The Spanish Not Only Your Mother Tongue

You first language is the Spanish. You’ve decided to start teaching the language. But how to begin? Steps you must follow? How get ready to be a Spanish teacher? Here I present a guide that can help you to take your first steps in this exciting profession. A stroll inside me before anything, think that it is necessary to ask yourself if this profession is for you. Ask yourself how to know it? I think that you will not find at first an absolute answer.

Of course, how know it if you’ve never been? But I also think that if you are looking for in your interior, surely this will guide you. Some features that you must have in mind to be Spanish teacher: – that you like the language, its language, its grammar – absolute mastery of the language (speak correctly, do not have misspellings) – willing and able to study (in a grammar principle) – personal charisma – sympathy – vocation of service (to the public) – patience these are, I believe, the main features. You know yourself and you will know in the first instance if this profession is for you. If you’re not sympathetic, sociable or have no patience to people, I believe that it is not. If costs you express yourself when you try to explain to other people a question.

Nor is it for you. Finally, you trust your self inside, your intuition. He’ll give you an answer. Education and training first and foremost, can opt to do some training course teaching for students of Spanish as a second language. In the event that yours is being more self taught, I recommend you perform the following steps. First, you should begin studying the grammar of the Spanish language. Studying grammar means analyze each of their components and understand them. Understand why use that article in that sentence and not another.