The Differences Between Articles Of Silver And Other With Silver Incorporated Developed In The Advice Of The Association Spanish

Articles of silver in Spain. The difference between objects in silver, silverwork or goldwork, and silver blades incorporated into an object. There has been a debate in Spain in relation to articles of silver and those, usually from other countries of the European environment, or Asians arrive in Spain and they have appearance of silver because they are coated, welded or simply incorporate a sheet of silver, these last are those that in other countries receive the denomination of silver laminated or bilaminada and that in Spain cannot have this name because the word silver reserveslegally, to those articles that are really silver and not only incorporate a sheet of this precious metal. Any object can always marketed that it is perfectly clear and defined what it sells and what you buy. Articles that incorporate a layer of silver on resin, aluminum, steel or other material other than the silver and is not essential to its use, under the regulations in force, are not objects of silver and, therefore, its price, relative to the volume, weight and dimension of the object, is less so, the shopper can find an article that even carry a contrast or mark of 925 thousandths of silver and which, apparently by the dimensions of this product, seems to contain more money than another product andHowever, the price is lower than or similar to this other. Why can I happen? The answer is simple, the smallest product may be authentic silver while the apparent or large can contain only a sheet of silver. The essential legal expression for its use implies that, for example, a silver frame, contrasted with the law of alloy that certifies the brand’s guarantee of the Spanish State, requires a logical wooden stand and a glass. Such an object is marketed as a silver article.

However, it is forbidden to market as silver the same frame with the elements described that Add another element which is sealed, by any mechanism, a sheet of silver with a certain thickness. 1.-Can be brought into any object on the market provided that it does not harm the health and safety of consumers and complies with the legal requirements as set forth in the special legislation and where extra to it. 2.-Can not be marketed as silver objects, those objects that incorporate a layer of silver on a basis different from the silver, inducing to error.