The Observer

The word ' ' coisa' ' it appears as form to present something that cannot be identified to the principle, only evidenced for being depersonalized, one ' ' aparte' ' in relation to the reality, absolute that it emerges from ' ' truth metodolgica' ' molding of estruturalizante form what it perceives, deturpando the perception that are sensible to the manifesto, creating a conceived ideal, evoking to legitimize itself, the functionality of the method and the domesticated materiality of the object, beyond the passivity of the observer. Atrelado to such coisificao, we have the call cibercultura, here being boarded without pejorativos attributes, only as recurrence of a new social position, that also appears manifest in a methodology, presenting characteristic as: multifaceted vision, speed of information, pluralism, alienation and as much other points that could be examined, beyond a infinity future, which had its recent existence in the historical contextualizao. The methodology, looking for to adjust it the cibercultura, searchs parity between method and this new form of perception, in a frantic search that the call ' ' Modernidade' ' it precedes. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Now, looking for to follow in rhythm on-human being, more condizente with the terminology ' ' After-Modernidade' ' , in which the speed of data becomes at every moment, obsolete the information, thus needing, of a plasticity that it looks to conserve itself in way to the plurality of against-arguments, creating an argument contemporary, malleable. Another well-known point in this cibermetodologia is the impessoalidade, for in the distance where the data are transmitted, not occurring direct contact between transmitter and receiver, only one link virtual in one ciberespao, as it is the case of the Internet, favoring the indifference the considered questions ' ' distantes' '. At the same time, an access increase the long ago inaccessible areas, sending to the call plurality, with a reality multifaceted, where we open one ' ' leque' ' to each perspective, not being able not even to conceive the resolution of so including effect, exactly under a interdisciplinaridade perspective.