The Act

After the sprouting of education, diverse technologies had in the distance been inserted, that they had come to contribute for the definition of basic supports. As initial proposals books and cartilhas had been written; the television and the radio had constituted the supports of the Seventies; audio and the videos in the Eighties; the nets of satellite, the e-mail, the Internet and the programs especially elaborated appear in the decade of ninety. We can perceive that the current development of the technology favors the creation and the enrichment of the long-distance education, therefore allows to approach in efficient way innumerable subjects, as well as favoring the approach between professors and pupils and of these between itself. The use of the technology comes in the distance to decide one of the great problems of education the interatividade. Innumerable options had been developed that the users allow to carry through consultations, to interchange opinions, problems or proposals with other users. The constant access allows that the pupils learn to use programs that bring up to date the information constantly. When using the technology as tool will go to notice that its use also modifies the way to decide new problems or other tasks and to relate referring hypotheses and 0 variable to discipline boarded.

The writing modified the way to think and to operate and the modern technologies they had also produced change in relation to a new structure of the act to think. It is a new tool that stimulates the recognition of different proposals that take the construction of the knowledge. The adaptation of if the human one with the variety of technological resources result in the capacity of to recognize and for in action new cognitivas activities, therefore the technological development generates possibilities with new relations of the knowledge with the cultural contexts. Although to affirm that the technology can decide many situations in relation to the knowledge, in the measure where it represents powerful tool in the solution of activities, it does not want to say that they decide the understanding problems.