The Increasing

2.2 WHAT IF HE PERCEIVES, CURRENTLY In almost all the countries, in the performance of its daily activities, the citizen feels a malaise that if manifest under the form of typically sectorial problems of character, whose essence, however, drift of the occupation forms and use of the territory. Citing, only, some of the typical problems, that we can consider as ' ' clssicos' ' in the present time, and that if they find generalized, practically, for the whole world, we go to try to understand what the common citizen sees, what occurs in fact and what we would have to perceive. 2.2.1? Bad quality of the services the majority of the citizens would be in agreement that the attendance in the commerce and the rendering of services, in such a way public, how much private, they have gotten worse. The quality of the services and the attendance in the commerce has decayed, its costs if raised and the access they are each more difficult time. Nor all the places offer to all the modalities of services, being necessary to dislocate itself for where they meet, what she implies in discomfort and bigger great expenses of time and money to usufruct them. Despite new commercial centers are created and new central offices of rendering of services, and no matter how hard the installations are extended already existing to give them, these are always unbalanced, in relation to the increasing number of users, implying in an attendance each worse time.

existence of more using of what the system holds, if translates more open assembly time to be taken care of, and more time in the proper attendance. this, not because the entrepreneurs of the commerce and the rendering of services are not worried about the quality and the costs. Quite to the contrary, in the whole world, never a movement for the quality, the reduction of the cost and the satisfaction of the customer was seen, as now.