Where the musical language has been interpreted, understood in some ways, at each time and culture, in tune with the model to think. The job of different types of sounds in music is an entailed question the time and the culture. For Wagner music is ' ' the language of the human heart ' '. With concept it takes in them to the rhythm idea, that starts to be basic element of the manifestations of the life and also one I begin basic in music. The music concept varies of culture for culture. Therefore, even so the verbal language is a media and of relationship between the peoples, in accordance with done research was contested that music is universal, therefore, each people has its proper way of expression through the words, reason for which has thousand of languages spread for the globe. Music is a language, rank that is a system of signos' ' , it affirms Hans-Joachim Koellreutter, that is, music is a language, that intentionally organizes the signs and silence where it becomes gift in a dynamic game of relations that symbolize, in sonorous microsculptures, the microsculptures universais.' ' music is not alone one technique to compose sounds (and silence), but, a way to reflect and to open head of the listener for the world.

? … with its refusal to any predetermination in music, considers the unexpected one as motto, a freedom exercise that it would like to see extended to the proper life, therefore everything what we make (all the enclosed sounds, noises and not-sounds) is musica.' ' (Fields, 1985, P. 5) the envolvement of the children with the sonorous universe still starts before the birth, therefore, in phase drinks the intrauterine them already coexists an environment of sounds provoked for the body of the mother, for the fact of the blood that flows in the veins, the breath and the movement of the intestines.