The University Requires New Commitments And Changes

The way that you can follow not the road. The name you can say it is not the real name. It is the soul who seeks not see what is hidden, and the soul that always looks only sees what he wants Proverb Taoist Given the characteristics of the dynamic demands of the world stage, very dynamic, highly competitive market has given way to new changes, needs some Latin American countries, our continent, it is necessary that universities reflect and take the actions required to ensure that their role meets the requirements that countries need to meet the challenges and thus, able to seize opportunities through higher education of excellence to provide the required skilled professionals. In a letter of Mariano de Vedia is discussed, that the prospects of higher education in Latin America is not very encouraging overlook. It indicates that today the universities exhibit poor performance of students, high dropout and low dedication and scientific output of their professors, including other external signs of weakness. Vedia stresses that Chilean researcher Jose Joaquin Brunner, Professor Spanish Jesus de Miguel, University of Barcelona, Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Vatican, and the Minister of Education of Argentina, Juan Carlos Tedesco, in a panel coordinated by Dr. Roberto Cortes Conde, agreed on the need to seek alternative sources of funding, with the certainty of hard times to come provide more funds for higher education. "There is something very clear: The government has no money and are the families who have to scratch your pocket," he said with unmistakable style and Miguel Catalan Spanish accent, to clamor for greater accountability of the people in sustaining their universities.