Trade Unions

In 2005-2006. percentage of Internet users among the students and was already 45%. This age group is the most active of all. Therefore, many universities of St. Petersburg paid attention to the Internet, as a way of communication with applicants and students. Most important to the educational institution is to attract prospective students, so the first official website of the university shall contain an accurate and regularly updated information about faculties and courses, admission conditions, the cost of training. In addition, must maintain the image of the university.

On the site we need information about its history, teachers, training programs, the future prospects for students. Another important task of the official website of the university is to attract visitors. This may contribute to the availability of the latest news, tutorials, useful information, an active forum. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. Consider a few sites in St. Petersburg high schools and try to determine how they cope with these problems. University of Trade Unions (, non-government). Attendance, according to the rating Rambler's Top 100, 3740 visitors in 30 days. The basis of the emphasis placed on the website advertising to attract applicants.

At the same time most of student life a little information, there is a forum of educational materials. University of Technology and Design (, State). Attendance 2,205 visitors for 30 days. There is detailed information on the conditions of entrance, pre-university departments, as well as urban student labor exchange and training, located in the university. Have a student portal ( with a forum for students and applicants, as well as with a renewable file archive. Attendance of this portal 4.844 visitors for 30 days, more than twice the attendance of the official website of the university. This suggests that, to attract a large number of regular users of the possibility of communication is necessary. Applicants receive information from students, for them it is more important than dry out the facts. Institute of Economics and Finance (, non-government). Attendance of 2,459 visitors for 30 days. For applicants have data on the conditions of admission, tuition fees. The site is updated frequently, a lot of news about the social life of the university. For students can be helpful timetable and e-library, but there is no forum or guest book. Polytechnic University (, State). A huge portal that contains lots of useful information. Have all the necessary information for applicants, article about the success of the University, vacancies for graduates. For students there is a student portal with forums, news, educational material, and photographs. Students have the opportunity to communicate on any topic, so they visit the forum again and again. In addition, many students are involved in creating and developing the portal. This site is probably the best all of the above performs all functions: maintaining their own high status, attracting applicants, as well as useful and interesting for students. After analyzing several websites, one can say that private universities have focused on advertising and the attractiveness to applicants and state – the utility to students. And only a few skillfully perform both tasks by using the site as a serious marketing tool.