The Population

In Par, what it has happened is that nor the COEMA, that ample representation of the civil society has, and nor the proper population, in audiences that they precede to the conclusion of the studies, have taken off advantage of these disposals of the law. Later, they are white or indians, when they search compensations, what they search in the truth are right inexistent, therefore it are of the parameters that express condition the ambient licensing, all and any action of the company is considered ' ' voluntria' ' ' ' of free iniciativa' '. The state finishes being without the legal instruments of collection, when it could tie to the renewal and expedition of licenses with the fulfilment of jousts compensations. The participativa democracy would have to guarantee its space and to stimulate the formal democracy to extend the influence of the civil society in the government decisions. This dynamics would have to modify proper the meaning of ' ' governar' '. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. A new perspective would appear of decision taking where the actors ' ' no-governamentais' ' they would start to divide responsibilities with the public managers, taking part accomplishes in the public space. Who it undertakes efforts in the difficult task to consolidate the participativa democracy is come across with the challenge to conciliate the effectiveness of the decisions with the democratic ethics. For in such a way, politics of the governing would have to be counted on the will to yield part of the power and would be waited of the agents of these spaces of participation the capacity to perfect to the maximum. The challenge would be in such a way to conquer the participation space accomplishes, as to consolidate the models of participativa co-management and sustainable, when these public spaces were appropriate for the population. The exercise of the participativa democracy demands, however, constant collective efforts of all, society and government.