The Man

The man changeds itself, gradually, throughout History and, to the end of centuries lived of some forms, under diverse systems, he today faces a world that evoluciona vertiginously. Some basic values that to the man say respect while person of rights and duties are not irremediably lost but before, prejudicedly, forgotten. The reflection capacity can develop in nostalgia or projecto. The thought alone valley in the measure where the application it continues it to material, what it means that some questions if place, which are: where measure, reflection and share if pursue, if they condition, if they correct and if they interdict? Or still, where measured, revolution and culture if can articulate, that is, it will have the revolution of the culture or the culture of the revolution? Many and diverse can be the interrogations; answers for all, nor always are found by the man and, when they are, they show, later, not to serve the objectivos that, proper they, would intend to reach. Being the culture a basic condition for the understanding of the realities that involve the man, the social dimension of this constitutes one another aspect essential in the formation of the citizen of the future, considering since as soon as the man has absolute necessity to establish communication with others its fellow creatures, to transmit experiences to them and to receive information, at last, to become involved itself existentially. The sociability of the man is a trend it to live with the others, to partilhar with others the emotions, feelings and also to argue the power, to establish the norms, to apply the sanctions, punishing or premiando. The Man interacts with its fellow creatures, but also he becomes related with other animals, other species, at last, with the proper nature of that it is interested person, because he always goes depending on this same nature. The sociability, that estimates interaco, implies the creation and responsible functioning of mechanisms and more or less steady institutions, associations that promote the social dynamism in the direction of organized convivncia e, maioritariamente, reliable of the rules politically established.