Mr Jaime de Althaus Guardenas, in its programme the N time interviewed three candidates for the Congress of the Republic: Luis Bedoya de Vivanco, Luis Delgado Aparicio and Javier Diez Canseco. This interview I want to transcribe the intervention of Mr Luis Bedoya, because it seems interesting to me. The intervention of Javier Diez Canseco completely radical leftist, not called my attention. Luis Delgado’s either. Luis Bedoya de Vivanco reads as follows: I believe that the approach that should be used, going by several sides. First presentation of Mr Humala, evidenced a style that us predicts how it will govern, does not adhere to the rules of the game. Certain rules of the game for discussion, questions and answers was agreed.

When played to him ask questions, what I did was simply continue reading his speech, their proposals and ask the person questioned if I was agree with that or not. It is a way of mocking the rules of game. When corresponded you to answer questions, what he said: that is not in my plan of Government, and took his paper and continued with his libretto. I.e., a person who does not adhere to the agreed rules, which takes you back to the agreements, is already anticipating how credible as a candidate, may be the proposals presented. Second aspect: it is a candidate, which presents a Government plan that is published and that Javier Diez Canseco here has brought it, and when they begin the criticisms that you have made, to ask the first questions when you start your program, get to make a statement, that said, that does not say what contains her Government’s plan, and which undertakes with the Peruvians to do something different. Third: I think Ollanta Humala founded the nationalist party a few years ago, but that party has lost totally its identity, today, not even presented as the nationalist party in elections.