Well First Coming President

Edson Silva did not advance the coup-minded, even so powerful minority and detainer of forces that had included representatives of the great media, to try to take the electoral dispute for the field of them would lower, rumors, faded lies and defamation. One more time the hope won the fear, or as it was more clearly in this presidential campaign of 2010, the truth won the lie. The election of Dilma, that already comes with the historical mark of it to be the first elect woman president of Brazil, must follow the consolidation of the programs of the government Squid, for desperation of the opponents, almost national unamimity, with approval of more than 90% of the Brazilians, according to research. Taking itself in account that Squid caught a country in very different situation of that it leaves for Dilma, woman who assisted Squid to consolidate the majority of the projects that had inverted the situation that was very common in the country, that is, of not being possible to conciliate economic development and distribution of income. Therefore, Dilma receives Brazil very better, generating more jobs, with millions and millions of life people improving, either for leaving the misery condition or to ascend for the middle class. With more than 59,5 million votes received in this as turn, majority in the Senate and the Federal Chamber, Dilma has conditions to make excellent government. To convert into profits for the social health, education, culture, infrastructure, security and areas the wealth that will come of Daily pay-Salt, to extend workmanships of the CAP, the Stock market Family, My House My Life, to stimulate university courses and technician, to support research, to keep the growth of the country, the respect that Brazil earned in the world and to give examples of organization with important events, as the Pantry of the World of 2014 and who knows? The unknown ones in Latin America, Olimpadas of 2016, done conquest still in the government Squid/Dilma. In the first turn, Dilma had in the country 47.651.434 votes (46.91%) and Mountain range 33.132.283 (32.61%).

Unhappyly, my been beloved of So Paulo, with a population always aguerrida and so prepared well, if it left to be successful for lies and the biggest voting of the natives of So Paulo was for Mountain range 9.524.050 votes (40.66%), Dilma had 8.740.949 (37.31%). In this as turn, the situation if repeated, with more than 12 million votes for Mountain range and little more than 10 million for Dilma. Already reason of great pride is that the city that more I esteem: Sumar where work gave to lesson of gratefulness and recognition to the government Squid. In the first turn, Dilma had 59,989 votes (48.71%) in Sumar and Serra 34,126 (27.71%); In this as turn, they had been 71,532 votes for Dilma, against 47.315 for Mountain range. With the permission of God, excellent desire government dignssima president Dilma, after all the victory of it in the election makes sensible successfully in the position, what it will almost represent victory of the 190 million Brazilians. Already for the minority of cons whom if as, it looks to make some good thing for the country and tries daqui four years.