The State Iran To Vote

THE POSTMODERNS and the people will go to vote? Manuel Garcia Estrada this column comes very toe with ideas that people have in Guanajuato, Veracruz, Puebla, Ciudad de Mexico and this entity. What I have done is pay close attention to what citizens and those who still are not expressed in their cities, on buses, taxis, schools, cultural centers, libraries and bookstores and course cafes where I find a single idea: the time has come to re found the country. All the people that have talked, apart from the press who also seek to dialogue, shows discomfort, fatigue and even if I arrive to find that the only speech that they understand as congruent is AMLO’s this is easily exceeded by everything that happens within the broad front that matches coordinates. Everybody in every large or small population noted as candidates were also imposed in PRD, PT and convergence, as is and how the PRI, the PAN and the supposedly democratic did independent PSD, Green and diaper. So the people I’ve seen does not believe in political institutes of the country on all sides that I’ve visited. In Veracruz the terrible fascist, raccoon and marrullero out of the law of Herod, Fidel Herrera, is so discredited that already the same PRI with whom I’ve interviewed prefer so far because arriving at areas of classes, medium and high puertazos in noses are the only thing that come apart that they shout them rats, thieves, pure raccoon to their offices since the cars (Cordova and Orizaba) and now that Andres Manuel was in the cordoban city the PRI made a stupid Act: a group of young people they wagered at the rally of Lopez Obrador causing attendees. The burn for those fidelistas was such that public opinion drew them as violent to them and not the pejefans. In that entity abstention will be of such magnitude that the movement which calls not to vote and void ballots could throw down the process from July 5.