The Sake

* That you do not fight much with my mom/dad, but to work together to move me forward. Ponte according to him/her about issues with me. If fighting for something that has to do with me, I feel guilty. * That you spend time with me and support me. If you get jealous or annoying, I feel that I have to take sides on any of you, and that I don’t like. * That I don’t use as a Messenger. I don’t want to bring your own messages to my mom/dad. Better communicate directly with her/him.

* You talk nice things about my other parent or do not say anything. If you say bad things about my other parent, I feel bad. * You to be part of my life and help me when you need it, teach me values and me support when I have problems. What say you to your children while you divorce? Many parents are frozen when it comes to talking with kids about their divorce, so I’d better get ready and think about how to address the issue. If you can anticipate tough questions about the divorce that you can make and plan carefully what you will tell them.

So you equiparas you better. It is vital to be honest with your children, but without criticizing your spouse. We know that it can be difficult if there it has been painful events, such as infidelity, but trying to control you for the sake of your children. Some things you can do they are: * get according to the other parent in the explanation that they will give to the children. * Respect your spouse when you have to give the reasons for the divorce. Prevents launch attacks because that alone will make tense and nervous boys. How much information given about the divorce? When the divorce process starts, you will have to choose what you’re going to say to your children.