Symbolic victims. The victimization occurs in order to attack a certain system of values (ideological, religious, family). Victims i false: there are subjects that because of certain psychopathological characteristics reported a crime that never existed. a) victim simulator: it is aware that there has been no crime, only intention is to produce a miscarriage of justice. b) Victims imaginary mistakenly believed to have been the subject of a professional assault. Victimology The problem has been discussed from different approaches, social and legal, the victim has been studied from its context for the importance of its protection in society, is therefore the need to continue digging in their study and behavior, as we have see definitions of victims for some authors may be extended or reduced according to their definitions, there are some similarities in the classification or similarities in it, but the truth is the range in which we can find the victim.

Victimization from Violence. Victimization, with its various forms it may take other forms such as abuse, terrorize, neglected, isolated, corrupt or deny response, hitting, beating, physical abuse in general, sexual abuse, poisoning, among others. All with a common victim-offender relationship.