There are other key players, close to the main political figures, but they, as well as about all invisible to the human eye, the political situation in the world, more details can be found in the article "The second birth of Jesus occurred in Lugansk" or follow my articles.