The Global Crisis in Communications

The global crisis of the item we are all trying at the moment and what is not so concerned with major upheaval in our mind and consents. With this crisis we are so worried that all we are not preparing to avoid a large devaluation of our businesses that are at the point of bankruptcy because of the global crisis that awaits us at close range with his eyes wide open to give us a great stick. But the most worrying aspect of this whole crisis is that “governments are not so concerned that say” that the president of my country are traveling for fifteen days but not for business travel because it was a non-contracting business because there is no news or something that just came out and nothing else.

On the other hand the great news that abound on TV that is not stopping, which is the crisis with the United States. United States is in crisis but the question is And why? Well the answer to that question because almost everyone who is alive and is at least ten minutes of news knows that the U.S. crisis is happening now. But being more specific and give news to those who do not want to see the reality will tell you what actually has to the U.S. in crisis “because there is no more blind as those who do not want to see.” What really brought the United States in the position that now is the famous war began with Iraq and the bad decisions taken by President Bush not to make sense and are making guerrilla-minded people and lovers wars that as I say in one of my articles from my blog that I can not find enough reasons that took the president to continue this famous war with Iraq.