Word Society

Above the shoulders, in addition to the stake of labour, there to carry the light of hope, next to the fountain of dreams, because if we don’t weave dreams, we will not be human. The humanity is much more than a phonetic Word. Much more than a sound and action. We are sensitive fragility, feeling that loves and expected to be loved. We are gentleness and ferocity, compassion and weakness along with the mistakes and the successes but we aren’t anything when we no longer support each other to achieve the common good. The crisis, in rich countries, has caught us unawares while we portrays in damn idols lathe and heard voices of sirens.

The rich today are richer, and the poor back to savor the poverty of lacking the rudder that will take them to fruition. The ambitious, originated by a narcissistic society and economic crisis has left bare moral poverty. Because anything else is not, that immorality, the batches fortunes of many political leaders under the umbrella of social discourses. This crisis in the world today it is cannot be baptizing with many names and find him hero, who you blame all evils come, but the vicissitudes must leave with rationality, and not banalities. The people of the ordinary peoples, continue filling the streets, going through them like scattered flock. From above, maquillaran their ways and their numbers so that they fit in the Windows of social networks, but when the hungry is no longer a photograph and thievery us stomach, is likely that passivity becomes in protest. Us will hurt both our meat, which dragged the price to be paid also to those who still have not bitten dust from the despair of unemployment and the destruction of collective wealth.

Play to putting your head under the blanket of deception can leave us so bare as the King that they sold a non-existent dress, and he believed by conceited and superb. Says, the moral of the narrative, as a child in his natural intellect, denounced the deception, exposing the folly of that society where rogues thriving. Tales and their morals continue to apply, remember that their teachings are ancient and are counted in all cultures aside from Governments and States. Peoples and its people they deserve the respect they give themselves. Nothing is eternal, except God, even today, despite the technical and scientific advances. A society without ethics is opening the door of his extermination.